2016 has not got off to the happiest of starts. There’s been some sad news, some down days and some uncertainty but despite all of that, it’s always good to try and look for the good things in life – no matter how big or small they might be.

30 Little Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Reading a book that consumes your entire being
  2. Doing something that usually makes you anxious but finding that you’re completely fine
  3. Finding that perfect quote that sums up everything you’ve been feeling
  4. Dogs. My dog, a friend’s dog, a stranger’s dog. It doesn’t matter, just dogs
  5. Freshly washed bed sheets
  6. Realising that the thing you’ve been worried about doing/saying didn’t need to be worried about
  7. Watching an inspirational programme/documentary. The Supervet comes to mind
  8. Reading travel blogs. Wanderlust. So much wanderlust
  9. De-cluttering my bedroom
  10. Looking back and realising you made it through all the mess
  11. Disney songs that remind me of being a child
  12. My teddy bear that I’ve had since before I was born
  13. Dog walks and meeting other dog walkers on dog walks. Dog people are so friendly
  14. Old friends. Old friends that despite how different everything is, nothing changes
  15. Beautiful sunsets
  16. Seeing another person happy for whatever reason
  17. Looking at the stars and realising how truly small you and everything around you is (I find this strangely calming)
  18. Good customer service. It goes a long way people
  19. Rain. Rain, rain don’t go away
  20. The moment after a cold when you can breathe normally again
  21. Buying something for yourself and not feeling guilty about it because we are worth it
  22. Stepping outside and smelling Spring for the first time that year (before hay fever hits and makes you wanna die)
  23. Disney films. All the Disney films
  24. Finding that perfect sleeping position and being so comfortable your scared to move
  25. Having plans and lots of things to look forward to
  26. TV show binge sessions and not feeling at all guilty for not changing out of the same pyjamas for 3 days solid
  27. Cute notebooks and stationary. Every bloggers weakness
  28. Animals – all animals. Animal documentaries, being at the zoo (ethical zoos) looking at photos of animals just animals
  29. Laying outside on a warm summers day, listening to music and not having a care in the world
  30. Successfully finishing a blog post after being stuck in a rut- yay!

Tell me some little things that make you happy.


  1. Yes to all of these!! I love cleaning the apartment top to bottom and then that feeling of just getting to relax and do whatever in a freshly cleaned room 🙂

  2. I was nodding my head and internally screaming “Yes!” at pretty much all of these things 😄 I completely agree with them.
    I’d like to make a suggestion for an inspirational documentary… “Happy” is a really good one and is about what brings us happiness and how people define\experience happiness, using examples and stories from cultures all over the world. It’s really interesting and uplifting 😊 Another one that I haven’t seen yet but I’ve been following for years, is “Twinsters” which is about a set of twins who were separated at birth and didn’t know each other existed, until one of them randomly found the other on the Internet. It’s also supposed to be really good and inspiring ☺️

  3. number one all the way. I remember re-reading the harry potter series for (not mentioned) time, and legitimately confusing events within the book and real-life events. In short, dream is to one day become Ginny Weasley.

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