AD | It’s safe to say that over the last 5 years or so, the topic of fast fashion and an unsustainable fashion industry has boomed. More and more brands are introducing sustainable collections, designers are moving towards more sustainable materials and sustainable fashion and second hand shopping are bigger than ever before.

With the likes of Stacey Dooley’s Fashion’s Dirty Secrets documentary hitting the headlines in 2019, environmental activists like Greta Thunberg and the sheer amount of resources available to us now to show how damaging our consumerism is, people have started to pay attention. How could we not?

One area of fashion that I don’t think has *quite* the emphasis that say, clothing or shoes does, is jewellery.

Aside from leather straps on some watches, I don’t think people quite understand how and why jewellery can be unsustainable in the long run. Even in this post about lab grown diamonds, it states how lab grown diamonds have a significantly smaller carbon footprint and all the ethical & social implications that are usually involved in mined diamonds are eliminated.

Why you need to check out Solios Watches

One incredible brand who are changing the face of the watch industry are Solios. Solios are an amazing brand who manufactur solar powered watches. Each timepiece features carefully curated materials, ethical processes and are timeless and minimal in style.

Their goal was to create a small accessory with a big impact. Following the immense success of their first solar-powered watch launched 3 years ago, on April 20th they launched their new Curve model.

Introducing the Solar Curve

Unsurprisingly, it takes its name from its design. It is the very first time that a solar watch with a curved case sees the day. This technical feat makes it possible to follow the ergonomics of the wrist by continuing its curve, while having a thin and elegant case.

The Solar Curve introduces a second hand and a date. Two features long requested by our community. The date and crown have been placed at 4 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock, to make the watch more minimalist, ergonomic and comfortable.

The materials also include many firsts for Solios. The goal was to increase the durability of the watch while keeping it accessible. The glass is one of the innovations, as we use a sapphire crystal that we had to bend twice to perfectly fit the case. The robustness of the watch also allows us to get an additional waterproofness up to 50 meters.

Why else do you need to check out Solios?

If the fact that they’re sustainable, totally ahead of the game in their technology and materials and are a certified B-Corp business, here are some other reasons you might want to check them out:

Their watches are beautiful

Like, seriously beautiful. I’m a big lover of watches, so is my boyfriend and we have a few between us. We’ve spent hours sifting through watches in the past so I know if I’m ever going to buy him another watch, I’ll DEFINITELY be checking out Solios. Although I would love to purchase one for myself, too.

They have a recycling program

If you recycle your old watch, you get 50 Canadian Dollars off your next Solios watch! Find out more about their recycling program here.

They give back to the community, charities and the environment

Solios have partnered up with various charities and causes, including the Rainforest Trust and Make-a-Wish. They understand the struggle that communities around the world are going through in regards to the decline in rainforests and they’re dedicated to doing their bit to help. Speaking of rainforests…

The Rainforest Edition watches

For every watch of the Rainforest Edition sold, 10% of the profits will go towards The Rainforest Trust. Rainforest Trust reinvests 100% of donations to restore one acre of rainforest every 16 seconds across the world. And the rainforest collection? Oh good LORD it’s beautiful.

1 Solios watch replaces the need for 20 disposable batteries

Just two hours of sunlight can charge your watch for up to 6 months! How amazing is that? Although batteries CAN be recycled, there is a growing concern about their impact o the environment and our health so a solar powered option is much cleaner to produce and doesn’t consume as many resources, since their lifetimes much longer.

Whether you go with the new Solios Curve or not, there are endless positives to buying and investing in a Solios watch. I certainly haven’t done them justice in this post and would highly recommend heading over to the Solios website to find out more details about what they do.

Over to you! Would you consider a solar-powered watch? What do you do to be more environmentally friendly with your jewellery and accessories?


  1. I honestly had no idea a watch like this existed but I’m damn sure going to get myself one! What an amazing concept. I love how sleek these watches are, they look really lovely and sound even better! Thank you so much for sharing this brand with us lovely, I’ll for sure be checking them out asap. Xo

    Elle –

  2. I had no idea such a kind of watch even existed, but what a really clever idea and it looks absolutely stunning with its minimalist design x

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