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Working from home, having my own business and running a blog you can imagine that without certain items, I’d be pretty lost. Try blogging without a phone or a laptop or taking blog photos without a camera. You get my gist. I rely on my “stuff” to do what I have to do every day and get my work done. If my laptop broke – which it has done before – I would be completely and utterly lost and distraught. As I literally wouldn’t be able to get anything done. There’s so many perks of working from home and owning your own business but there’s also a lot of stresses too! Today I want to talk about my blogging and business essentials!

Laptop: This is obvious but I couldn’t blog or work without my laptop. It might not be the best laptop in the world but it suits me just perfectly and does what it has to do. Back in 2014, my old laptop broke and had to be restored to factory settings. I lost everything and you can imagine how distraught I was!

Camera: I’m not shy in telling you that I use stock photos (I wrote a blog post about it here) occasionally but obviously when reviewing products, I’ll take my own photos. Again, it’s not the best camera in the world (it’s some Nikon something or another) and I most certainly don’t know what is considered a “good camera” in the blogging world but it does it’s job and I couldn’t take semi-decent product photos without it!

Phone: I do all of my tweeting and promoting blog posts and replying to blog comments on my phone as Twitter on my laptop is too slow (told you my laptop isn’t the best!) so I would be completely lost without my phone as without it, I probably wouldn’t talk to anyone! All my blog socialising and connecting on Twitter is done on there – my phone is my line to the wider world!

WordPress app: Following on from my phone, I have the WordPress app which I couldn’t live without. Sometimes I draft up blog posts on there when I don’t have access to my laptop and then finalise the post on my laptop later but it’s so handy to have to quickly write down ideas or start a blog post that’s in the back of my mind. It’s also where I can keep track of my stats and followers etc.

Notebooks: Work wise, I do most of my organising on paper. All my blog tour scheduled are written in a notebook and I’m fairly old fashioned and still like the feeling of writing things down instead of typing. It’s satisfying.

What are your blogging and/or work essentials? Are weird ones you have?


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  3. I second the diary that doubles as a planner. For a working parent too, it’s so essential! Fab post.

  4. Great post! My planner is essential!! Can’t do anything without it.

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