ad collaborative post // There is no better way to celebrate Bonfire Night than with a dazzling array of flavours. Sweet snacks and deserts really bring a bold flavour to your celebrations and gatherings, from go-to classics to modern twists. We firmly believe that Bonfire Night is not only about the traditional fireworks and large warming fires, for us it’s all about the bakes!

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bonfire night ingredients with the help of the baking and decorating pros at Anges De Sucre bakery in London. The team at Anges De Sucre have chosen their top four flavours that they prefer to taste on Bonfire Night.

Providing baking inspiration if your in a rut, or if you simply want to try out a new combination, these ingredients will help you celebrate this bonfire night with a bang!

Toasted Marshmallow

A classic, the sugary, spongey marshmallow truly transforms with heat. Sandwich the gooey delectable substance in biscuits and enjoy. In America these are known as S’mores and are hugely popular for a reason, just try them and see for yourself.

Taking inspiration from S’mores, baking-wise, why not top your cake with whipped marshmallow, or even use your marshmallow as the filling between two sponges. You can have lots of fun here, combine with chocolate and you have a real winner on your hands.


The sweet caramel flavour really hits different on Bonfire Night. Whether it is combined with nuts, the classic toffee apple or even a cheeky bit of booze, toffee is our go-to flavour. You can make an array of bakes with toffee, sticky toffee pudding, sweet sheet treacle toffee or even soft delicate fudgy toffee paired with nutty and warming spices such as cinnamon.

We eat it on it’s own, we quite literally pair it with anything! The funny thing is toffee also serves as a great combination with our next favourite…


That’s right, you can’t make the classic Northern English cake without ginger and a syrupy molasses-like toffee. The perfect partner for toffee, ginger provides the spice to the sweetness. This spice brings warmth, depth and a unique taste to any baking recipe.
Try ginger cookies, syrup ginger cake or even add a touch of spice to your cake before a night of sparkler filled fun!


Now we know this one is a curveball, when you think of bananas you don’t often think of Bonfire Night. However, look at the ingredients above, we can’t think of a better combination.

We’re thinking of banana and ginger cakes, topped with toffee and whipped marshmallows. Sounds like a dream combination? We think so too. Now for an Anges De Sucre twist, why not add popping candy, for a fun surprise!

Once you’ve decided on an ingredient to bake with, (or maybe you choose all four) here comes the even more fun part. Head over to for some cake decorating inspiration. Think sparklers, autumn tones and the night sky, dotted with icing firework explosions.

What recipes do you like to make in Autumn? Do you love any of these flavours? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh heavens, now I’m hungry. I adore anything with ginger in, so you certainly had me on that one. Great post, I’m going to have to go and raid the cupboards now!

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