9 reasons why I don’t really like my birthday 

This is going to sound like a super weird post and I bet you’re probably all thinking, “wth jenny?” at the title. It’s not clickbait, I 100% mean it, I don’t like my own birthday. I mean obviously when I was younger in Primary School and had swimming parties and McDonalds parties and bouncy castles and the works, birthdays rocked. I wanted it to be my birthday every day! Actually tell a lie, I didn’t, I would always get overwhelmed with all the people and just want a quiet half an hour to myself but you get my gist. Birthday’s were brilliant. Friends, cake, food, presents, balloons, parties. But as I got older, I had a huge change of heart. I distinctly remember spending the first few hours of my 16th birthday in bed crying. So here’s a super sad list of reasons why I don’t really like my own birthday…

1. I don’t like getting older: but I mean, who does?

2. It reminds me that everyone else is getting older too: and that’s not something we want to think about too often.

3. I’m getting further and further away from the carefree years of my childhood and I miss it: seriously, where did it go? It seems like 2 minutes ago my mum was reading to me in bed and washing my hair.

4. It makes me more aware of how much I haven’t achieved yet: okay, shit is getting serious here but it’s so easy to think of what you “should” have done by a certain age that you lose sight of what you actually have done. Sigh.

5. It also makes me wary of all the stuff I still want to achieve: and how I’m gonna need to get off my arse and actually do them. It’s all very well having goals but they remain as goals unless you actually do something to work towards them. And not all your goals are going to remain relevant forever. The time is now.

6. It makes me feel unaccomplished: another year, another 400 Facebook posts of people getting their dream jobs, travelling the world, having babies, getting married, buying houses and another year of me… not. But I know it’s important to remember that everyone goes at their own pace and that life isn’t a race.

7. It just makes me sad: for real, my own birthday makes me sad. Other people’s don’t, just my own. I’ve never known why but I spent the first few hours of my 16th birthday crying in bed. what the hell?

8. And it makes me realise how quickly time is going: and it didn’t take a whole rambly blog post about why I hate my birthday for you to know that. Every year feels like it’s going quicker and quicker and I hate it! How have I been on this planet for almost 25 years already?

9. The attention scares me: I hate being the centre of attention for anything. I’d rather be behind the scenes. I love other people’s birthdays so I get to spoil them, make them feel special and show them they are the centre of attention for that day. But for me? Eeeek!

I’m such a grateful person and I’m always so appreciative of any cards, gifts and messages I receive on my birthday so don’t let this post put you off sending all those books as gifts this year… (I’m kidding, maybe…) but there’s why I get sad on my birthday. Do you experience any of the above? Or are you a birthday loving person?


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    1. Crystal says:

      Number 7 🙁 I cry more now then I did once on my birthday through my teens. I hate it now I am lucky to get birthday wishes off of the social networks.

      1. Even I don’t like socializing with people but after all the celebrations and fun with few friends, will though make you sad at the end of the day out of nowhere 😶

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  4. I enjoyed my birthday far more when I was a child. Getting older as an adult means more responsibilities, poorer health etc. I feel the same when it comes to achievements as well. When you are past 20 or so, you kind of want to have your life in order. When you don’t know what to do, it makes you paranoid and not good enough (well at least that’s how it affects me). Birthdays are bittersweet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Laura /

    1. I definitely feel like that. I’m 26 in 2 weeks and I’m dreading because I know I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be xxx

  5. Ugh I completely get where your coming from, I personally love my birthday but I think about all the things you mention all the time (mostly at three in the morning) and it can get really upsetting especially considering my anxiety makes everything seem 1000X worse than it actually is, thank you for posting this and being so honest I feel like people shy away from talking about things like this ❤️

    1. Wow my anxiety makes all this worse for me too, how similar?

      1. Just constantly thinking of where everyone else is in their lives vs me and all the things I need to do and achieve especially with getting into uni and stuff, that mixed with anxiety is the worst

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  8. Hi Jenny! I love this honest post. I completely agree as well, and I really don’t understand people who are like “it’s going to be my birthday in 2 weeks and I’m super super excited!!!!” I hate having birthday events because I also hate attention, at the same time it feels terrible when I don’t have an event on my birthday haha. Lose lose situation :’)

    1. Haha absolutely! I hate it when people are like “it’s my birthday week!” And expect people to celebrate every day?! NO?!

      1. Hahaha yes I know those types of peeps 🙂

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    I’m on the same page with Jenny and maybe some others are as well?

    1. Thank you for reblogging (:

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  11. […] that’s a scary thing to say, isn’t it? Although I wrote a post about why I didn’t particularly like my birthday back in July, here I am on my birthday writing a blog post! Oh yeah… it’s my birthday […]

  12. Today is my birthday and I came across this post 😕

    1. Whoops – but just because I don’t like mine doesn’t mean you have to not like yours

  13. I’m in the same page 😂

    1. 😩😩😩

  14. Clickbait is such a neat word. I’m 65 myself so I’m kind of used to birthdays.
    I still feel all the stuff you feel though Jenny. Your post is lovely and honest.
    Yes … and bittersweet.

    1. Thanks so much Chris! You have my permission to use the word clickbait as you so wish 😉

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