AD | Many couples require the support of a fertility treatment to help them conceive a child. This could, in part, be due to the limited education people are offered regarding infertility as a health issue. It’s important for anyone hoping to become a parent to know the follow six fertility facts.

fertility facts

Once you read these fertility facts, you’ll see how common fertility problems are. Chances are, you know a couple that have had problems conceiving. But it’s such a sensitive topic, that you probably won’t know about it.

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We’re taught about periods, sex and babies in school but never about what we should do if things don’t pan out the way we want them to. I think learning about infertility is just as important and I think if we learned about it from a younger age, we wouldn’t be so hush hush or worried to talk about it as an adult.

So, let’s look at these facts which might open your eyes to the world of infertility a bit more and perhaps if you’re struggling with infertility yourself, some of these facts might bring light to your struggles. Whether it’s infertility, freezing your eggs  (if this is something you are considering, you may wish to check out these freeze dryers to see what part they might have to play in this), or what can affect your chances of conceiving, hopefully you will find some answers and comfort in the following.

6 fertility facts you might not know:

fertility facts

80% of couples will conceive naturally within one year

That’s quite a high percentage of couples who will get pregnant naturally within a year. That’s providing that you’re having regular unprotected sex and utilizing your fertile window! However if you’ve been trying for longer than a year and haven’t had any success, you may need to seek additional help or treatment.

Between the age of 35-40…

A women’s fertility starts to rapidly decline, which isn’t good news for anyone who’s trying for a baby a little later in life. Of course there are some things that you can do, like freezing your eggs, which allows you to preserve your fertility for longer. But if you’re 35 or older and want to get pregnant quickly, then you might want to seek additional help.

Male infertility is at around 30%

There’s a huge misconception that most, if not all, infertility problems are caused by Women. However men account for 30% of infertilities, which is important to talk about as well because it’s not just a women’s issue and all fertility problems should be given the same attention and help.

fertility facts

Smoking is a no-go!

It’s not a surprise but smoking can reduce your chances of conceiving (and it’s also disgusting and bad for you!) Not only that but smoking can also affect embryo growth, increase miscarriage rate and can also affect your OWN child’s chances of conceiving if you smoke whilst you’re pregnant with them.

Your BMI can influence your fertility

Although BMI is a hugely problematic metric for weight and health, it has been shown that if your BMI is too high or too low and causes irregular cycles, this can also impact your fertility. So it’s less so about your weight and more so about your health and menstrual cycle.

And the final of the fertility facts

1 in 6 couples are affected by infertility. Which is a huge number. Chances are, a couple that you know will have experienced infertility problems in their life. Which is why it’s so important to talk about and spread awareness about because it’s so common and really could happen to any of us.

Check out this infographic of these 6 fertility facts from Concept Fertility:

Were you surprised by any of these fertility facts? Do you have a unique fertility story to share?


  1. This post is so important, and I definitely learned quite a few things. Reading yours & Sophie’s (Glow Steady) posts on this topic today, and the fact that this is something I already think about frequently reminds me that I should be actively aware of what’s going on in my body. I don’t have any concerns about my fertility as of right now, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know how my body is doing especially as it’s one of my biggest desires to have children!

  2. This is really great information to know honestly! Even though I don’t want kids (at least right now), this is good to know! I always knew smoking wasn’t healthy in general and can cause issues with pregnancy… but I never knew smoking while pregnant can cause the child to potentially have fertility issues as well. I personally live a straightedge lifestyle (no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs/mind-altering substances of any kind), but that is still a good thing to know!

    Katherine Isabella |

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