ad collaborative post // Wimbledon is perhaps the most popular tennis event that attracts fans and followers across the globe. It is also a much-loved family destination because it offers more than exciting matches. The aura is incredible, and the crowds are excited, so the young and the old love it.

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But a family trip to London requires good planning as you may have a hard time getting in with your kids. Moreover, you must understand and follow the rules and etiquette to enjoy without interruption. Here are some practical tips to relish a memorable Wimbledon experience with your family.

Check the rules

The first thing to check before planning a family trip to Wimbledon is the rules regarding bringing children to the venue. You cannot take kids under five to Show Courts, so wait until they are grown up past the age. Avoid getting the little ones to the venue, even if you are willing to settle for the matches on the other courts. Babies and toddlers may feel uncomfortable in the crowds and pass on the trouble to parents.

Know the etiquette

Bringing older children is fine as long as your family is ready to adhere to the etiquette. You cannot let your kids make noise or click pictures on the courts, even between points. Check the etiquette list as a first-timer or brush them up even if you are a regular visitor. Educate your kids to stay on the right side of the rules. Ensure being around your family as you have to accompany a child under 16 at all times.

Consider buying debenture tickets

Procuring tickets is perhaps the most daunting part of planning a Wimbledon trip with your family. The chances of getting in through the ballot are slim, and queuing up is practically impossible with little ones in tow. In fact, the ballot did not happen this year, and debentures emerged as the most popular way to get Wimbledon Championships Tickets 2022 for tennis buffs.

You may have to pay more for debentures, but they promise the best experience for your loved ones. Easy entry, access to luxury lounges, and special parking are a few benefits.

Pack the essentials

Since kids may find a day at the event too long, it is better to be prepared. Remember to pack the essentials such as water and snacks when visiting Wimbledon with the kids. You must have weather protection at hand because it may rain unexpectedly during the event. Umbrellas, raincoats, and a change of clothing are enough to have a good time regardless of the weather.

Enjoy the best at the event

Wimbledon is more than tennis, and there is a lot more for families to enjoy. The famous strawberries and cream should be on your checklist as the combo is a hallmark of the event. If your kids are grown up, they will surely be excited to see celebs and royals at the tournament. Also, let them explore the New Wimbledon and Polka Theater as a part of the itinerary.

If you are a tennis lover, you must definitely plan a Wimbledon trip with your family. But be sure to follow these tips to have the best time at the venue.

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