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We’re a week into lockdown here in the UK and I’m sure for some of us, cabin fever is setting in. It’s a weird ol’ situation to be in, even for those of us (like me) who are used to working from home every day or those that thrive off of a routine. Because routine has certainly been throw in the air, hasn’t it? I mean, what even IS time anymore?

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But of course we’re all doing this for the greater good – to save lives. And in the grand scheme of things, spending a few months at home is nothing. It’s a good time to catch up on those books you’ve been meaning to read, that Netflix list that’s getting longer and longer and giving yourself a bit extra self-care time.

But when this is over and we’re back to work full-time, self-care definitely shouldn’t be pushed to the back of the shelf. So here are some vital things we can treat ourselves to after lockdown is over:

Book a massage

This is the one I’ve missed the most. I always book regular massages for every 2 weeks or so and they are vital for my relaxation time. They’re also incredibly helpful with my muscles and my back, consider I have pretty bad posture and back pain from not having a proper desk to work on. I can’t wait for that first massage back after lockdown!

Attend a Yoga or exercise class

Whilst most of us are exercising at home or doing Yoga at home, I’m sure actually attending a class with other people is something a lot of people will miss doing. So although it’s a vital part of staying healthy, it’s also a nice way to treat your body to something that it’ll appreciate after all this is “over”.

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Book your essential appointments

I’ve always said that I treat cervical screenings as a crucial part of self-care. So when lockdown is over and it’s safe enough to physical go to your doctor surgery again or various clinics again, it’s time to treat yourself to all those essential appointments which might be a little overdue.

There’s loads of different appointments and things to be taking care of. Cervical screenings, as I mentioned. But also getting your eyes tested, going to the dentist or evening booking in for an ear wax removal service – which I’ve had to have done numerous times in the past and it feels SO MUCH BETTER afterwards!

Treat yourself from a small, local business

Both yourself and local businesses are going to need a bit of a treat after all of this. It makes me so sad to see how much smaller businesses are struggling right now. So when we’re allowed back out into the big, wide, world again, it’ll be a good time to treat yourself from a small, local business. Perhaps a local tearoom or small clothing business!

Book a manicure and hand treatment

I don’t know about anyone else but my hands look absolutely AWFUL. They are so dry. They’re cracking. They look like paper bags due to all the hand washing. So when this is over, my hands are going to be one of the first things to get a bit of TLC! And you should put that on your list too!

A full on spa day

If you have the means to do so when everything is back to normal, I’d say it’d be a pretty good time to head off to your local spa and really indulge in all the yummy self care treatments. Heck, we’ll all need them after this! Massages, saunas, facials – you name it!

What are the first things you’re going to treat yourself to when things start going back to normal? Are you in need of any of the things mentioned in this post?


  1. I am gonna do all of it🤩 Shared some new blogs on numerous topics I thought about during this lockdown, would be glad if you check them out and share your feedback ✨

  2. It’s been 55 days here in Paris, tomorrow we’ll be able to start going outside again. Feels surreal! Can’t wait to just go for walks again. I’ll definitely be appreciating the little things much more in the future.

  3. Honestly, the idea of going for a full spa day sounds completely dreamy right now. Even just getting a haircut would feel like such a treat, and I usually hate that haha! I will 100% be straight into my local small businesses though, there’s a really good bookshop near me and I’m so worried it won’t make it!

  4. I’m sooo with you on the massage! Totally needed! I’m also going to see my osteopath, which I would recommend to anyone who has back pain, any pain really. I had chronic plantar fasciitis and tried so many treatments, but it was an osteopath who helped me really heal my feet (and the rest of my ache and pains.)

  5. I like your post about after quarantine Jenny! You touched on something that I often talk about at home. I think a lot of us are going to be way more appreciative of the little things that we take for granted like….getting some fresh air outside or taking a trip to our local cafe. And I couldn’t agree more: self-care needs to be a regular thing in life because it is for our wellbeing after all and wellbeing shouldn’t be a temporary thing because our healh ahd happiness rely on it. When this quarantine is all over, one thing I’d treat myself to for sure is a trip to a local cafe or even discover a new one and savour the time there.

  6. I’m going to treat myself to getting my nails done when this is all over! I was booked in for next weekend as it was a little pre-birthday treat but now that it’s not happening it’s going straight on the agenda for when the lockdown is lifted. I can’t wait to go out for dinner again somewhere too! xx

  7. This reminded me of a meme I saw of everyone’s hair and nails grown out all gross because of lockdown haha. Everyone will be on the nail/hand treatment thing. Especially with all this hand sanitiser.

  8. I’ve had this conversation so much recently. The first thing I’m gonna do is go and see my mum and sisters. Then I’m booking a pedicure and a night away for me and my man!

  9. These are great ideas! I will be getting my nails done again, my eyebrows and then going for a dance! Maybe eat out somewhere too! I can’t wait! You have shared some great suggestions! Xxx

  10. This sounds silly but the thing I’m looking forward to most is doing a proper food shop full of meals that I’d want to make not buying things that are easier to adapt if I can’t get stuff or practical to have in when I can’t just pop to the shop for more ingredients. And the gym, never going to take that place for granted again x


  11. I’m looking forward to supporting small businesses again when the time comes – my favourite place is a little cafe/eco-shop and I hope they survive this. I could also do with going to the denist!

    Ash | thisdreamsalive

  12. Massage or spa day sounds like a good idea! I think once everything goes back to normal I’m definitely going on holiday, and perhaps also going on a trek! I miss travelling so much

  13. I’m with you on the massages! I have a deep tissue massage every month like clockwork in order to deal with my back. My March appointment was 2 days after everything was shut down in the province, meaning that I missed it, and I’m REALLY feeling it right about now. I was already talking to my massage therapist and we agreed that she’ll be getting me in ASAP when things open back up again lol

  14. Once this is over I’ll probably have finished uni forever and be moving back home, so it’s the perfect time to join the gym in my town! Me and my boyfriend were meant to have a spa day for his birthday but never got to do it due to self isolation, so I can’t wait to book in a massage when this is all over! These are some great tips and have really lifted my spirits. I’m super excited to do all this stuff when everything is finally back to normal now x

  15. This is a handy list for someone like me, who rarely thinks ahead of the moment. It is a bummer so many things have been cancelled, and plans for spa dates and fun nights out upset, but continuing to find ways to look out for yourself at home is important to!

  16. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! I’m missing the world! I really can’t wait to walk around without avoiding people and buying what I’d like again. I’m definitely going for a hand treatment because my hands are so sore!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived