GIFTED | ADEXE London are always popping up around the blogging community. And for good reason. Their classy, stylish watches are perfect for young women looking to add a touch of chic to their outfits before they go about their busy days. But they have plenty of Men’s and Women’s watches to suit all styles.

But now their collection has got even bigger, with the introduction of the brand new 30mm Sistine Miniature Collection! A range to suit the feminine tastes; which are smaller in size, dainty and also a lower price.

The Sistine Miniature Collection comes in both stainless steel and Italian leather, depending on your preference with different strap colours for the leather watches and different face colours for the stainless steel. The watches in this range start at £79, which is a more affordable option to some of their other products.


When I was asked to choose a watch to review, I obviously chose the rose gold stainless steel. Call me basic but I love rose gold and not just because it’s “popular” but because I think it’s a genuinely lovely colour. My phone is rose gold, so is a lot of the jewelry I wear. It arrived well presented in this small, brightly colored box.

I definitely think this new range could appeal very highly to millennials. Their packaging, marketing and designs seem to scream ‘millennial’ to me, which isn’t a bad thing of course. I am a millennial myself and I know how goddamn powerful we can be!


I chose the rose gold face but this particular design can also come with a white, black or blue face. They’re all gorgeous, I probably couldn’t pick a favourite but I wanted to keep to my theme. It also has a sturdy clasp (which embarrassingly took me a little while to work out!)

I love this brand for a number of reasons. Their blogger outreach is fantastic and they really understand what bloggers and buyers want. Their designs are gorgeous and their prices are definitely affordable. Especially with this new range. If you’re looking for a new watch or even as a gift for someone you love, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at ADEXE.

And for 15% off of your purchase at ADEXE, use the discount code: JENNYNEVERLAND15

Have you heard of ADEXE before? Which of the new collection do you like the best?

* Products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. I think it’s great that they’re doing a smaller size! Being quite small, I find a lot of bigger watches are too bulky for me (person preference I guess) but my watch is 29mm and it makes such a difference! x


  2. Seriously haven’t been able to get over how sleek & gorgeous these watches are since you posted them on Insta!! Like I told you, I’m also a huge sucker for rose gold, so much so that I want a rose gold wedding band one day :’)

  3. This watch is beautiful! I’ve clicked on their website to browse through their collection. I’m in love with these watches, they’re so simple yet classy and the colours are stunning! I’ve added a Grande Silver and blue watch to my birthday list! xxx


  4. Oh my gosh this watch looks so chic and delicate! I’ve never been a watch fan because they were way too bulky for my wrist, but this one looks like it’ll sit quite nicely!

  5. My sister has been known to wear this brand before!

    This looks so gorgeous and is definilty something she would love for her birthday – I’ll have to keep that in mind! Thank you for sharing Jenny! 😀

    – Nyxie

  6. The watch you received looks so pretty! I’m a big fan of rose gold as well so I’d probably choose the same colour. I haven’t actually had a watch for years, I guess all this time I’ve just been using my phone to know the time but I can see the appeal of having a watch because it’s just like another added jewellery really.

    Chloe xx

  7. I’ve seen and heard quite a lot about this brand! They definitely seem to know what they are doing – their watches always look gorgeous and also like they are are such great quality too. I love the one you chose – you can definitely never go wrong with rose gold, it’s a favourite colour of mine too! Next time I need a new watch, I’ll have to make sure to check ADEXE out 🙂


  8. i’ve never heard of this brand but i love the watch you picked out. rose gold is my favorite color for jewelry as well. I just think it goes well with your skin tone when you have more pink in your undertones which i do. I also really love how classy this watch looks! it’s so simple and would go with everything! great post jenny x

    mich /

  9. I’m not one for watches personally but these look absolutely stunning and it’s a brand that I haven’t heard of before. But my Mum is a watch person so think I will have to a look to see if I can find something that she would like! I especially like the classic and simple style.

  10. I haven’t had a watch in ages – I think it’s time I get one really. I love rose gold too, it’s beautiful. Lovely post xx

  11. I’m actually in need of a new gold watch so I have come across this at just the right time! I prefer the classic style, and now I have a voucher code to use 😉

  12. This watch is gorgeous, it looks like the perfect size for wearing with dresses and more girly outfits. I think you’ve chosen my favourite from the collection, I really love the rose gold face!

  13. I had never heard of this brand before, but I really like that watch – it’s so cute! I love the rose gold 🙂 Definitely going on my wish list!

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

      1. Wow what a beautiful watch. I was actually looking for a nice looking watch and haven’t heard of adexe so will defo check them out. X

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