We all love flowers, right? And we definitely all love chocolate. So what about… a chocolate bouquet?! I love supporting small businesses, especially local small businesses owned by people from my own neck-of-the-woods who, like me, work hard on creating and growing a business of their own – whatever it may be. I was in touch with Munch a Bunch, an Essex based small biz who creates gorgeous sweet and chocolate bouquets. And you can imagine my elation when one showed up on my doorstep.


I was able to choose the type of chocolate I wanted in my bouquet and I chose my favourite, Galaxy. I didn’t really know what the arrangement would look like, how much chocolate there would be or what colour it was as the lovely lady who made it didn’t tell me so it was a huge surprise when she delivered it. Mine included 8 galaxy ripples and 2 bigger bars of galaxy in Cookie Crumble and Crispy. I’ve never tried the Crispy one before but my gosh, it was delicious. Mine was purple themed with a purple base, purple and white paper and white ribbon and it also had my name on the bottom in glitter which I thought was a really nice touch.


As appearances go, these are outstanding. They look so impressive and neat and would make an absolute peach of a gift for a whole bunch of occasions. Christmas, birthdays or Halloween and also being able to choose what chocolate for who you’d be buying for. If you check out the Munch a Bunch Facebook page here, you’ll see she does a whole range of different types of bouquet. You can choose chocolate or sweets. Or chocolate and sweets and the base can be a gift box, a vase or a flower box. You can also make them personalized, like mine and have your name on the bottom.

I was so impressed with this and or course all the chocolate got eaten almost instantly! I really didn’t want to dismantle it but of course the box base could be kept and used for something else. If you’re in or around Essex, I would definitely recommend Munch a Bunch and you can follow them on Twitter here.

* This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review but all thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.


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