Now, I’m not known for being a particularly good baker. Baking and cooking are two very different things and I tend to get on better with throwing a bunch of ingredients into a slow cooker and whipping up a nice dinner rather than baking cakes but I saw a variation of this recipe on Facebook and as it’s a ‘no-bake’ recipe, I thought ‘ah what could go wrong?’ so I channelled my inner Paul Hollywood and I was pleasantly surprised with the result! I apologise for the lack of photos, as I didn’t realize I’d be doing a post but here’s the recipe to these gorgeous, easy to make little treats!

No-Bake White Chocolate and Oreo Truffles

What you’ll need: 2 slabs of white chocolate (any brand), 1 packet of normal size Oreos, a couple of teaspoons of milk, something to decorate them with – I used a crushed up twirl but this really is up to preference!

What to do

1. Crush up all the Oreos – I did this by putting them in a bowl and slamming a mug into them over and over again which took far too long and hurt my arm so you can probably think of a more convenient way to do this but as long as they end up crumbly at the end, it doesn’t really matter!

2. Add in a little bit of milk to the Oreos gradually so it helps all the crumbs stick together. I used the cap of the milk carton to add a small dash in every so often.

3. Using your hands, roll the Oreo mix into balls and place on a sheet of silver foil on a tray or a plate. These can be whatever size you like!

4. Put all the white chocolate into a microwavable bowl and microwave until melted. Keep a close eye on the chocolate because there’s a very fine line between melting and burning. I put it in for 25 seconds at a time until it was melted but still a thick mix.

5. Using a tooth pick or the wooden end of a match, one by one, dunk the Oreo balls into the melted chocolate as much as you can and put straight back onto the silver foil. If you didn’t manage to cover the entire thing, then wait until they’re all done and spoon the remaining chocolate on the top to cover them all. This doesn’t have to be neat!

6. Stick in the fridge and wait for them to harden up – this should only take about 20 minutes!

No-Bake White Chocolate and Oreo Truffles 11

No-Bake White Chocolate and Oreo Truffles 2

*Depending on your decoration, you might want to decorate the top before they harden up completely. I put them in the fridge for 10 minutes then sprinkled the flake on top and put them back in to cool completely.

These were so, so easy to make and probably took me about half an hour maximum and they taste absolutely delicious! Mine weren’t the neatest things in the world – but who the hell cares when they taste so good? What are your favourite no-bake recipes? Have you tried any before?


  1. Those sound really good! I want to try making those soon. Your post gave me the inspiration to share a recipe for white chocolate peppermint bark on my blog, if you want to check it out. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your day! 🙂

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