Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this wonderful idea for a post. Beth from The Reader’s Corner was the mastermind who came up with the idea and kindly let me steal it but please check out Beth’s post here! I’ve never been a member of a book club; online or otherwise. I’d love to be at some point in my life but I’m too backed up with my own books to even think about it right now. I also think it’d be amazing to have your own book club, where you have complete control over the books. So, if I had a book club, here are a handful of books I would choose.

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson-Walker

This book is stunning in every sense of the word and is without a doubt in my top 3 best books ever. I’ve read it around 4 times, maybe 5 and I never get bored. It’s beautifully written and covers a whole range of themes and topics which would be great to discuss in a book club. It’s such a unique storyline and something you can definitely imagine happening in real life; although fingers crossed it doesn’t!

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

It’s no secret that my favourite book of all time is The Book Thief but personally, I think I Am the Messenger would be a better choice for a book club read. There’s a lot of fantastic talking points in this book; discussion about good and bad, right and wrong, life, friendship and so on. With an almighty ending which actually is never fully confirmed. It’s been open to interpretation and really interesting to see what everyone would make of it!

When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

This is a beautiful book about friendship and family and spans over four decades so you really get to know and grow up with these characters. A perfectly stunning coming of age story which I think could spark some rich and deep discussions within a book club meeting. It’s a really real and engaging story that you can feel oozing through the pages. Utterly brilliant, would 100% be on my book club to-read list!

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

If you’ve seen the film Wild with Reese Witherspoon (who may I did, did a fantastic portrayal of the Cheryl we come to know in the book) then I would highly recommend picking up the book. It’s richer and more vibrant, more emotional and heart-wrenching and full of life and soul in every page. Cheryl’s story is truly one of a kind, one that needs to be read and one which could be deeply discussed in a book club!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

The Curious Incident is a marvellous book, written in a very unique way but is also extremely readable and a real page-turner. It covers some sensitive topics, as the main character has Asperger’s and some scenes are quite sad / difficult to read. But another fantastic book which could bring up a lot of talking points. Definitely a contender for my dream book club to-read list!

The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

This book shocked me to my very core; it’s probably been the best book I’ve read this year so far and for me, it was the perfect Thriller. Completely compelling, all-consuming with a plotline and ending which would shock and confuse even the brightest of us. This would be a great book to discuss in a book club because I think there would be so many differing theories of what is actually going on!

What books would be in your dream book club? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I read The Age of Miracles last year and I really liked it a lot!!! It really made me sit and just think after it was done… not many books make me do that.

  2. I’ve read quite a few of these and they’re so much fun! You should start an online book club or something, that’d be really cool ^_^

  3. Oooh, great post idea! I’ve only read Wild — but I really enjoyed that one, and then I gave it to my grandmother, who also loved it. I have my love for travelling novels from her. 🙂 I have yet to see the movie, though!

  4. Unfortunately i’m not a member of a book club, but I did have a hand in chairing my university’s English and Poetry society so we would discuss what we were reading all the time. The Curious Incident… is one of my favourite books, and I’m definitely intrigued by When God Was a Rabbit!

  5. I love this post! What a brilliant idea 🙂 I love reading and have got some ideas for books I would like to read – thank you 🙂

  6. Th Is such a cool idea! I’ll have to check out some of these books. I would make mine like all books that focus on girl power!

  7. This is an amazing blog post idea haha I definetely love your options though I’ve only read 2/5 they all sound really interesting. I’d probably have Gone Girl, House of Night, the handmaids tale and I’d have to think of the others x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌻🍂www.kayleighzaraa.com

  8. The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time has to be one of my favourite books of all time! Apparently the stage show is meant to be really good as well. I would (also) definitely join your book club 🙂 I think The Great Gatsby would have to be one of the books for my club. x

  9. Great post! The Age of Miracles and I Am the Messenger were both fantastic! If I had a book club I would have to choose The Hate You Give, The Night Circus, and The Book Thief

  10. How is it possible that I haven’t read any of those!?!?? Ahhh I need to get in some asap! Also this is an amazing post!! I might just have to ask if I can do one too… 😁

  11. My friend has a book club. As she lives 2 hours away from me I don’t usually take part, but I did for the last one because we actually arranged for the author to attend. We were two of her original fans, so we have become good friends with her. We just introduced her by her first name, so it took everyone a few minutes to figure it out, but when they realized who she was the facial expressions were hilarious :). I thought one lady was going to pass out LOL. It was a great book club meeting, and we could have kept discussing the book and the characters all night! The book, by the way, is The Clay Girl by Heather Tucker, a fellow Canadian, and it is absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend it!

      1. It’s one of those books where I wanted to start marking quotes I loved, and then I realized that I was marking pretty much every page LOL. It’s a disturbing story as the main character is part of a very disfunctional family, but it’s the supporting characters who fight for her that make your heart swell :).

      1. Ahh, the book’s always better, isn’t it? If I’ve loved a book I don’t watch the film, therefore I haven’t seen this one. I highly recommend this book, in fact just talking about it makes me want to go and pluck if off the shelf again 😀

      2. See I look at film adaptations of books as entirely separate entities. So I rarely compare them. Obviously the book is almost ALWAYS better, that’s a given but I’m always interested to find out how they’ve adapted the story but I certainly don’t sit there picking at it like “THAT BIT WAS BETTER IN THE BOOK, THAT BIT IS RUBBISH”, I just enjoy it for what it is, a film (:

      3. Yeah I get that, but I’ve just found that the actors (however fine a job they do) are never equal to the character I have in my head plus if I already know the story, and therefore the outcome of the film, it’s rather a disappointment. Having said that I enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings films far more than reading the books! So there are exceptions – haha!

  12. I love this idea for a post! I’d definitely throw in The Hate U Give if I had a book club because I think everybody needs to be educated on it! Great post😊

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