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How To Stay Creative With Your Blog

So you’ve started a blog and are super motivated to do ALL THE THINGS. But after a while – whether that’s a couple of weeks, a couple of months or years – you feel that initial creativity dwindling. We’ve all been there – I certainly have. How to stay creative with your blog is something a lot of us have to learn as we go along and change up as we see fit.

How To Stay Creative

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Creativity can definitely come in waves and so many things can impact it. Things going on in your personal life, being too busy, change, finances – the list is endless. Blogging is a creative outlet – like painting, poetry or making music. And whilst it’s also a business for some people, I think all bloggers need a creative flare to keep their blogs fresh and exciting.

Can you imagine how boring everyone’s blog’s would be if they didn’t?

You’ve seen these incredible Instagram accounts (not mine but thought I’d link it anyway lolol) with so much creativity behind them. These people often upload multiple times a week (sometimes every day) so those creative juices need to keep flowing in order to continually produce creative content for their, sometimes hundreds of, thousand of followers.

And the same goes for blogging. Whether you blog as a hobby or as a job, you want people to read your blog (and don’t say you don’t, cos you’re lying). If all product reviews went like;

“Today I am reviewing this palette. First of all, I like the packaging. Secondly, I like the colours”.

Blogging would be a dead in a hot second because nobody would be reading them. It’s the creativity of the bloggers within that has this industry BOOMING right now. And there’s always room to get even more creative, try new things and try and take this industry by surprise. It’s only going to grow baby.

So if you struggle with the creativity of blogging, don’t sweat it, I got your back. We’ve all been there. Here are some simple tips for how to stay creative with your blog:

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Follow and interact with other creators

So speaking of other influencers, following and interacting with all the creators you love and who’s content you read is a sure fire way of helping you stay creative. With so much creativity flowing everywhere you look, it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Blogging should be a social thing – whatever your intentions are for starting a blog in the first place. And I believe that you get out what you put in. So you absolutely cannot isolate yourself and not interact with people because hey, guess what? They won’t interact with you either.

Stay organzied

There’s nothing that kills my creativity more than being un-organized and not knowing what I’m doing or where anything is. So something that might seem a little irrelevant to creativity but something that really does have an impact is your organizational skills.

When we’re blogging and have an idea (or a partial idea) all we want to do is get it DONE and out of our heads. Without skirting around all the disorganization before we can do that. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Keep your photos and files in order. Keep a blogging journal / diary / calendar. Organization is COOL.

Take inspiration from others that offer it

And by this I don’t mean just straight up copy them. There’s plenty of bloggers out there who provide help and inspiration for others, so if you’re lacking in creativity, seek out those sort of posts and take from them what you need. They’ve been created for a reason. You can find a heap of them on Pinterest.

I also have a few posts with various blog post ideas that you’re welcome to use if you need some help on how to get creative with your blog:

Think outside the box

Nobody wants to read carbon copies of the same content over and over again. Different is GOOD. Different will get you noticed, different will help you stand out and get more views. Thinking outside the box is a great way for how to get creative with your blog and find inspiration on a more permanent basis.

How can you approach a topic that’s been done before but in a fresh and unique way? How can you review a product differently to anyone else? What can you write about that you’ve not seen anyone write about before? Don’t set yourself a narrow view of what sort of content you should be producing.

Note down ALL blog post ideas – even if they’re crap

This is something I’ve always done and it’s always given me something to fall back on if I find my creativity is on the floor. On your phone notes, in a notebook or the back of a napkin – just write your ideas down! Even if they’re absolutely crap and you question yourself for even coming up which such rubbish.

Keeping all your ideas together in one place (see my point on staying organized) can definitely help you stay creative with your blog because not only do you have ideas to fall back on when you’re lacking that inspiration, ideas also spark new ideas.

Expand outwards from your blog

Yes your blog might be the main platform for everything – the center of it all, so to speak, but who says it has to stop there? If you want to keep that creativity flowing, there’s nothing stopping you branching OUT from your blog, introducing a new platform or medium and continuing your creativity there.

How about a newsletter where you can offer your subscribers a little bit extra than what they usually see on your blog? Creating freebies related to something you’re particularly good at, like Pinterest, SEO or design? Don’t limit yourself to just blog posts – there’s a whole internet out there.

How do you stay creative with your blog? Do you do any of these things or do you have anything else to add? Pin this post for later:



  1. I’ve always thought bloggers are amazing, and that they don’t deserve the nonsense they get about just being ‘walking billboards’. Nah, they’re so much more impressive than any ad campaign. The way excellent bloggers can create a whole unique, individual post and accompanying photos and turn a standard product review or suggestion into the most engaging post ever is something we should all be applauding. I definitely lack creativity with blogging but it is something I really want to work on this year!

    1. Wow, what a great comment – I totally agree!

  2. So many great ideas to get the juices flowing!

  3. It’s so important to take time to focus on new ideas and being creative or you do run out of creative ideas! x

    1. You absolutely do, especially if you refuse to think outside the box a little bit!

  4. Cont’d. – requirements of learning Word Press. For example, blog editing seems difficult to understand.

  5. Good ideas presented. I think creativity as a blogger is somewhat limited by the technical

  6. Thanks to this! I just started creating a blog and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now. I know nothing is too late as long as I’ve already started it. 🙂

    1. Best of luck on your blogging journey!

      1. Thank you so much!

  7. Very useful tools and great encouragement, thank you.

  8. God I worry about this so much sometimes especially with food. Coming up with new recipe ideas is hard sometimes and I never want to do something too similar to stuff I already have (obviously) but I think having themes like my seasonal recipes last year and vitamin ones this year helps me with that. And that makes it easier to plan them. I always write down all of my ideas too and sometimes I look back and find something great that I just never got around to posting which is always a nice surprise. Great post x


    1. Those series you do are definitely creative though because I’ve never seen anyone else do them! 🙂 x

  9. I sometimes struggle with making my blog creative or unique – I think trying new photography styles helps x

    1. Definitely helps x

  10. I love this. Weirdly enough I kind of don’t think of my blog as a creative outlet – so often it’s just trying to meet a deadline – but this has really made me stop and think about it in this way and you’re completely right. There are some great tips and advice here – thanks!

    1. That’s interesting that you don’t think of your blog that way!

      1. It’s weird now I’m thinking about it 😂 guess I categorise my writing as my creative activities and the blog as… well, the blog, haha.

  11. Loving all of these tips! It’s easy to get into a slump with blogging and I find when I have a lot going on, my creativity goes out of the window, especially when it comes to photography! xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Oh same! Photography is always last on my priorities!

  12. These are so helpful, thank you 🙂
    I started a new blog with my husband where we write up the walks we go on. It’s really just for us, but it has helped spark my creativity again so I can build up my posts on my main blog and get back to posting again 🙂

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

    1. Awh that’s so lovely to hear!

  13. I’ve noticed that I’ve found a creative streak with my photography, especially Instagram and it is pushing me to do more with my blog!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Yayyy that’s fab!

  14. ughhh yes I definitely feel my creativity sliding away when I have personal things going on, and once that starts sometimes its hard to get the creative juices flowing again! I definitely agree that inspiration can be gained from those around you, as long as you take that idea and make it your own!

    1. It’s definitely hard when life gets in the way!

  15. Hey, this blog is useful! Can you please tell me how you link your blog to your wordpress account? I’m struggling with it.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean – if your blog is created through WordPress then it’s already linked to your account?

  16. SInce I’ve found my way with my photography again I have been enjoying it so much more. I find that if my photos aren’t right or I can’t get the edit right that it really triggers how I feel about everything overall xx

    1. You’re not the first person to say that about photography!

  17. Emily Ann says:

    These are all such great ideas! Sometimes I feel myself losing my blogging creativity sometimes. It helps sometimes to take a step back, take a break, and just not think about desperately coming up with ideas. Though when I do come up with something, like you, I jot it down, even if it turns out to be nothing or just doesn’t work. Because sometimes those ideas I thought were silly actually turn out to work! It also helps if you’re passionate about the blog idea and are not forcing yourself to write the post. I usually stop if that’s the case and focus on another idea 🙂

    Emily |

    1. Totally agree 😌 Anything forced is going to show!

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