Uppersole Wish List *

I love shoes. I’m not a huge fashionista (okay it’s clear by the fact that I just used the word ‘fashionista’ that I’m not one at all) but I do love shoes. I think they can totally make an outfit, jazz it up or tone it down and I also think shoes can give a great indication of the type of person you are. Who’s the famous person that said you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes? (If you know, do let me know otherwise it’s going to drive me spare). Looking back, Carrie Bradshaw might have been incredibly annoying but there’s no denying that her shoe closet was to die for! Now I might not know anything about designers, but I do know that I have a pretty swoon-worthy wish list from Uppersole shoes to share with you today.

Flat Lace Up Glitter Sparkly Trainers in Rose Gold

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Your Time is Now: ADEXE AW18 Collection *

Today I’m fortunate enough to team up with ADEXE to share with you a beautiful watch from their new range, as part of their Your Time is Now campaign. Before I get into nattering away about the watch itself, I wanted to discuss the theme of time and owning the time you have. Because not only is that a powerful message to send out but also one that got me thinking quite a bit and ended up with me reflecting on my year so far and contemplating whether I’ve taken ownership of the time I’ve had, utilized it and declared that my time is now. I’m not one to compliment myself too often (I’m far too awkward for that) but I came to the conclusion that the answer, is yes. 

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My experience and tips for going to prom! *

A main event in secondary school (or high school) is no doubt… prom. Whether you loved it or hated it if you’re already past school age or are dreading it or looking forward to it if you’re yet to have yours, you’ve probably got some sort of feelings towards your prom and the idea of proms in general. I feel like it’s a very American tradition (if I’m wrong, please correct me) which at some point in time, us folks over the pond adopted ourselves. A prom is usually held at the end of year 11 (in the UK) which is the point where school ends and college or sixth form starts. I have fond memories of my proms. Yes, proms. I have a lot of experience of them… Because we had three

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Ann’s Cottage Surf Shop wish-list

When I was 14 (or 15, somewhere around that age) I was invited by my school to go on a surfing holiday to Cornwall because I was such a good student, with great attendance. If that doesn’t give you a glimpse of what I was like at school, I don’t know what does but it was a great opportunity and I spent an amazing week with some of my friends who were also selected in Bude, in Cornwall doing all sorts of activities including rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, wind-surfing and surfing as well as having BBQ’s and sing-a-longs around the campfire under a vast expanse of inky darkness and more stars than I’ve ever seen before in my life. I have very fond memories from that trip and I’d love to go back to Cornwall as an adult and visit the gorgeous beaches and who knows? Maybe even hop back on a surf board for old times sake. 

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Denim trends: The past, present & future *

The trends of denim have been changing for years. From bell bottoms in the 1960s to extreme ripped jeans in 2018, denim has certainly been through a lot since the release of the blue jean 145 years ago. So, which were the trends that really took off? And, what can we expect from denim in the future?

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Summer sparkle with xylondon

In May I worked with a fab shoe company, xylondon on a review of a pair of their boots. I bloody love these boots and have certainly got some wear out of them since receiving them so I can hand on heart, recommend this brand for all your boot-related-needs. I was thrilled when they wanted to work with me again on a more Summer-themed shoe post so I hopped onto the website and had a good old browse for something more summery. And I found the cutest pair of shoes which I can’t wait to share with you! 

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Stepping into Spring with xylondon

I think Spring is a great time to spruce things up. Whether that’s your blog layout, a new hair cut, a re-decorated bedroom or a new wardrobe, Spring is a great time to jump into things head first. New beginnings and all that jazz. I always feel super motivated and inspired as Spring hits (apart from the days that my hay fever is so bad that I can’t breathe or see), I want to do more, try new things, work harder – the works! And it’s a great feeling. Fashion is something I’ve never been overly confident with; I don’t tend to follow the crowd or follow any “trends” and I’m quite reserved when it comes to my choices. But even a gal like me needs some new items to spruce up their wardrobe every now and again don’t they?

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