10 Year Goals List: Things I Want To Do in the Next 10 Years

AD | The title of this post could have been a lot simpler, had I labelled it was it really is, a bucket list. But honestly, I’m not a fan of the phrase or the meaning behind it. It’s awfully morbid and feels so final. Why should the reason we do things be because we’re going to die, not because we want to live and experience these things? Well, that’s how I see it anyway. So today I’m talking about my 10 year goals. Not my bucket list.

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I’m definitely not where I wanted to be or expected to be by the age of 26. Things happened. Shit went down. And life just didn’t pan out how I wanted it to. I’ve been extremely bitter about some of it for a long time. I’ve beaten myself up. Cried over it. And I’ve wondered over and over again what my life would have been like if X hadn’t happened.

But then I pull my big girl pants up and get on with my day. Because no amount of beating myself up and crying is going to change the past. There’s nothing I can do to change what’s happened. But I can set myself goals, experience new things and try and redeem myself going forward. At 26, 10 year goals will take me to 36, which is still very young. I have the tendency to think I’m running out of time when I’m really not.

Don’t look backwards honey, you’re not going that way

So without further ado, here’s a quick run down of some of my 10 year goals and things I want to do and achieve within the next 10 years. If they happen, they happen. If they don’t, at least I had something to aim for.

Move out and rent or buy my own place

Yes, I’m 26 and still living with my parents. And so what? People are so damn judgmental when it comes to this topic and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with still living with your parents in your 20’s. Or living on your own in your 20’s. Living with a partner, with friends or living in a freaking Coven in your 20’s.

But of course, I would like to have my own space one day. I’m excited about the whole prospect from looking at properties, to the actual moving process and hiring a moving company such as Calgary commerical movers to get my belongings from A to B and of course, decorating it how I like!

Go to a Grand Prix

If you know me by now, you’ll know that I love Formula 1 and Motorsport. I’ve been to a couple of racing events, including the DTM last August and the Blancpain GT Series just this weekend. But I’ve never been to a Grand Prix. And I hope that’ll change at some point over the next 10 years as it’s pretty high up there on my 10 year goals!

Silverstone isn’t too far from me, only a couple of hours drive so logically that would be the easiest one to go to. But personally, I’d much rather make a holiday of it and go to one of the international Grand Prix so I can experience a different country and culture at the same time as watching my favourite sport! Azerbaijan and Bahrain are high on my list.

Really make it as a blogger. Like, really

I know that sounds silly the way I’ve worded that but I really do mean it. Blogging is my biggest passion and the only thing I’ve ever stuck at and just enjoyed more and more as the years go on. I’ve always been a quitter. Someone who gave up on every hobby, every past time, every musical goddamn instrument. So knowing I found a hobby which I somehow managed to turn into a job and continue to love more and more really means a lot to me.

I’m incredibly proud of how much I’ve achieved through and with my blog. I’ve worked so hard on it. Gone through really crappy months where I’ve wondered if it’s worth it. But also had amazing opportunities like a complimentary stay in a hotel and a 3 course meal. Both of which are valid experiences. But in 10 years, my goal really is to own this thing and create a sustainable life and income from my own creation. What a dream.

Do something that really matters

Going through life wondering if anything I’m doing really matters is something I struggle with quite a lot. Most days I’m okay. But then out of the blue I’ll get hit with that wave of, ‘good God, you are utterly useless to this planet’. I’m sure I’m not alone in those feelings.

I’m sure I do and have done things that matter to people. I have a habit of never giving myself credit where it’s due. I raised over £900 for Cancer Research all on my own just a year after I started my blog by doing a sponsored readathon, which looking back was pretty amazing. But this is something I want to do. Need to do. For me and for the person or people that really need it too.

I’d love to hear what things are on your 10 year goals list. Are any of them the same as mine?

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  1. Kim says:

    I don’t have a 10 year plan myself but there are things I want to do. That I haven’t had chance to do yet. I think it’s great you haven’t called this a ‘bucket list’ and completely agree that you shouldn’t have to wait until your getting older to experience these things. Why wait until your on deaths door (so to speak).

    1. Yes absolutely!

  2. I cannot say that I have a ten year plan as I tend to plan my life more on a yearly basis, but I also want to grow my blog. I am still new to it and I am not sure where it will/would/can/might etc take me, but I definitely want to grow it. And always on the list for me is to travel and see new places.

  3. I love the idea of ten year goals. They do sound much better than a bucket list and gives you a more solid timeline to get those things done. Your ten year goals look great. You’ve inspired me to sit down and work out my own ten year goals.

    1. Thank you! 😌

  4. I have often felt like I’ve failed at life because I’m half way through my 20s and I feel like I’ve achieved not a lot! But, like you said, being 36 is still incredibly young, and we definitely have time to achieve our dreams. I sometimes feel like I moved out of my parents house too quickly! I moved out when I was 23 and by the time I had saved so much money living at home even with paying them rent money. Now living in my own place I realise how much money it costs to live!! I’m sure you can achieve your 10 years goals, I like this idea, I might write some down for me!

    Chloe xx

    1. Wow, I really admire that you did that so young! I bet it was such a learning curve 😌

  5. I really want to buy my own house – it’s top of my list x

    1. You’re much closer to it than I am!

  6. OMG you HAVE to go to a Grand Prix!! xx

    1. I really want to! Hopefully next year 😌

  7. Ahh I love this post! You’ve inspired me to do something similar on my blog if that would be okay with you? Will of course link to your post too. You’ve set yourself some great goals, and you seem so motivated! I totally agree there’s nothing wrong with living at home when you’re in your twenties, people are so judgemental! xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Absolutely, I’d love to read your goals too! 😌

  8. I really loved reading this blog post darling, so positive and motivational. I’m more than sure that you will have all of your goals achieved in ten years. I’m sending you all of my love and all of the luck! 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com

    1. Thank you, I do hope so 😌

  9. such great goals!

    Mollie | https://mollieclarke.co.uk

  10. You have totally got this! I’m looking forward to reading about all of these goals later on.

    1. Thank you 😌

  11. I’m 10 years on from you 😖

    those are some great goals Jenny, I have every faith you’ll reach them, the blogging one you’ll smash as you’re flying already.

    I’d have to think about my goals, ultimately I’d like to be doing what I love every day.

    1. Thank you so much! 36 isn’t old at all! 😌

      1. It feels it some days 😉

  12. Thesacredspaceap says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed this read. I am also 26 and have 5 year goals rather than 10 years which are,
    1. Be a published author
    2. Travel to atleast 2 of the counties on my bucket list
    3. Have my dream car
    4. Have an unlimited income from blogging.

    We’ve got this!

    1. Wow, those are some goals! Good luck!

  13. This is so true, there’s so much pressure in your 20s to figure your life and get shit done when in reality there’s still SO much time. I don’t really think about 10 year plans often. I guess growing my blog would be the obvious one. I’d LOVE to have a restaurant one day but think that’s more of a 25 year plan 😂. I’d like to tick a few more places off my travel bucket list. And I want to see Roger Federer play before he retires, but that’s realistically a 1-2 year plan 😂😂 x

    1. Oh my god you’d be amazing at having a restaurant!

  14. Jessica says:

    Beautiful goals! I aspire to make it as a successful blogger one day too!! 💕 great post and I hope you have a great day!!

    1. Thank you x

  15. At 48 & with such crappy health I’m just glad I make it through to the next year. lol In all seriousness though I really don’t plan that far ahead. I just like to take each day as it comes. I don’t really have any goals I want to achieve, well none that I can think of right this minute. Maybe, just continue with my blogging and get better at it? You have some great goals set though! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Thank you x

  16. chantalporter says:

    I’m 25, now approaching 26 and I really understand what you mean. Our goals are very similar.

    1. I’m 27 this year! I think this is a funny age!

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