Blogging is an amazing hobby or job to have. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, blogging is a valued and respected industry (by most) and it has incredible perks and benefits; mentally, creatively and sometimes financially. It’s no wonder that there’s more bloggers now than ever before! Personally, I think that’s a great thing and I’m all for the mindset that the blogging industry can always use a new and fresh voice. So today I wanted to share some blogging tips for beginners!

Blogging Tips For Beginners

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Blogging isn’t easy. Most of us will tell you that. And when I first started blogging back in 2013, I wish I had more advice on what I was doing. I winged it for a good 3 years until I finally began putting 2 and 2 together and getting my blogging act together. It kills me that I didn’t take my blog seriously much sooner than I did. But I definitely would have benefits from more blogging tips for beginners back then.

So if you’re a new blogger, looking to grow your blog and understand the world of blogging, you’re in the right place! I’d recommend checking out my Beginners Guide To Blogging and my Beginners Guide To Growing a Blog Following for more advice all in one handy place to help you grow your blog and thrive. But now, let’s get onto these blogging tips for beginners!

8 blogging tips for beginners and things to remember when you start a blog:

Blogging Tips For Beginners

You don’t need a niche but if you want one, that’s cool

If you only want to talk about one particular topic that you’re passion about and where your expertise lie – wicked! If you want to blog about a little bit of everything – cool! Branding is much more important than having a narrow niche. And it’s always worth remembering that you can be your own niche.

It’s okay to take inspiration from people but copying their work is plagiarism and the un-coolest thing you could do

Strictly speaking, plagiarism is an act of fraud and is defined as “wrongful appropriation / stealing and publishing” of someone else’s work. We’re all going to find bloggers we’re completely and utterly inspired by – heck, there’s so many amazing bloggers out there it’s hard not to be inspired by them. But please, please, please don’t copy!

Looking up to other bloggers is normal but don’t compare yourself, it’s the thief of joy

Ugh, I’ve been there babe. Trust me. I’m still there. I think it’s natural and human nature to compare ourselves to others. Not just in blogging but in every day, mundane life as well. It’s something that none of us can avoid. But if we can get ourselves into a good head space where those comparisons don’t negatively affect us then that’s a good step.

Eventually working with brands is amazing but it’s not just about the free stuff

If you’re starting a blog just for free stuff then just stop. Please. Bloggers work incredibly hard to get to the point where brands actually want to send them stuff to review and pay them for their time. It’s definitely okay to start a blog with the intention of turning it into a job and making money from it but remember your values.

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You won’t get along with everyone and that’s okay

you just won’t. It’s literally impossible. Did you get along with every singe person you went to school with? Every single person you’ve ever worked with? No, probably not. You’re not going to see eye-to-eye with everyone you meet in the blogging community and guess what? That’s fine! With so many people doing the same thing, personalities are bound to clash. So you do you, they can do them and you can both get on with it peacefully.

You will experience creative blocks

There will be weeks where you can’t think of a single idea for a blog post. There will be days where everything you write sounds stupid and ridiculous and there will be times where you cannot string a sentence together for the life of you. But again, these times will pass. If it happens, step back, take a break, don’t think about it and don’t force creativity.

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Be careful of sleazy brands

There are some incredible brands out there who work exceptionally well with bloggers. But… for every amazing brand, there’s a sleazy one right around the corner trying to take advantage of you. Research brand etiquette before agreeing to anything. If they want you to buy their products for a product review or they’re not willing to pay for a sponsored post, don’t do it!

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Lastly… Have fun. No exceptions.

As soon as you’re not having fun and enjoying blogging anymore then it’s time to have a re-think. So when you start your blogging journey, remember that. Blogging is supposed to be enjoyable. A creative outlet, a way to virtually meet like-minded people and a way to showcase your work. Just because it’s hard work sometimes, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be fun.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

I hope you enjoyed these blogging tips for beginners! Do you have anything to add?


  1. Thank you for posting this! I’m still getting my blog started/up and running. But once I realised I wanted to start one I did lots of research into what to do when your starting out and it has really helped. So I am still collating/writing content so I don’t get overwhelmed too early on!!

    P.S. Your content is always on point 👌🏻💕

  2. i just started my blog, so i’m so happy that I found your post 😊 i think you have great posts that are so relatable and amazing!

  3. Great advice, I’m 3 weeks into blogging and started with a niche. Now wondering how I’ll branch out from that in the months to come. I’ve wanted to reblog some things I’ve read, but they didn’t fit into my niche at all. What would you suggest? Thanks for advice, now following you.

    1. I’d suggest just doing whatever you want to do, if that means writing or reblogging things which aren’t in your niche then do it! I personally think too much emphasis is on whether you need a niche or not, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re passionate!

  4. My biggest advice is to just be you and write about what you want to write about 💕 have fun

  5. I’ve started blogging recently and to be honest, I find blogging so difficult 🙁
    I would really appreciate it if anybody decided to check out my current blogposts and give any feedback!

  6. These are great tips, I don’t have too much pressure on myself to engage on Instagram or anything like that, I’m taking things slow. That said I have been doing this for nearly 5 years but don’t really care for free stuff, it’s just nice to write sometimes!

    Amy |

  7. I think this post is just perfection – I’m pretty lucky in that I’ve been on the blogging block with my old blog about ten years ago when blogging was just becoming a ‘thing’, so most of the time I don’t get too caught up in these things now, but you’re so right – comparison *is* the thief of joy and it’s so important not to get bogged down in the admiration we have for other bloggers! Going to share this advice with anyone I see tweeting that they’re new to blogging and would like some advice!
    Kate x

    1. Blimey you’re part of the blogging furniture aren’t you! 10 years is a long old time. I started about 5 years ago when blogging had more or less just established itself so it was all a bit hectic. Although I couldn’t imagine being a new blogger NOW xxx

  8. I just started blogging @ a week ago, and to be honest I feel L.O.S.T , I would like to receive some advice please. Thank you!


  9. This is really good advice (minus the preaching which can happen all to often!) It’s all about the passion, and though numbers and goals are nice the most important thing is to have fun! x x x

  10. I love how you said that bloggers don’t have to have a niche. I’ve acfually seen on many other blog posts about tips for bloggers, that they should choose a niche. But for me that has been difficult. I love beauty and makeup and girly things, which is what my blog is centered around, but I also love horror and I really want to do horror book reviews, but I’ve been hesitant because it is the complete obvious of my “niche”. Your post has made me feel so much better about maybe doing that one day anyways! Even if it is kind of offputting on a beauty blog, at least I enjoy it haha.

  11. I definitely agree with the having fun and not doing it to try and get free things! For me I think spending time reading other blogs and interacting with other bloggers makes it so much more enjoyable and helps me learn! Xx

  12. These are some really useful tips that’ll be helpful from the newbie to the experienced blogger! x

    Emily |

  13. I don’t feel like I have enough experience to give anyone advice. Except for the have fun part! 😁 I’ve been blogging for about 4 months and I’ve had some major problems already. But don’t worry about that, girl I am in-love with your writing style! Got me hooked!!

  14. Really enjoyed reading this post! I totally agree with setting goals but not worrying too much about numbers. When I first started, I was so caught up in trying to increase my follower count. Now, I’d rather have less followers but really get to know them y’know? Although, high numbers are fun to look at at times xD

    cabin twenty-four

  15. These are brilliant tips, Jenny! I especially like the part about niches. Although I tend to blog mainly about books and WWE, I do tend to also write about other things I like too. It’s your blog, you write about what you want x

  16. Great advice!
    I started blogging for fun and I love it. Also the blogging community is full of inspiring people. It’s great to be a past of this.

  17. These are fab tips! I kind of boxed myself into a niche with my name, but have stopped caring about it as much this year and am doing some more non-bookish posts alongisde the bookish ones 🙂
    Amy xx

    1. I don’t think so! I think it just shows that you have a lot of bookish content on your blog and you’re passionate about books 🙂 glad to hear you’re branching out!

  18. Such good advice – wish I’d of had a post like this when I started blogging! So many people nowadays start blogging because of all the collaborations they see others getting, and blog purely for money and freebies! Blogging should definitely be about having fun & writing whatever you want to! You need to write for you, otherwise all the joy will be sucked out of blogging, very quickly!!

  19. When I first started my blog, I thought I had to have a niche but I found that I liked writing about a lot of different topics so that’s how I jumped out of that mindset. And yes to not worrying about the numbers! I don’t really look at my following all that much or stress about it but I do know of some people who only think about the numbers. I would probably advise someone to just be themselves – as cliche as that sounds – and write about what makes them happy!


  20. This post is spot on! Everything you say here is so true Jenny ☺️. I was worried that I didn’t really have a niche at the start, but now I think it’s awesome as there is so much freedom! As long as you are having fun and enjoying what you write – that’s all that matters. Fab post! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  21. I loved this. As a relative newbie I still need to work on not stressing about the numbers but I’m getting there. I totally agree with you about comparison, although it can be hard when you see people absolutely killing it every second you scroll. As for niche vs no niche, for me the only debate there is wanting to have a niche but every now and then wanting to write about something else…but not wanting to step out of the niche 😂 x


  22. Love this post, I couldn’t agree more about not getting hung up about having a niche. I’m fairly new to blogging but I haven’t felt any pressure to focus on one specific area. I just love to write so I’ll be including bits of everything and just anything that pops into my head or inspires me!

  23. I started blogging thinking I would need a strict niche, but that was too difficult. It’s important to be yourself when blogging!

  24. It’s a lovely post Jenny, thank you for sharing. I think it is easy to fall into the comparing-with-other-bloggers trap, but you just have to remember to stay true to what your voice, and enjoy writing what you want. More importantly, have fun along the way. I am contemplating a change in direction for my blog, we’ll see… 🙂

  25. I agree with all your points and those of all the ones above me. 🙂 Here is my advice to those thinking or just starting out: My biggest thing (and biggest challenge) is to be vulnerable. I can write book reviews like nothing, but when I find myself sharing something very personal to me it is rough. It is okay to struggle with vulnerability. Just make sure you are going to be 100% authentic and that means vulnerability sometimes. 🙂

  26. i have just gotten back into blogging after being on and off with it for around 2 years. i am enjoying it now more than i did before, maybe because i am connecting more with individuals on the same journey of blogging. (: thank you for the post, it was very insightful.💜

  27. My advice to new bloggers would be in my eyes Twitter is the best platform in growing your blog. You can participate in many blogger follow trains and talk to other bloggers easily. Also be consistent in blogging, have a schedule. Third, INTERACT with other bloggers. Comment under and like their posts, I’m 100% positive that they will return the gesture.

    When I first started blogging I did think that I would need to have a niche to get more followers quicker. But I decided to hell with that and I just blog about anything. It’s been working well for me.

    My blogging journey has been well so far. I’m meeting so many new people, joining blogger chats, and getting people to actually read my posts. Blogging is a new world that I’m glad I joined haha😂

    1. I’d have to disagree with the schedule point, I don’t think having a schedule is necessary and certainly doesn’t work for all bloggers. But twitter is definitely my best place for interaction.

      1. I understand , yeah it could not be for everyone. But I’m talking about some people who blog one day then the next time they post a blog is 3 months later. You don’t necessarily have to have a schedule but just be consistent.

        If it wasnt for twitter I don’t think my blog would of gotten any followers😂😂

  28. I completely agree with the whole niche vs. no niche thing. Specifically when I started my YouTube channel I was sure I wanted to talk about books, but I have so many other passions too. I didn’t want to be “confined” to being a booktuber. Sometimes I will post about books, make-up, planner set ups, vlogs, and anything else my heart desires. Completely opposite I decided to only stick to bookish posts on my blog (other than posting my video links) and I’m happy with both choices. This is our space and we should be who we want to be. 🙂 I loved reading this post.

  29. I LOVE this post! I started blogging 2 years ago and sadly it took me a whole year to realise it was my blog and I could write whatever I was passionate about, what I loved and what I found interesting, that first year I was restricting myself and I got to the point where everything I was writing didn’t feel right, now for blogging as a hobby it’s fun and I love creating content because it’s all me on my blog. I agree with every point you made here, I would give any new blogger the link to this post for advice!

  30. I absolutely loved this blog! So many amazing points that I couldn’t agree more with💜 my blog is my
    Heart and my
    Soul and I don’t follow anyone’s rules 💜thanks for sharing Jenny

  31. Great tips! I agree that if someone wants to start a blog, they should! There’s space for everyone on the internet 🙂 I heard the biggest French Youtube say to her fans not to start a youtube channel now because it’s over-saturated and won’t last.. what a 1@94# ! I’ve been blogging for 2 years, and I think taking things easy, not rushing and just keep having fun is the best to do 🙂


  32. Totally agree with ALL of these. I think too often we define our worth by brands reaching out, sponsored posts or daily views or whatever when the reason we really started was just for fun! It’s so easy to compare yourself and your content but we’re all at different stages in our blogging journey and have different styles which is what makes everyone unique and special! My only tip would to just be to write about whatever you want and don’t give yourself boundaries, do what you love and enjoy it.
    Alice Xx

  33. Your points are all exactly on point!

    “Looking up to other bloggers is normal but don’t compare yourself, it’s the thief of joy” – I’m still trying hard not to compare myself, but I can do better than this! Yes I can!

    “Set goals but don’t worry too much about numbers” – Since 2006, I’ve had 3 blogs, and I quit on 2. My first one was actually quite successful but I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I was too busy during my second one. So, I’m now on my third and currently my only blog, I have decided to give my all and most importantly, like you said, to have fun!

    Great post, Jenny! x Ain

  34. I think this is a great round up of amazing tips! I agree with everything you said! Working with brand is actually so much work so defo not about the free stuff. Also comparison does kill the fun! But it is important that new bloggers know about all aspects! xx corinne

  35. There are so many bloggers that I look up to, and admittedly, it can be difficult to not compare yourself, but I find my motivation in their success now a days.. 🙊

  36. So spot on!!! I’m going on a month of blogging, and the whole having a niche thing didn’t make sense to me, and was holding me back at first. Now, I feel free to write about the many topics in passionate about and it’s working great!! Thank you for posting!!!

  37. Love this! Such a refreshing post and totally agree with all your points.

    I struggled with the whole niche/no niche thing for ages, wondering what was the right or wrong thing to do. Now I don’t think there IS a right or wrong – I just post whatever I am passionate about and it all sort of fits together in some messy sort of way. And that’s okay by me! 🙂

  38. This is such a great well written post, I wish I would of had something like this to read before I had started blogging.. I tried to fit into a beauty niche but soon realised I didn’t like restricting myself to just one topic! I agree, it should definitely be more about having fun and writing about what you’re passionate about 🙂

    Kate |

  39. As always, your advice is spot on! I particularly agree with the niche thing. I write about whatever I want and don’t try to limit myself as it would make me feel limited. But I also love when I find a blog that is completely dedicated to one subject as the passion and expertise shows through! I honestly think the best blogs are the ones where the creators are satisfied with what they’re producing! xx

  40. This is so good! I do find myself comparing to other blogs but then I realise I’m not playing that same game and that I’m running my own show. My blog is a fun mix of everything I love and I really don’t try to be anyone else.

  41. This is fab advice, Jenny, I love that you’re not prescriptive. I started blogging for fun just over a year ago and because I wanted to see if I could write. I think I can (!) and I’ve learned so much more along the way – photography, SEO, social media. All of which is incredibly helpful in my job as a freelance digital manager – my blog is my passion but it’s also my showcase. Like you, I think there’s room for all of us out there and I’m incredibly grateful if a brand wants to work with me, it’s such a privilege when they have literally thousands of us to choose from. I love blogging, even if it’s hard to fit it in sometimes, but as soon as it stops being fun I’ll know it’s time to stop. Thanks to the supportive blogging community I’ve found myself part of – including you! – I hope that won’t happen for a looooooong time yet! Fab post, thank you for your tips. xx

    Lisa |

  42. I love this post so much because I relate to it so well ❤ Blogging is amazig. Sometimes I thought like oh I’m talking about everything on my blog but I have to have a niche but you are so right. We just have to have fun and right what we want.

  43. Thank you so much for the advice! It’s been about three weeks since my blogging journey began, & it’s been so much fun writing & connecting with other bloggers! Some people have been messaging me about what I’ve been writing about & how they’ve related to what I’ve felt, & it’s pretty baffling to think that I’m touching at least one person’s life in some way, shape, or form through the words I write ❤️

  44. Great advice to give. When I first started I had no idea what niche I’d be in and slowly my niche has become books though when I update my blog I am determined to make it more than just books and bring in all types of subjects.

  45. Great post, thanks so much. Have only been blogging seriously for about two months, and you do get others saying “you must do…” to the point where everything else takes precedence over what you love doing..writing. Thanks for the encouragement.

  46. I was really bad for comparing my blog to other peoples blogs. I still find myself doing it now but I just remind myself that my blog is great in it’s own way. My blog also hasn’t got a niche. I love blogging about anything and everything, whatever I fancy at the time. It’s made me feel comfortable with my blog and I really do enjoy more than I ever did! xx

  47. Great post Jenny and I agree with everything you say. For me the most important thing is to be true to yourself and write what you want to write. There are no rules! It’s your space to share what you want to. I totally agree about the thing with chasing and/or becoming obsessed by numbers. I think looking at building this steadily through quality, engaging content rather than expecting viral posts overnight is realistic. Most important thing for me is the satisfaction of having my own little place to share my thoughts and the connections and interactions it leads to with others. I can’t imagine my life without my blog!

    1. Thank you! I hate the “rules” that some bloggers just come up with, like who do they think they are?! I think numbers can be a great motivator if you use them in the right way 🙂

  48. Loved reading this, thank you. I started my blog a little over a year ago and 8 months in I had to stop because I felt that I was just writing things to keep up with everyone else and wasn’t writing what I wanted to write about. It put a huge strain on my life which I felt the only way I would know if I wanted to continue, was to take a break and see if I missed it. A couple of months later I realised that I did miss it and that if I wanted to make it work, I had to do it for me and not for anyone else. I am still in the early stages and learning what works and what doesn’t but it is a good learning curve. I am hoping this time next year I will have turned my 50 something followers into 100 followers, and the year after that 200 followers and so on. x

  49. Love all your points!
    Blogging for me has been a productive 3.5 year journey. I didn’t know what a blog was… and here I am with Best Overall Blogger 2017 under my belt!
    I definitely don’t have a niche.
    And my blog is my passion not my bread earner.
    I get approached by others wanting me to write for them, which is an honour to even be asked!
    My biggest advice is to build your own blogging community. It helps you go miles further than just writing and pressing publish. It’s unlikely you’ll go viral without your supporters!

      1. Absolutely. Without community your blog is nothing but a place to vent your views. Community gives you the interaction you need. 😊

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