Keeping children safe when playing outside *

When I was younger, the phrase “do you want to play out?” was one of the most used phrases down my road. I’m so very thankful that I grew up in a time before social media, before the internet (well we had the very first dregs of the internet which took approximately 5 weeks to load 1 website so I probably wouldn’t count that!) and before we were all glued to our phones, trying to find the perfect filter rather than trying to find the perfect conker. I was an extremely active kid, always playing with two girls who lived down my road who were similar ages to me, running around, using our bikes and scooters (like those from Skatehut) and climbing trees over the park. I had an extremely happy childhood and I’m so very thankful for that. 

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Baby it’s cold outside… *

If you’re in the UK, you would have likely noticed that we had our first Wintery snow shower about a week ago. As a lover of the cold, I personally thought it was a beautiful sight and although it didn’t set, it was nice to see the flurries drifting down whilst I was huddled up inside, warm by the fire! That might sound like a pleasant scene but of course, this time of year and the colder conditions can bring some problems. It’s important to enjoy Winter but also stay safe and healthy as well, especially when you’re out and about.

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