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A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about how to manage your mental health when covid is over. Although it’s far from over based on the figures, the world is getting back to some sort of normality. Albeit, a new normal. As we’ve come to call it now. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been gradually getting back out there to do more “normal” stuff. Like getting my hair cut, going for a massage and meeting a friend for lunch. But there’s no ignoring this shift in the world and how everything is “back to normal” but not quite.

Armor London Face Masks

I don’t know about you but this whole year so far has felt like a dream. Or some sort of scary post-apocalyptic film or video game. It feels like forever ago that our lockdown here in the UK had just been announced but just like that… it’s over. Almost like nothing ever happened at all. Which is very much not the case for so many people’s who’s lives have been affected due to the pandemic including health and losing their jobs.

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I know we’re all sick of hearing the term “new normal” by now but that’s the best way to describe our lives at the moment. So I’m sticking with the phrase until I can step outside my door and not think about covid-19 once again. Ah, those were the days. So today I want to share some tips on how we can adjust to our new normal!

Acknowledge when you are struggling

Okay, it’s not going to be easy for everyone all the time. There will come times where most of us are going to struggle a bit with adapting to this new normal. For me personally, I’ve struggled again with going out. For almost a decade, I suffered with an anxiety disorder and for years I was terrified of going anywhere.

Since last Summer, when I finally went on medication for my anxiety, my world opened up and I wasn’t anxious anymore. I’ve definitely noticed that anxiety creeping back up again whenever I have to leave the house. Which is what I was worried was going to happen. But I’ve accepted it and acknowledged that right now, it’s okay to feel that way.

Have fun when choosing face masks

Face masks are obviously playing a huge role in our new normal right now, with them being made compulsory to wear in shops here in the UK as well as on public transport. Which I think is an excellent idea and should have been the case much earlier on in this situation.

But in the case of face masks, they really aren’t anything to cry about. And I love that there are so many amazing colours and designs of face masks to choose from. You really adapt your face mask to fit in with your own personal style and I absolutely love that!

I was kindly sent some face masks from Armor London to try out and feature in this blog post which I’m excited to talk about now because they really are fab masks. They have two different types of masks and I’ve featured both of them below.

Face Mask

Safeguard cotton face cover – £9 each, available in pink, khaki and dark green

So Armor London supply two different types of masks but both of which have similar technology involved in making them such high quality. All masks are washable and come with a soft silicone neckband, which can be used to attach on to the mask to make it comfier and a better fit and to avoid discomfort behind your ears if you’re wearing your mask for a long period of time. They also have built in air filters which help keep your face cooler in the Summer.

They also have adjustable ear straps and each mask comes with 2 replacement filters with each mask. However, you can buy packs of additional filters. The 5 layer filters have 2 layers of activated carbon and are suitable for all of their face masks.

Natura Hemp Face Cover – £14.00 each, available in pink, black, green and grey. 

In addition to all of the above, the Natura Hemp Face Covers are also 100% sustainable and has an added activated carbon filter for additional air purification and heat dissipation. I mean, there really is nothing bad to say about these face masks. I love the colours they come in and all the extra protection they provide. The filters can be used for up to 8 hours then must be thrown but the masks themselves are washable.

Everyone in my house has been really impressed with them. My Mum nabbed the pink one as soon as it came out of the box. And my personal favourite is the green because it goes well with my ginger hair! But of course there are black and grey, for those who prefer more understated looks. Or the camo pink (which I also love) for those who don’t mind something a little brighter.

Remember that it’s only temporary

Although chances are, this whole situation will have made us consider some permanent changes going forward, the actual pandemic of covid-19 is only temporary. And like everything in life, this too shall pass. So although it feels like it’s been going on forever and feels like it’ll never end, it will. We just have to learn to persevere, be patient and be grateful that we’re here and healthy.

Only do what you’re comfortable doing

Just because pubs and restaurants are open again doesn’t mean you have to go to them. Nobody is forcing you. This is such a unique experience for all of us so it really is just a matter of doing what feels right for you at the time. If you don’t feel safe sitting in a restaurant yet, that’s fine! Perhaps see if your favourite places to eat do a pick up service so you can eat at home, if you want to support your community.

Allow yourself to be sad for the old normal

It’s totally okay to miss the old normal and the way things used to be before covid-19 hit the world. It’s okay to feel sad about all the time you’ve missed this year, all the plans you’ve cancelled, all the holidays that never got taken. It’s okay to be sad about all of it. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who didn’t experience covid first or second hand. It HAS affected us all. And it’s okay to be sad about it.

Find joy in the little things

I think this new normal will allow us to find joy in the smallest and most unexpected of ways. After so many months of not being able to do ANYTHING, even the smallest thing right now can feel like the most exciting thing in the world. Sitting outside a coffees shop, drinking tea and eating a cake. Having a browse around the home ware section of your favourite store. Visiting your Grandma again. Appreciate it all.

How are you adjusting to our new normal? Anything to add to this list?


  1. I think it is so important for people to remember they don’t need to do more than they are comfortable with, just because the rules have relaxed doesn’t mean you need to relax your thinking if you are not comfortable with it! I think with people having differing opinions of what is the right/ wrong thing to be doing it is putting a strain on different friendships and relationships too!

    – Stacey |

  2. Love this! These masks are all so lovely! Although I feel quite claustrophobic while wearing them, I’m so impressed by the range of masks available! I’m still hesitant about leaving the house and actually felt guilty about turning down a trip to the pub over the weekend; but we shouldn’t feel pressured! As you say, this is only temporary, and hopefully we can all return to some semblance on normalcy soon x

    Evie x |

  3. Those are lovely masks – I actually quite like wearing my own one now as it’s so pretty, and I kind of want to buy more! Patterns and colours definitely make them more tolerable. I think you’ve made a good point about acknowledging how you feel during the pandemic – I didn’t really do this at first, even though it honestly felt like my SAD has been extended for another 6 months, but acknowledging it eased the negative thoughts somewhat.

  4. It has all been such an adjustment hasn’t it! I am loving seeing you in front of the camera a bit more! I am ok with masks, I’m still not going out a whole lot but it makes me feel safer when I do!

  5. Yesterday I went to the electronics store to buy a new fan & lightbulb & that was so exciting getting out haha
    In Denmark, the new normal is to use hand sanitizer once you enter the store & practice social distancing, but wearing masks have never been mandatory. They only recently made masks mandatory on public transportation during rush hour. but even then, a reporter said only 10% of the people were wearing a mask…all the big events were cancelled & I was looking forward to the animal show & the market, but oh well. It’s better to be safe & not have 1000s of people in 1 location.

  6. Very good tips. I love that it started with acknowledging when you are struggling. Often, we focus on coping and surviving without thinking about where it is coming from in the first place.

  7. Those masks are so cool! I like that they look so stylish and they look lovely on.Big fan of your eye makeup and how stunning is your eye colour!? Lovely photos. You’re so right that we just have to allow ourselves to feel how we feel at the moment. Everything is so different for EVERYONE that it’s hard to comprehend! But it will pass. And we’ll all be supporting each other until it does.

  8. I really love the look of these masks!! I think the green one really is such a great choice for you, because you’re right, it suits your hair so nicely! And, I think it brings out your eyes a lot too 😉 These are some great tips for adjusting to coming out of quarantine xx

  9. I thought that I was adjusting well because very little had changed in my life (mostly homebound anyway) but actually it is really challenging. It just feels like a much smaller world than it was?

    Definitely agree about having fun with masks. The way I see it is that it’s a great way to express your personality while also protecting other people. I have an It’s a Small World one (ironic, given my previous comment) that I love. It reminds me of the best times. 😊

    Thanks for sharing these tips, it’s given me a lot of food for thought.

  10. Firstly, you’re so gorgeous!! I also love the masks you’re wearing. I’ve got a few facemasks, but they aren’t as high quality as you ones look. I am really scared to go out and about at the moment. I have no issue wearing masks, but I am really scared to catch something. I get funny when my parents go out, but it’s something I need to trust them on, that they will be taking precautions.

    Love, Em x

  11. I love the idea of having fun when picking out or making masks. It’s something else you can add your own unique individual style to as long as they are still done as recommended. I have severe anxiety and thought I’d have issues wearing a mask but I don’t so long as they are cloth ones and not medical ones. We are being asked not to wear the medical ones anyways as we are trying to keep them for our healthcare workers. The new normal is something that is taking a lot of getting used to for me and my family but we figure we are lucky we have each other and so we want to do everything we can to protect each other and only do what we feel is safe.

  12. I’m struggling with the masks, technically I’m on the exempt list, but I don’t want to be in a busy confined place without one either.

  13. I have found that this year has reminded me of my priorities more than anything. When you strip away the ‘busy’ in our lives, we’re left to decide what is worth focusing our attention on… for me, I’m realizing that it’s actually not necessarily the things that I thought were important. In fact, some of the things that have been cancelled won’t be picked back up after this as I’ve realized that I had too much on my plate and I don’t need to return to that ‘busy’ state to the same extent as I was pre-COVID.

  14. Loving those masks! We have been buying fun Disney printed clothes and sewing masks, but these ones look secure and fun at the same time. I never thought that hunting for fabric is a way to enjoy myself and do something useful but I love that mindset. 🙂

  15. Thank you, this was such a great and reassuring read! It’s nice to know that these feelings are shared and we’re not alone!

  16. Not only was this a great read, but your photos are absolutely stunning! I definitely agree that we should have fun with face masks. I worked all through lockdown, and at the moment am wearing a mask for 7+ hours a day at work, the hemp face cover sounds like an absolute dream! I also agree that we should try to find joy in the small things: even a coffee in a cafe alone can be something to look forward to.

    John |

  17. Not only was this a wonderfully written post that had me feeling much brighter and more encouraged after a really challenging day, but I am totally intrigued by these incredibly unique face masks. I have a really hard time wearing masks because of PTSD in relation to abuse, so I had resigned myself to stay home indefinitely. However, a friend made a few masks that are a lighter material, and I don’t hyperventilate while wearing them, which is such an incredible experience. Now I want to test these out as well because they honestly sound incredible!!

  18. I’m feeling okay at the moment, it’s definitely helped having some cute masks – makes me feel more comfortable as the first ones we had were horrible! xx

  19. 2020 has definitely been a year for the records. I especially loved the last 2 points you made; I do really miss pre-covid times, but it’s made me appreciate the small things so much more which I think is great. Every cloud has a silver lining! Lovely masks too!

  20. Great post as ever 🙂 I really want to get some cute pink and purple masks! I’m still in self-imposed isolation at home right now, OCD makes it seem almost impossible to get ‘back to normal’, so every small thing I can be grateful for I am! Fingers crossed this will all be over soon 💕

  21. Great post, thank you for sharing! It’s important to try and remember to think about the good things still going on during this time, but it’s ok to feel a little down here and there because this is a very new and different thing for all of us. 💗

  22. I’m certainly finding joy in every day things now. It’s made me realise how complacent I’d become in my everyday life before the pandemic. I’ve noticed that I appreciate things more and my values have changed a lot.

  23. My mindset with masks has been to have fun with them too. I used buying masks as way to support small business near me too–an extra way to feel good about it 🙂

  24. Love this post! I love that last point to of finding the joy in the little things. I went out to eat the other week with my boyfriend and it was such a lovely afternoon, its only a small thing but it really was a fun thing to do! Those masks look great too, I have 4 at the moment to keep me going when I go out and about!

    Chloe xx

  25. TBH I’m loving the new normal!! It’s made me appreciate being at home so much. I still wish 2m social distancing in shops was a thing though!! Love those masks too, I do need to get a new one as I lost my lovely cotton one 🙁

  26. Great tips Jenny! It’s so weird with what’s going on in the world at the moment, but I’m glad it’s getting back to some normality. I’m just back from a weekend away in Cornwall and barely anyone was wearing a mask, it was so strange.

    Zoey |

  27. I love this face mask you’re wearing Jenny, it looks really good! I’m kind of having fun buying new face masks, I’m just treating it as a fashion accessory rather than treat it like a hindrance, I love wearing a mask as I feel safe when I need to go out anywhere x

    Lucy |

  28. These are some very good tips!I like when you said to acknowledge when you are struggling, this situation does come with its challenges and you cannot be ok all the time

  29. These face masks look so good – I made my own and they defo aren’t perfectly fitted to my face! I think its much easier to wear one like this and be comfortable!

  30. I thought I’d struggle a lot more adjusting but letting myself go with the flow and just remember that it could be for the better is so nice, I am very slowly becoming a big fan of the ‘new normal’

  31. I know this totally isn’t the point of the post but your hair looks incredible here! I’m personally not very comfortable with ‘new normal’ and am opting to stay tucked away at home until normal is normal 😂. These masks are really cute, I love the pink camo x


  32. Great Tips Jenny. I like the ‘new normal’ phrase. If we make this phrase stick then I think people will more than likely adhere to the rules a little easier. Once we accept that we have to wear a mask and keep our distance etc

    I am loving the masks. If we have to wear them, we may as well make a statement with them!

    Your photo’s on this post Jenny are really really good btw

  33. Some lovely points here! I absolutely love those face masks I will have to look in to those!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  34. Love your point on only doing the things you’re comfortable doing. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to follow the crowd, if I want to stay home, I can still stay home! Those masks look lovely too. I make my own and it is definitely fun being able to pair them with the same fabrics as my outfits 🙂

    Anika |

  35. I’m adjusting quite well but like you my anxiety is paying for it. I got used to staying in even though I hated it but now we can go back out I’m scared and not because of covid just purely anxiety fears xxx

  36. Great post! Love the part about doing what you are comfortable doing. I haven’t been to the pub yet and it’s not something I plan on doing anytime soon. I have my priorities and if I can’t go on holiday then I don’t want to do the other stuff. I wear my mask but I still haven’t accepted that it’s a part of life now. I miss the old normal as much as some things have improved for the better now. I still get sad when I see people queuing outside shops and wearing masks everywhere but I’m glad I’m given space in shops now, I never liked crowds before and this is much better 😀thanks for sharing x

  37. Such great tips! It’s a weird situation but we’re going to be Allright! I’ve actually noticed so many people who are strangers to the other giving compliments about cute facemasks. In a weird way, it’s a good topic to socialize about haha.

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