It would probably be safe to say that for the majority people, holidays are one of the main highlights of their year. Now, this is not supposed to come off as offensive or anything along those lines, no one is trying to downplay anyone’s everyday life, but after everyday life happening, well, every day, you start looking at it as routine more than anything else. That’s why we need holidays, for that brief change of pace, change of surrounding, to have something else to look at out the window and refresh our minds. But just a change of surrounding is not enough, you need something to commemorate that occasion, by making it not only enjoyable, but memorable as well. Without further ado, let’s go through a few recommendations on things to do on holiday which you can try out next time you decide it’s time to make a break from the office.


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Stray off the beaten path

Often, holiday goers just stick to the main tourist attractions, not paying much attention to anything which doesn’t have a plaque on it which says that it’s a tourist attraction. This is more or less common practice, despite the fact that just about everyone knows that the way to really get to discover a new place and see what is truly is, is to get lost in the side streets and interact with the locals a bit. Instead of going to Starbucks for the 40th time this month, why not try some cozy local cafe and have a sip of their coffee? It’s not only bound to be more memorable, but you’ll experience something new which might just be your new favourite.

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Do something adventurous

Rather than sitting at the beach all day sipping drinks, why not mix things up a little bit? No one is saying you can’t hit the beach with the family, that’s almost obligatory, but why not also do something else? Like trying something more sporty, like kayaking which always serves as a top candidate for a family adventure. Or if you simply cannot part with the beach, then why not stay there but catch a bit of surfing while you’re at it? If going off-road and living on the edge is your thing, then canyoning or rock climbing is also an excellent choice. Got a few family lovers in the family? Check out something like a local zoo or a national park since it is almost guaranteed to be different than your local one, not to mention that it comes with photo opportunities aplenty. If you’ve grown tired of the man-made attractions and want to experience something truly astounding, then why not go and witness the equivalent of a natural firework display, namely northern lights. Northern lights can be seen in a variety of locations around the world, but the most accessible ones are in: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, and Northern Canada. So no no matter where you are in the world, there is one location within a realistically reachable holiday distance.


  1. I so agree with you on the adventures part. I’m not really one for going on package holidays and spending the days at a beach, and I’d much prefer going exploring and seeing the sights!

  2. Oh I love this and your amazing photos too. I love a good adventure holiday getting totally lost in the silence on nature and all of its rawness! Truly the wilder the better and without fail when I come back I always find myself feeling reconnect to myself and the world around me. Great post and amazing pictures 🙂

  3. When I go on holiday, I always search for things that may not be typical touristy attractions but nonetheless carry a special significance – whether that’s cute parks, cafes or independently owned shops. I couldn’t agree more that it’s super important to branch out and do something to make each holiday memorable and unique!

  4. YES! When I go on holiday, I’m always striving to get off the beaten path. Sure, it can be a bit more tiring than just sitting on the beach…but I’m usually able to add in some rest and relaxation time as well to balance it out. It’s well worth it every time!

  5. I need to think more like this on holiday. It’s my one chance to switch off but my brain rarely lets me! Lovely post! Making me want some Winter Sun!!

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