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The Importance of Blog Design When Creating a Blog

AD | I think we’re all a sucker for a cute layout, pretty graphics and a nice blog design. We’re well past the days of Piczo with flashing images, moving fonts and just general madness when it came to our website design and have learnt the importance of blog design. When you start a blog, picking your theme, graphics and fonts can be super exciting.

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Heck, even 6 years in and I still get excited about changing up my font! You can also get a ton of Fonts Free here too, so as a new blogger, it’s good to know you don’t need to splash out loads of money on various things to mix up your blog design either.

So let’s take a look at the importance of blog design and some things you should definitely keep in mind when creating a blog and working on the design:

Picking the Appropriate Fonts

Readers will see more of your font/s than anything else on your blog. So you need to pick a readable font for both the title / headings and the main bulk of text. There are so many beautiful fonts out there and it can be tempting to chose the most swirly and fancy font looking font but for the sake of the importance of your blog design, have a shop around and ensure you choose some that are easy to read as well as attractive too!

Ease of the Reader Experience on Your Blog

Nobody wants to go onto a blog and end up feeling like they’ve clicked on an escape room game. For the sake of your readers, make sure their visit to your blog is an easy one. So avoid including a ton of pop ups, flashing images, things that fall from the sky and get in the way. If a reader has clicked onto your blog to read your amazing content, that’s what they want to do. So avoid making the task harder for them, as they’ll likely just click off.

Simplicity in the Design

Beauty is in simplicity, truly. But simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring either. When it comes to the importance of blog design, the more simple, the better. But don’t think that you can’t express yourself with simplicity too. For example, making the graphics on your blog match rather than random and scattered. And ensuring that your home page is easy to follow with everything right there in front of you.

Navigation Around Your Blog

Which leads me nicely on to this next point: Navigation. Similarly to the points about simplicity and ease, you don’t want to give your readers a hard time. So the navigation aspect of your blog is really important because it can potentially lead to a reader staying on your blog for longer or clicking off. Ways to improve navigation is to have a clear sidebar with all relevant information and a clear search bar at the top of your blog.

Accessibility for All

For the sake of blog design, this might not seem relevant but it totally is. Making sure your blog is as accessible as possible will increase your chances of more views and interaction. So making sure the load times are short and that you have a mobile friendly theme. Using alt texts on photos for those who are visually impaired. Having a translate option for those who English isn’t their language. And making sure it’s quick and easy to comment on your posts.

Your blog design and all elements that come with it; fonts, graphics, logos, brand colors really do play a big part in how your blog is perceived and interacted with. And we all want maximum interaction and engagement don’t we? Then over time, your choice of fonts and design can be so distinctive that people will know it’s you just from your design and graphics!

So if you’re thinking of creating a blog or have just created one then consider these points and try and incorporate them into the design of your blog! Do you have any other tips on the importance of blog design?

The Importance of Blog Design When Creating a Blog: Pinnable Photo

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  1. Leif Price says:

    Keep the blog short, and concise. I hate reading blogs with 6-7 paragraphs long. What’s worse is that 1 paragraph of content can be summarized in one sentence.

    Anyway, love your content~

    1. Posts less than 300 words are awful for SEO purposes. Google prefers posts of 750 words or over 😌 If you don’t care about SEO then fair enough, just saying!

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