25 Autumn blog post ideas

Anyone that knows me knows that I freaking hate summer. I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it with a roaring passion. The heat; nope. The bugs; nope. The hay fever; nope. All of it is just a big fat nope from me. My favourite time of the year is Autumn, especially that first day when summer is coming to an end and you step outside and the air feels fresher and crisper for the first time in months and you can feel Autumn on its way. Ugh, that feeling is just beautiful and brings with it all sorts of nice feelings for Autumn and a new season with new goals and new things to focus on.

I always like the start of a new season (apart from summer but all the other seasons are okay!) , I always find myself the most motivated, eager to work and blog and start projects. I think it’s the idea of something coming to an end e.g. the season before and a whole new something is waiting to start. It comes with new possibilities, new goals and things to look forward to and focus on. A new dynamic in the world as people are gearing up ready for it to get colder. Blogs start changing from summery, pastel colours to warm oranges and autumnal colours.

Same with the shops, as they change their clothes and start bringing in jumpers and fluffy socks and the window displays start showing Halloween or Christmas decorations. Even publishers start bringing out more Autumn and winter themed books and leave the sweet, summery covers full of beaches and palm trees behind for another year. I love, love, love that feeling of change in the world collectively as everyone (at least in the UK!) prepares for the new season.

So, if you’re like me and you love that change too and want to start preparing for Autumn and the months ahead, I’ve provided a list of Autumn based blog post ideas for you to use as you wish. It’s nice to be prepared sometimes and if, like me, you can’t stand summer, it’ll be a nice distraction from the stifling heat outside! So grab your pumpkin latte, your cosiest jumper and a Yankee candle and let’s get working on Autumnal (aka the best time ever) blog content!

  1. Reflection on your summer
  2. Your goals for Autumn / the latter part of the year
  3. Halloween recipe
  4. Your favourite scary movies
  5. Autumn wish-list
  6. Pumpkin based recipe
  7. Why you love Autumn
  8. Perfect Autumn make-up look
  9. How to look after your skin / lips when the weather gets colder
  10. DIY: Halloween decorations
  11. Your favourite comfort foods
  12. How to: Perfect bonfire night hot chocolate
  13. Things you need for a great bonfire night party
  14. 5 things you want to achieve before the end of the year
  15. Favourite clothing items to wear in Autumn
  16. Autumn bucket list
  17. Your dream Halloween costume
  18. Christmas wish list
  19. Places you want to visit this Autumn / Winter
  20. Your ideal way to spend a chilly day
  21. Fluffy / cosy jumpers wish-list this Autumn
  22. Books I want to read this Autumn
  23. Your favourite bonfire night memories
  24. Your dream Halloween party (with a dream guest list!)
  25. Keeping your pets safe on Halloween & bonfire night

If you use any of these posts, do let me know and link your post below as I would love to see it! Are you a summer or Autumn lover? Are you looking forward to Autumn? Got any of your own Autumn blog posts planned? Let me know!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

113 thoughts on “25 Autumn blog post ideas

  1. Hi Jenny! I love your blog and Autumn posting. I too dread the summer and so look forward to the fall. It’s my favorite season for so many reasons. Im debating whether to start a blog. If I do, it’ll be Autumn related. I’m very introverted, so its the only season that inspires and motivates me, where you’re not forced to be outside. It’s such a transitional time.

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