The amount I talk about Yoga With Adriene on this blog, you’d think I was paid to do so. Well, unfortunately not. I can’t say I’m sponsored by Yoga With Adriene just yet (but like literally, that would be the dream) but I can talk about her over and over again and yes, you might think it’s a bit weird how obsessed I am and yes, I literally spend more time with Adriene than I do with my own boyfriend. But there’s good reason. I promise.

For those that have absolutely no idea what or who I’m talking about, Adriene is a Yoga teacher, who runs the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene where she’s been providing us with free Yoga videos ever since the dawn of time. She does also run a membership on her website, where you can pay for exclusive access to extra videos and materials but the vast majority of what she offers is completely, totally, 100% free.

I began my own personal Yoga journey back in 2014 or so, not long after I’d been diagnosed with anxiety and was desperate to find anything that might help. I bought some Yoga DVD’s from Amazon – with no idea what I was buying really – and started there. I enjoyed these videos to a degree but as a complete beginner, most of it was too hard, too advanced and I just didn’t understand the language she was using either.

I plodded on with these videos as much as I could until I was recommended a Yoga With Adriene video for back pain – after tweeting out asking if anyone had any recommendations for exercises that help with lower back pain. So I gave this video a go and just like that… I was hooked.

From there, I started with all of Adriene’s Yoga for beginners practices and worked on the foundations. I started small and easy and I’ve never looked back. I now practice twice a day – if I can – and I’ve tried a huge range of her videos from power Yoga, bedtime Yoga, gentle Yoga, Yoga for a six pack – you name it! I feel fitter, stronger and my flexibly is the best it has ever been (and trust me, I was the most un-flexible person ever before I started Yoga!)

But aside from all those little things, Yoga With Adriene means an awful lot to me for a lot of reasons. I could go on about this for days but here’s just some of the ways that this beautiful Woman has helped me (without even knowing it) over the years:

She’s helped me through my anxiety

Anxiety will always be a part of me and I’m not saying she’s a miracle worker but through increased exercise, breathing techniques, meditation and mindful thinking, when I’m doing more Yoga, I feel much less anxious.

She feels like a friend

She approaches her videos in a very kind and compassionate way (along with her very cute dog!) making it known right from the get-go that we can adapt if something doesn’t feel right and we’re encouraged to find what feels good. She’s funny, doesn’t take herself too seriously and feels like a faraway friend.

Every time I step on my mat, I feel safe

Sometimes, when life is hectic and tough it can be so hard to stay grounded but since practicing with Adriene, I’ve learned to see my mat as as safe space. As example of this was a few weeks ago, when my Granddad was ill, I was incredibly anxious about it one day and the anxiety wouldn’t shift, until I rolled out my mat and got moving. Sometimes, when I’m on my mat, I feel like nothing can touch me.

She was with me when my Dad had a heart attack at the beginning of the year

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that just before New Year my Dad had a heart attack and was kept in hospital for almost 2 weeks. It was obviously an incredibly stressful and nervous time for us all but I knew I couldn’t let it get on top of me, so I rolled out my mat every day and sought out the comfort in Yoga With Adriene.

She was with me when I received my cervical screening results

Two years ago, I had my first cervical screening and my results came back abnormal. It was terrifying for me and as someone with anxiety anyway, the whole process just made me so nervous I was ill. But again, every day, I made sure I checked in with Adriene and for those 20 minutes on the mat, I was bulletproof.

She’s helped me get back into exercise and focus on my own well-being

After my anxiety diagnosis, I stopped exercising, I gained a lot of weight and was a shadow of who I used to be (someone that loved sport and exercising who was hoping to become a fitness instructor). Yoga With Adriene got me back into exercising but in a new, healthier way, where getting a six pack wasn’t the goal but getting strong was.

She’s helped me figure out who I am

And finally, I have learnt more about myself from practicing Yoga with Adriene almost daily than I have from anything else in my life. I’ve not only learnt about what I want from my Yoga practices (and my Yoga retreat last year taught me what I don’t want) but also what I want for myself and how I want to live my life each day.

So, those are just some of the reasons why Yoga With Adriene means so much to me and I’m so grateful to have found a hobby / lifestyle I’m so passionate about and that’s given me so much. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any Yoga With Adriene practices before or if you need any recommendations, I can help you out in the comments!


  1. I started doing a couple of her workouts a few months ago and I loved how calm I felt at the end of every workout. I’ve really lapsed with working out and fitness these last few weeks but I’m determined to get started again and do more of her videos 🙂 xx

  2. I LOVE Yoga with Adriene!! I have been doing a daily yoga practice for about 3 months now because of her Youtube channel and I have no plans on stopping. It greatly helps with my anxiety too.

    1. The biggest misconception of Yoga is that you have to be flexible to do it and it’s 100% not true. It literally doesn’t matter how flexible or un-flexible you are 😌 You can always modify poses to suit you!

  3. I love Yoga with Adriene! I need to get back to doing it. My low back has been hurting so maybe I’ll try her yoga for back pain. I like how you can choose videos for certain things, like anxiety, and also that you can choose ones that aren’t too long if you don’t have time🙆‍♀️

  4. I have been doing her 30 days of yoga program every January since she started them and have now added her 30 days of yoga curated calendars for every other month of the year. I couldn’t agree with you more about the benefits of practising yoga in general and, more specifically, yoga with Adriene. She has also (unknowingly) seen me through some rough times and I’m so glad she and her practice have been able to help you through the rocky bits of life as well. Happy to e-meet a fellow Yoga With Adriene enthusiast!

  5. I’ve seen you mention her and her channel before, and I keep meaning to check it out but I haven’t up to this point. After reading this, though, I feel like it’s officially time to get my butt in gear and make it happen. I’m going to have to take a look at it this weekend when I have a little down time.

  6. I think the last time I did yoga was in secondary school! Back then I really enjoyed it and it’s something I think would really benefit me in terms of my mental health. It’s been recommended to me a lot and now I know about this channel, I’m going to take a look.

    It’s so amazing to read how much she has helped you gain strength not just physically but mentally. I need a bit of that!

    Louisa |

    1. I think she’s opened up the prospect of yoga to a whole new audience and group of people. Especially those who don’t want the “spiritual” side of things and just want the workouts, stretches and to feel good!

  7. I love Yoga with Adrienne! I’m currently starting to get into yoga after I gave up on it months ago, but I’m eager to give it another try! I love Adrienne’s meditation videos, they definitely help me wind down and feel chilled after a long day x

    Lucy |

  8. I’ve tried doing her 30 day challenge a couple of times but stop after day 3, her videos are lovely though and I really enjoy them. Are there any others you would really recommend for a beginner? It’s nice to hear how much she has helped you!

    1. Her 30 day challenges can be tough for beginners! She has some videos called:

      Yoga for Beginners
      A Little Goes a Long Way
      Gentle Yoga

      Which I started with. There some more recommendations on my “Yoga With Adriene practices for every mood” post too 😌

  9. Great post Jenny, it’s fabulous how Yoga has & continues to help you. I do Yoga, but not as consistently as I’d like. I do Yoga Burn which I love, I think it sounds very similar to Adriene. You’ve made me think of how I can make time every day for my Yoga time 😊 👍

  10. I’ve been saying for about 2 years now that I really want to get into yoga. I think you’ve just given me the kick I needed. Yoga with Adriene sounds just like the sort of thing I could follow. I love the way you described the way you have really connected with her channel. I will definitely be checking out the channel. I’m a firm believer in the theory that fitness comes from within – healthy mind = healthy body xxx


  11. here comes the word vom on how much i relate to this post. adriene has honestly helped me more than i ever thought possible, I first found her when I was looking up yoga for depression videos a little over a year ago. i’ve yet to become consistent with doing yoga but I love that she’s always there when I feel the urge to get back into it. I’d never practiced mantra’s or breathing exercises until I found her videos and it’s amazing how much they help with things like anxiety and depression. i’m so glad that you wrote this post and are helping to get her incredible page and message out there. it’s so comforting to me that she doesn’t discriminate against body types and really just wants you to find what feels good for you and your body in that exact moment. xx

    mich /

  12. Great post! I’ve heard a lot of good things about yoga with Adriene and think I need to start my yoga journey again! I used to attend a fab yoga class but stopped attending when I moved house because I’m in another town. I definitely think it could help me mentally and physically and your post has inspired me to do so. Where did you start with your yoga journey with Adriene? Any recommendations on what routines you think are good for getting back into yoga would be a great help!

    1. I’d definitely recommend her if you’re looking to get back into Yoga! Please find me on Twitter (jennymarston_xo) and drop me a DM and I can give you some recommendations of videos which would be great to ease you back in! 😌

  13. I agree, she’s amazing! I really like her yoga for travel one she did which has been really useful, and I think there was a good back pain one that I found helpful as well.
    As for practising yoga, it’s really benefitted me as well – I need to get back into it, as I’ve never felt more alive than when I practice regularly. Not only does it help physically but also mentally, and teaches you to love yourself, take things at your own pace, and appreciate the stillness and the details in life. Hope to see more yoga posts from you!

  14. I know what it’s like living with anxiety so I enjoy hearing when people find something that helps them with it. I know meditation in particular has been proven to help. Cool post!

  15. I agree Yoga with Adriene is so nice and peaceful. I started her videos last year but stopped and my anxiety has heightened recently so I’m hoping to get back into it and hopefully stick to it

  16. It’s amazing what an incredible impact something can have on your life! I can’t say I have that one thing that’s always there in quite the same way. At least nothing is springing to mind straight away. It sounds almost as if she’s been better for you mentally than physically. I’ve tried online yoga before and never found one that I’ve really loved. Maybe I should give her a go! x


  17. It’s totally amazing that what is just a hobby for some people can have such far reaching benefits for someone else. It’s fantastic that this has been such a support mechanism for you over the years. I definitely know where to start if I start yoga – and reading your posts like this always make me want to start!

  18. This is so powerful! I’ve been wanting to start yoga for a while now and I am definitely going to check out Yoga with Adriene now. I’ve always known it could do worlds for a person but seeing your yoga testimony has really given me the motivation to just START already!

  19. It’s wonderful to hear how much Yoga With Adriene has done for you. Both pyshical and for your mentality. I hadn’t heard of her before this post but I like the sound of her yoga videos and the style in which she teaches. I did ‘body balance’ classes a few years ago which were a combination of yoga, tai-chi and pilates. So it’s something I’m looking to get back into this year, thanks for the recommendation.

  20. I used to watch this YouTube channel a few years back and did really enjoy it but you know life gets in the way and I stopped and haven’t really got back to it. Seeing how she has helped you a lot makes me want to give it another go! Great post x

  21. Jenny this blog post honestly gave me goosebumps! It’s absolutely bloody incredible to see how much Adriene means to you and what her videos have done for you! I’ve heard many things about her YouTube channel and the amazing Yoga videos she creates but I’ve never actually properly taken to yoga. After seeing the impact she’s had on your life, I may have to have a look as the positives obviously seem incredible! xx

    1. If you need any suggestions of places to start, I’m always happy to help. Yoga can be pretty daunting as to where to start to find something that suits you because because people use it for so many different reasons. Thank you so much 😌

  22. I had not heard of Yoga with Adrienne before but you got me so curious about. Yoga does have incredible benefits for your physical and mental health. So many ways to enjoy and practice it too. From home is ideal. and it is so great that her videos helped you get better

  23. I love this post, Jenny! It’s so wonderful to read how Yoga With Adriene has had such a positive impact on your life in so many ways, thank you for sharing 🙂 I totally understand the mat feeling like a safe space, I get that too. It’s like for the time I’m there, the rest of the world can be put on hold until I’m ready to face it again. And I agree, Adriene is like a good friend who is always there through good times and bad, she is really awesome and always makes me feel better afterwards. I really enjoyed reading this and can relate to it so much! Fab post! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  24. Last year I was trying to find a workout routine I could stick to so I tried yoga, but the YouTube videos I found were boring & I haven’t tried yoga since. I should definitely check out Yoga with Adriene as her videos have had a huge impact on you. I’ll be sure to look at your post with the 10 practices you recommend!

    1. Adriene is the opposite of boring! It’s definitely worth researching her vast catalogue of videos for what you’re actually looking for too. Like, if you want a work out, don’t go for a “gentle yoga” video 😌

  25. Thanks for sharing. I started doing yoga using dvds and books ages ago then I found Adrienne’s videos. I don’t do yoga as much as I should but it helps me so much. With my anxiety and tension. I need to think of preventative care more. I have done more yoga this week but time was a factor and tiredness so didn’t do as much as I wanted. Never mind. I tried.

  26. I wonder if she has anything for people who are bedridden and limited mobility. I feel Yoga could be good for me but I am so limited in what I can do physically. I have complete muscle atrophy in my legs and somewhat in my arms too.

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

    1. She has plenty of videos for isolated body parts, she also has a chair yoga I remember seeing and I’m sure she has plenty more which might cater for you! I can take a look and do some research if you like?

      The best thing about Adriene’s videos though is you can ALWAYS adapt the poses. So if she says get into child’s pose and you don’t like that pose, you can do the same thing sitting on a chair / the floor / the bed. It’s very adaptable x

      1. Oh, that is great to know, thank you! 😀 That would be great if you can, but no rush. 😀 I would have to do it on my bed as I can’t sit in a chair for more than a couple of minutes. Thanks so much! 🙂 x

        Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  27. I love Adriene too 🙂
    I found her just after I had my baby and wanted to get healthy and fit again. I still use her YouTube videos regularly and I love the way she has gentle practises and more intense ones. Whatever mood I’m in I can find a yoga practise I want to do!

  28. I knew you were a fan of Adriene but I hadn’t appreciated quite what a positive and supportive impact she’s had on you. I think that’s absolutely wonderful that your mat is your comfort zone and safe space. Also, that yoga clearly has physical benefits as well as mental ones. And that this is all something you can do whenever you want to, from the privacy of your own home. I’m so glad you’ve got something like this to turn to whenever you need it, that’s lovely to read. xx

    Lisa |

  29. Gentle exercise, yoga or simply stretching has helped me a lot. I was starting to assume that I was destined to be riddled with aches and pains as I got older, but I now know this isn’t true.
    Everyone should make the time to at least stretch their bodies every day!

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