Affiliate links | Ever since I started blogging, perhaps a year into my blogging career (although it was far from a career back then!) I’ve always managed to gain a decent amount of comments on my blog posts. Of course “a decent amount” is subjective but in this instance, I’m talking 40/50+ comments. Some topics had more, some less but in general, the vast majority of my content has performed well in terms of comments. It’s something I’m quite proud of and feel like I could offer some advice on, to anyone who wants to know how to get comments on your blog posts.

How To Get Blog Comments

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Having an engaged blog following will boost your blog comments

First and foremost, let’s start with your audience and followers. Having an engaged and loyal following is a great way how to get more comments on your blog posts. But of course, you need to establish and build that following first. A solid blog following won’t appear over night and may take time (and definitely work) to build up.

But ultimately, if you have an already established loyal and engaged blog following, you’re more likely to get blog comments from those followers who are genuinely interested in you, your blog and what you have to offer.

Building a large and engaged blog following is something that I can safely say I have done. My follower numbers are probably my proudest blogging achievement to date. A few years ago, when I REALLY started to knuckle down with my blog, I gained 5,000 new followers in just 18 months. Which brings my total now up to 11,000. Which continues to grow every day.

There’s a follower base out there for everyone. Regardless of niche and topic. If you’re struggling to grow your following, I’d recommend checking out my affordable Beginners Guide To Growing Your Blog Following, an 8 chapter guide on everything to help you grow that following!

Grab My Beginners Guide To Growing Your Blog Following Here!

Reply to your own blog comments

I always make an effort to reply to all my blog comments. Of course I sometimes miss a few or have had times where I haven’t been able to reply (due to a bad mental health day or something similar) but 95% of the time, I will be replying to all the comments on my blog posts. It helps readers to know that their comment isn’t disappearing into the void and that there is a human being on the other side of the screen interested in what they have to say.

Leave a question at the end of the post

This is something else I’ve always done and find it really useful in how to get more comments on your blog posts. I find blog posts that end abruptly are often the hardest to comment on because you’ve just digested all that information and now what? Try leave a question for your readers at the end of EVERY post. Yes, every single one! Perhaps hone in on a specific point you made within the post or ask for their recommendations.

Consider whether you’ve given readers something to comment on

This point will very much depend on the type of content you’re writing. Because naturally, some topics warrant more comments than others. Some purely informational pieces of content don’t really NEED comments and comments rarely add value. But a lot of content you create will be “commentable” so to speak, so you need to give your readers something to comment on.

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Would you comment on your own post?

Flip the script and look at your blog content from the other perspective. If you were reading your OWN blog post, would YOU want to comment on it? Would YOU skim read it and not bother leaving a comment because there’s nothing to comment on? (See above). Just by stepping back and looking at your content from another perspective might give you the answers you need on how to get blog comments on your posts!

How To Get More Blog Comments On Every Blog Post

Is it easy to leave a comment on your blog?

This is a BIG one. And really, it’s the most obvious and irritating reason why you might not be getting many (or any) blog comments. Take a look at your comment system. Is it easy enough for readers to comment? Do they have to jump through hoops to leave a comment on your blog? If they do, reconsider. It might sound lazy but if it’s NOT easy to comment, chances are, people won’t.

You get out what you put in

Actually, you don’t. Consider the 80/20 rule in blogging. You put in 80%, you get back 20%. It doesn’t seem fair but that’s usually the case. Being involved in a supportive community is an amazing side of having a blog. And community means engagement. So make sure you’re taking the time to comment on other people’s content and your favourite bloggers regularly and you’ll start to get more back.

Get involved with comment swaps and pods

Comment swaps and comment pods are a great way to get more comments on your own content, discover amazing new bloggers and also have all your faves in one place so it’s easy to dish those comments out. Some of my favourite comment swaps on Twitter are: @TeacupClub_ (Mon & Thur @ 5:00pm), @BloggersHut (every day @ 5:00pm) and @theclique_rt (every morning around 8:00am).

Boost your SEO & work on your page views

And finally, I believe that your blog is a whole package. You have more followers, you’ll get more comments. You have more views, you have the potential for more readers and followers and therefore, more comments. It’s worth investing in ALL areas of your blog – like SEO – in order to grow it as a WHOLE, not just one isolated element. A few resources I’d highly recommend to help with this are:

9 Ways To Get More Blog Comments

I hope you find these tips helpful and they help you learn how to get blog comments on a more regular basis on your content! If you have anything else to add, I’d love to hear it. If you’re a blogger who struggles with blog comments, I’d love to hear from you too!


  1. Ever since I started reading your posts you’ve had SO many blog comments, and now I know how you’re managing it! I have to admit I’m rubbish with replying to mine, I definitely need to make more of an effort with that!

  2. I agree with all of this. I would add though that it’s important to not just reply to comments, but to give engaged replies to engaged comments. I’ve known a couple bloggers to reply but not give engaged replies to engaged comments, and those bloggers tend not to receive many comments on their posts.

    1. If a blogger has taken the time to comment you can take the time to reply. Although sometimes when you do receive a lot of comments it can be time consuming so sometimes you just gotta do what you can.

  3. This is something I’ve really struggled with! Despite ending almost all my posts with a question, I still don’t seem to get much comments. Anyway, I’ll try some of the other ideas too. 🙂 You’ve got some great tips here!

  4. Excellent tips! I love reading and responding to comments and it’s so nice when there’s a whole bunch of new ones to read!

  5. You make some excellent point in this article. I’ve been ending all my blog posts with a questions…sometimes it gets answered, not always, but I appreciate people for commenting anyway. I love the look of your blog!

  6. So many great tips! I love being a part of a really active blog comment pod, not only because of the comments from bloggers I admire but to hep broaden my blog friends and knowledge!

  7. Love this! My views have really increased so far this year so I’m really trying to put a focus on engagement at the moment and these are great tips. I’ve never tried the flip to see if I’d comment on my own posts – probably going to not like the answer now that I think about it, aha. The idea of finishing with a question is also a really good idea and definitely something I’ll be encompassing more. Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for this post. It has been super helpful and I will look into these comment swaps. I am having issues of getting more comments, but I noticed that you have visited my blog and left comments, which I am very grateful for 🙂 Thank you.

  9. I’ve found getting comments quite difficult, if I’m honest – thinking about my own habits as a reader, I rarely comment on anything unless I’m trying to be supportive as a blogger (before blogging I wouldn’t comment on anything). I do need to get back into comment swaps again…It’s just finding the time!

  10. Love this post Jenny! Perfect timing actually as I was just thinking earlier this week how I could improve my blog, especially my page views. Some of these tips are perfect! Never thought of them either. I definitely need to improve my SEO. I have a basic understanding from work but have never implemented it on my blog. Thanks for the guides as well! I’ll definitely check those out.

    Gemma |

  11. I always leave a question and I think it really helps as a starting point. I get around 30-40 per post which I don’t think is too bad as I don’t think recipes are something that necessarily needs a comment. I totally agree with that paragraph about whether there’s something to comment on. To this day my most highly commented on post is the first one I did about periods and female healthcare, then the one I did on smear tests. They both connected with people as something they could share their own experiences with, a subject much easier to comment on than granola… Comment swaps are great, I always find they help me to find new blogs and I probably end up learning something by reading a blog I wouldn’t necessarily read if I hadn’t found it there x


  12. Great things to think about. I usually reply to all my comments unless they are repeats of the same thing over and over. I always try to ask a question at the end as much as possible. I find that my engagement isn’t too bad in regards to comments, so I must be doing something right!

  13. Like you, replying to my own blog comments is something I always do, I feel it’s the right thing and only courteous. And making it easy to leave a comment without having to set up an account (Wix) or login via Facebook or Squarespace (for example) is soooo important. It’s so frustrating when this happens on other blogs. But your point about flipping and asking if I would leave a comment on my own post is fab – I’d never thought of that and now I’m paranoid, haha! xxx

    Lisa |

  14. When I had more time to engage in comments swaps/threads on Twitter, I used to get around 50+ comments per post which is amazing! It’s such an easy and simple way to gain more comments. I also definitely agree having an engaged audience you’ve authentically built up too is super important, as they’ll follow you for your content rather than just for a follow back, so they’ll be more likely to have something to say about your blog post topic as they’re actually interested in it/relate to it! Fab post, Jenny xx

  15. This made me realize I do not have an engaged following whatsoever lol I have like almost 50 subscribers on my blog BUT my twitter followers engage on my blog more then my actual subscribers LOL why is that???

  16. This was such a great and helpful post! I always learn so much from reading your blog posts! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I think I love the question ‘would you comment on your own post’ more then anything; that is a solid question to ask if one answers it honestly! I have come to love opening up comment swaps when I sit down to check in on my blog; I have met so many amazing people. 🙂

  18. Great tips! I so agree on needing to put in the effort and engage. You can’t expect people to read and comment on your blog if you’re not doing the same. And the ease of leaving comments is so important too. I know I’ve left blog pages that require me to sign in or create a password before leaving a comment.

  19. Excellent post as always! I’ve always noticed how well engaged your blog readers are and it’s definitely something you should be proud of! Great tips, thank you x

  20. Great tips Jenny. I always ask a question at the end of my posts and hope it could spark a conversation. Pesky anxiety got in the way of joining comment pods for a while as I would doubt myself too much. But I am loving being back involved 🙂

    Helen x

      1. You’re welcome! Check out my eBook if you need advice on growing your following! All the advice in there is exactly what I used to get to over 11,200 subscribers today!

  21. I always reply to blog comments too. I don’t know if it’s helping me but I feel like it’s important to do. I always hate it when I posted a comment, especially a question (before I was a blogger really) and there was no response. Great tips Jenny.

  22. These are great tips Jenny! I always try to ask a question at the end of my blog posts to spark conversation, some work better than others. I really need to get into the habit of replying to your own blog comments – it’s something i often forget to do.

    Eve x

  23. Thanks for sharing, I agree that one of the best pieces of advice is asking yourself whether there’s anything to comment on in your posts. Have a good day 🙂

  24. I love this! Thank you for the tips! I will be trying to leave questions on my posts now!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  25. This is such an amazing post! I have been trying to work on my blog recently, so I’m definitely going to follow these tips. Especially the ‘Would you comment on your own post’ that’s definitely something to remember! Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah |

  26. Hi Jenny! These tips are very helpful. I’ve started focussing on my engagement with my followers on Twitter and taking part in comment threads which has really helped to boost my comments. I try to reply to all of them as well and I’m finding it to be really rewarding. There are still a tips I can use from this blog post to help so thanks for creating this. I love your blog and the posts you create are always super helpful.

  27. You make a great point. I have tried to leave others comments on posts before and it is nearly impossible to find the comments section. Make it easy and people will comment.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, I try to do most of these – especially replying to your comments and engaging in threads/comment swaps – and they’ve really made a difference. Completely agree with what you said about making it easy for readers to comment too – there’s nothing more off putting than having to sign in and jump through hoops! x

  29. Hi Jenny I have been consciously following some of your blog tips and ideas and have seen my blog steadily grow over the last 6 months, I changed my page layout at the start of the year and have trebled my following in that time. I agree about the comments and replying. I set aside an hour a day, if possible to reply, comment and read other peoples blogs and engage with others, where I can. Leaving a question at the end of your blog is a great hook and I try to do that most of the time, but reading your latest blog, I will be making that all of the time!!! Thanks for some genuinely great ideas and tips

    1. I’m SO glad to hear you’ve seen steady blog growth since adopting some of my tips and reading my posts! That’s exactly what I write them for. Sounds like you’re on the right track! Definitely start leaving those questions regularly!

  30. I like commenting to let the writer know their words were read and appreciated. I didn’t know about comment swaps, thanks for sharing 😊

  31. This is a great list. I think people shouldn’t underestimate the importance of making it easy. I have read blogs and wanted to leave a comment but just ended up so frustrated by popups, cumbersome login processes, etc that I just give up.

  32. Love this! You give the best tips, Jenny! I’ve tried to include a question in most of my posts, but not all. I do make a point to answer all the comments I get, though. I think it’s nice for people to know I’m reading their comments & believe it encourages more interaction. I still have a lot to learn about blogging.

  33. This is actually such a helpful and insightful post, I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind when writing for my blog in the future. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  34. Brilliant advice. I always try to reply to comments but I am usually so wrapped up in the reading and commenting on others posts that I forget to come back and reply. I am going to try to get better at this.

    I completely agree with the 80/20 thing. Sometimes it can seem disheartening when you get little back but if I didn’t give it my all, I’d of missed out on some amazing posts.

    Great advice as always x

    1. I agree, it can seem disheartening but if you’re not prepared to put anything in then you just can’t expect anything back (nor can you get annoyed when you DON’T get anything back). Thank you 🙂 c

  35. Great tips! It’s definitely hard to get comments on blogs and I agree that engaging with other bloggers is a good way of getting more interaction.

  36. This is a wonderful post; thank you! I’ve recently relaunched my blog and am getting engaged in Twitter threads as much as possible as a promotion technique as well. Completely agree with the 80/20 engagement rule – a lot of hard work has to go in to see results. Thank you for this post!
    Paige // Paige Eades

  37. I love the comment treads on twitter, its a really cool ways of getting comments on my blogs and also reading other interesting blogs. Thanks for sharing this

  38. It’s terrible but I still don’t really understand it all. I’ll have to reread this to digest it but I’m never really sure what device is most commonly used. It seems it’s simple to find comments on iPad more easily that phone and laptop which is right at the bottom? Thanks for this tho. As I’m on the road a lot and am an artist my head is spinning 😂

  39. I love the comment swap threads on Twitter, it helps me to also find new cool blogs to read! 😊 A very interesting and informative post, thank you for sharing!

  40. The 80/20 rule is so important to understand when you are doing something like this.

    I usually get 15-20 comments on the blog, then a few from the “autism community” tend to comment on Facebook/twitter.

    I’d certainly like to increase that, after 6 months and some help from Unwanted Life blog, I finally figured out how to
    add the WordPress follow & like button on my self hosted website, so hoping that might help 😂

  41. What a great advice!

    I think as a blogger, its important to put our self in the visitor’s perspective. I’ve seen bloggers who commenting system required you to sign which is such a turn off.

    “Would you comment on your own post?”

    I’d keep this in mind. Most of my blog posts its not something that even I can comment on lol.

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