The ultimate pool party accessories are not what they used to be. Once a chic pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed straw hat, or a see-through sarong were the perfect summer pool accessories, but now another item has been added to the list: inflatable pool toys – and the bigger the better.

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If our Instagram feed from the last few summers has taught us anything, it’s that the inflatable float trend is here to stay. Over the last few years, influencers and celebrities have been stocking up on an array of various pool floats in varying shapes, sizes and colours. Long gone are the days of inflatable lilos and garish tyre-patterned rubber rings, and instead, they are being substituted for over-sized floats, from swans, pizza slices, donuts and fruit, to even an inflatable flamingo. Thanks to Instagram, a day spent by the pool is no longer complete without an inflatable pool toy; the ultimate summer holiday accessory.

It seems, ever since Taylor Swift posted a photo of herself floating across a pool under the bright summer sun in an inflatable swan, people have gone crazy for inflatables – and rightly so. Retailers – both large and small – have cashed in on the action after noticing just how outrageously Instagrammable they can be, and they aren’t as expensive as you may think! In summer last year, searches for “pool float” on Google hit the highest levels in history – and this year it is set to peak once more.

Here are some of the floats to adorn your own selfies for your summer holiday – and extra Instagram points for coordinating your swimwear to your blow-up pool toy!

Pizza Slice

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If there’s anything that can make your holiday even more idyllic, it would be lounging in the pool on a giant inflatable pizza slice. After pumping up, relax on a slice of everyone’s favourite Italian treat and you’ll be sure to nab the attention of all holiday-goers, and be the talk of the pool.


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It is fairly uncommon to see individuals adopt a diet of sugar-filled doughnuts whilst on holiday, but some are too good to resist – like an inflatable doughnut pool float. Satisfy all your sugar cravings with a large doughnut float, whilst looking photo-ready for those must-have Instagram shots; although, it’s probably best not to sink your teeth into it.


Photo credit: Artie Medvedev/Shutterstock

Match the celebrity must-have accessory this season and float in luxe style around the pool or the sea in a giant hot pink flamingo inflatable. Not only are they the perfect shape for basking under the sun, they are super easy to coordinate your bikini with and brighten up your summer (and your Instagram) to create an ultra-Instagrammable shot!


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This summer, it’s all about the accessorizing and injecting individuality and fun into your look. With this unicorn pool float, you can make sure you are seen kicking back in style and bringing the magic to the swimming pool.

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  1. Perfect post to get you in the summery mood! My personal favourite out of these has to be the Flamingo! x

    Emily |

  2. This post makes me SO excited for summer. I’m going to a festival with my best friend to make some memories before she goes away to university, and there’s a beach as part of the festival that these would be perfect for. I saw loads of pictures on Instagram of the unicorn float, and I was so envious. But now I’ve seen the flamingo one, I really can’t decide which one I prefer! I’m so tempted to buy one to make my festival experience the best it possibly can be now!

    Rebekah Gillian |

  3. I saw the pizza one in Primark a few weeks ago, and now I am wanting to book a holiday just so iI have an excuse to buy it.

    Would you judge me if I were to use it in my pond? haha

  4. Much as I used to love lying on a plain old lilo, I can definitely see the attraction of the funkier and more Instagrammable inflatables like the ones here. And I know exactly which one Flora would go for, the flamingo! Food for thought for when we go on holiday, thank you, Jenny! x

    Lisa |

  5. I’ve already been on my holiday this year but I love the idea of pool floats. I like the sit-on ones like the flamingo but the idea of relaxing on a slice of pizza with a cocktail sounds dreamy haha!

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