ad collaborative post written by me // The wellness industry has definitely changed over time and just seems to grow year after year after year. I’m surly not the only one who gets a sour taste in their mouth thanks to some problematic aspects of the wellness industry and I thought this video on YouTube was a really interesting look at some brands within this extensive industry. In this post, we’re going to look at some different ways to improve your wellness.

improve your wellness

But as someone who writes a lot about wellness, I suppose I am a miniscule part of this wider industry. But I always try to ensure I’m authentic and honest in all aspects of wellness that I talk about. I write a lot about Yoga because it’s a huge part of my life but if by some chance I stopped the practice, I would be honest about that.

I feel like wellness has very much morphed into the search for the perfect routine and the most pristine daily practices. The never-ending goal of becoming “that girl”, a trend I only recently learned about but made me a little sick in my mouth. I feel like a lot of people are now embarking on a wellness quest that looks good from the outside.

But aren’t really considering the implications of what they’re doing to themselves and whether what they’re doing is actually right for them. Because as we’ll see in the points made below, wellness is not a one size fits all approach and just because your friend is getting up at 6am, drinking green juice and going for a 10k run every morning, doesn’t mean that you need to do the same.

So, let’s take a look at 6 different and potentially unusual ways to improve your wellness. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to do Yoga (although I would RECOMMEND it, wink wink) or join a gym.

improve your wellness

Redefine what wellness means to you

Of course there are fundamentals to wellness that we should all follow. Drinking enough water, not eating too many takeaways, getting enough steps in daily and much more. But wellness is not one size fits all and I think that’s a pretty dangerous misconception to think that it is and one way to improve your wellness is to redefine what it means to you.

We all have different bodies, different needs, different loves and hates, different interests. So of course our wellness isn’t going to be textbook either. You’ll need to ask yourself some questions. Is what you’re currently doing reflective of how you are as a person? Are you doing a certain activity just because someone else said it was good? Be honest.

Consider taking active wellness breaks

The catch here is that what we mean by “wellness break” could be different for everybody. Wellness breaks and what you consider to be a beneficial wellness break for you will depend on how you define wellness (see point 1) and what makes you feel mentally, physically and spiritually “well”.

There’s no point sending someone on a spa break who absolutely hates having spa treatments or suggesting a Yoga retreat to someone who doesn’t enjoy Yoga. A wellness break could mean anything from an activities holiday, a spa break, a Yoga retreat, a hiking holiday or something else entirely. And it’s guaranteed to improve your wellness!

Invest your time in personal growth activities

Wellness doesn’t start and finish with the body. And I think that’s something that’s becoming more and more accepted and recognized as the years go on. Mental and physical health being one and the same. And your mental heath – which includes personal growth and things like purpose, direction, accomplishment – is just as important.

Personal growth comes in all shapes and forms. You might want to start with reading some personal growth books or doing some simple personal growth activities from your phone to potentially move on to work with a life coach. There are tons of options to choose from, so start where you are.

improve your wellness

Split the areas of wellness to see where you’re lacking

When we think of wellness as a collective term, it can definitely seem a bit overwhelming. So I need to make sure I’m eating enough veg, getting enough exercise, managing my mental health, connecting to spirit, getting my steps in, learning a new hobby, getting enough rest AND find time for my job and socialization?

Once we split the areas of wellness then this will be easier for you to see where you’re lacking. You might want to start with this post on 4 categories of wellness and go from there. As you go through these categories, you might begin to notice that you don’t actually need to worry too much about one of them because you’re doing all the right things anyway.

Remove aesthetics from your reasons

Something I’ve noticed I’ve started to do lately, which I’ve been doing for some time without even realizing, is removing aesthetics from my reasons. I’ve loved moving my body this year, going swimming, doing HIIT workouts and practicing Yoga but aesthetic reasons haven’t even entered my mind. I’m doing it because it feels good. And that, in itself, feels amazing.

Wellness is more than skin deep. Of course I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to get a six pack or tone their bum but when you realize that movement should feel good because it means you’re taking care of your body then you’ll feel even better.

Commit to learning

Wellness is more than the practical aspects as well. I think going deeper into those wellness practices that we love can be even more beneficial for us. If you love Yoga, why not start studying the origins? If you love running, perhaps start to learn about the muscles and bones and how your body recovers from a run.

Perhaps food is your forte and you want to experiment with new, healthy recipes or you want to learn more about self massage and reflexology. There is an endless world of education available out there – use it!

By following these points, we’re taking away the practicalities of wellness and moving inwards to focus on the how and the why. By doing that, we gain and even further insight into ourselves and what makes us tick, helping us make better choices in regards to our own wellness.

I hope these tips on how to improve your wellness will give you some food for thought. I’d love to hear what things you do to improve your wellness!


  1. Great post! I really appreciated your mention that wellness is more than skin deep. Sometimes it’s doesn’t have to look so “perfect”. Thank you for that. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Looking after our wellbeing is so important! It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I really began to shift into the mindset of looking after myself, all of myself. These are great suggestions on improving our wellness, thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m defiantly someone who needs to work on wellness, I never really focus on it and that’s something I’m defiantly trying to change. Thank you so much for sharing such amazing tips, I’ll for sure be keeping them pinned so I can come back to this post! Xo

    Elle –

  4. I think taking care of our overall wellness is such a key part of our lives; yet it’s so easy to put it aside and not do. Thank you for these tips and ideas — wellness is a lifelong pursuit so this has been really helpful!

  5. I considered taking my health seriously this year as I started having constant neck pain from work. I have read that Yoga helps with physical well-being and productivity as well. Thanks for sharing this motivating post x

  6. This is such a good post Jenny. I have to focus on my wellness so I don’t relapse and start thinking negatively. One of the things that has helped in particular is moving my body but not for aesthetic reasons. I feel I now exercise because I enjoy it and not because I want to punish my body. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I go to therapy once or twice a week depending and I make sure to have daily time for myself (away from the kids) Every little bit helps!

  8. Thanks for the motivating post and reminder that wellness looks different for everyone. For me, I need a balance of physical and mental wellness to feel like myself. I get up early and try to conquer both before the rest of the family is awake so that I start my days off right. It puts me in a good mood and makes me feel productive throughout the day.

  9. These are really great tips. I, for one, don’t take wellness as seriously as I should be doing so this post is a like a boost for me. I usually have trouble finding the time but you’ve highlighted how it can be possible. Especially love how you’ve explained that you can’t be following the crowd and have to do what suits you and is right for you!

  10. I recently decided to take wellness a lot more seriously. I’ve started the gym and a wellness journal, which I feel really helps to improve my mental and physical wellbeing. Completely agree that one size doesn’t fit all and that we shouldn’t be doing trying to improve our wellness just for aesthetic reasons x

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