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If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for life coaching. Life coaching was always something I was skeptical of but once I started, worked with different coaches and in different ways, I started to notice HUGE shifts and positive changes in my life.


Since October 2020, I’ve done a group life coaching program, a 1-on-1 intense coaching program and a business coaching program and I’m still open to trying more and using life coaching to enhance my personal development even further. One element that I’ve come across in life coaching in the past is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so I was really excited when life coach Andrea from Dreahunt got in touch with me about working with her on EFT related sessions.

But first what is EFT?

EFT is also known as “tapping” and it consists of tapping specific energy meridian points of your body (like the crown of your head, third eye point, heart space etc) whilst reciting certain words and phrases to help clear out negative energy and reframe limiting beliefs. EFT can be used for a huge range of things, from body issues to anxiety. Even trauma – although you do need to be a licensed therapist to carry out this work on trauma patients.

Who is Dreahunt?

Andrea has had a fascinating background, having worked or studied abroad in Mexico, Argentina, Italy, the UK, China, and Germany and been a full time expat since 2006. She’s lived in Munich for the last 8 years following a big move from China. Her professional background is in International Communications but right now works has a motivational life coach.

She can help you reach your goals for a richer, more fulfilling life and help people understand gain self awareness so you can figure out what’s keeping you stuck, which limiting beliefs hold you back, or what emotional meets are not getting met so you can understand how to create better boundaries and standards in your relationships.

You can also find some great posts on Andrea’s blog:

An EFT session with Andrea

Andrea offered me a free one hour EFT session with her for the purpose of this collaboration so I can see what she does and how she works. I absolutely loved the session – having tried EFT in the past, I found having that one on one personal interaction incredibly helpful. Also, Andrea was just an absolute delight. From the second our call started, I liked her!

So our call started with a bit of a chat about some things I was finding stressful or anxiety provoking in my life right now. It’s important to note that this isn’t therapy and you can only go so deep in an hour. I mentioned I struggle with anxiety and stress around comparison and not feeling good enough – which has always been a pretty prominent feeling in my life.

This allowed us to really hone in on that one particular stressor and personalize our EFT session on those feelings and limiting beliefs. We went through 4 rounds; starting with limiting beliefs and moving into the “what if” questions and finally ending on a super positive and uplifting round full of positive affirmations to help reframe those beliefs.

Andrea talked me through the whole call and everything we were going to be doing. She was incredibly easy to talk to and share with and with my help of opening up to her, was really able to personalize this EFT session based on me and my needs and beliefs. I’ve done EFT before via YouTube but this is without a doubt the most I’ve ever connected to it.

How can EFT help stress and anxiety?

When you’re experienced stress and anxiety over a specific thing or area of your life, EFT can be an incredible tool to help you. But it is important to remember that this is an alternative therapy. It may not work for everyone and may also work best combined with other types of therapy.

Take your time to do your research into it to check if it’s right for you. EFT is particularly helpful with things like body image, stress management, money blocks and limiting beliefs. All the things that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in our lives! So how exactly CAN EFT help stress and anxiety?

1. It’s quick, easy and can be done yourself

Once you know how to do it, then EFT is an incredibly accessible method and tool for you to use when you’re feeing stressed or those limiting beliefs are cropping up! You can more or less do it any time, any where. And it’s free.

2. It’s a great alternative to meditation

Andrea mentioned this to me in our call and I realised how right she was. We’re often told to meditate when we’re anxious or stressed and it just doesn’t work for some people. When that anxious energy is really flowing, the last thing you want to do is sit still.

So EFT is a great option for those who feel that way. It gets the energy moving in a healthy way and allows you to distract yourself from your anxiety without sitting in meditation.

3. It helps you tune into your emotions

This is a great thing to do when you’ve got a bit of pent up stress and anxiety. Instead of letting the emotions sit there and fester (eww) it allows you to tune into them in a healthy way and change the script.

4. It can be totally personalised to your own worries

I mentioned above how helpful I found it when I was able to get personal in the EFT sessions with Andrea. Guided meditations can be great but some things just don’t resonate, whereas when you tap by yourself, you can say exactly what you need to say.

How can you work with Andrea?

First of all, she offers a FREE 30 minute transformational life coaching discovery call to help you establish whether you’re ready to work with her. If you do decide to work with her, she offers various life coaching packages, even ones especially for expats and travellers – which I think is amazing!

Or if you’d rather go down the EFT route, again, she offers a free discovery call for this to see if it’s right for you. Then various length sessions or a package if you want to go more in depth. She doesn’t deal with trauma as she’s not a licensed therapist. To find out more about her services, check out her services page here!

Have you ever tried EFT before? If so how did you find it? Would you be interested in giving it a go? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to book your free 30 minute discovery call with Andrea!

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  1. Definitely interested in this as I’m hoping to work with Angela too 💛 I’m just being my usual nervy self about talking to someone via zoom! 🙊
    I know it’ll help though so I guess I’ve got to push past those barriers to get to the other side.
    Thanks for this post, it has been very useful 💛💐
    Sarah xo

  2. This is very interesting, I don’t know much about EET so this was quite helpful! I’m glad to hear you had such a good experience and would recommend it to others! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I don’t think I’ve heard of EFT before so this was a really interesting post to learn from. It sounds really interesting, especially when it comes to the benefits with anxiety and stress. I love that it can be a personalised experience too. Thanks for putting together this post! 🙂

  4. This sounds really interesting! I’ve never heard of EFT before but it definitely sounds like something I want to look into more. That’s really good that you’ve had a good experience with it! X

  5. I was only reading about the benefits of EFT and tapping last week. It really piqued my interest and I looked into it more. Your post is more informative than anything I could find online!


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