If you’re in the UK, you would have likely noticed that we had our first Wintery snow shower about a week ago. As a lover of the cold, I personally thought it was a beautiful sight and although it didn’t set, it was nice to see the flurries drifting down whilst I was huddled up inside, warm by the fire! That might sound like a pleasant scene but of course, this time of year and the colder conditions can bring some problems. It’s important to enjoy Winter but also stay safe and healthy as well, especially when you’re out and about.

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Out and about

Just because it’s cold and it’s Winter doesn’t mean we stop having fun, right? Say yes to those blogging events, nights out and family get togethers but take care of your health, safety and well-being whilst you’re at it.

Stay warm: Dressing warming going to/from an event is super important. It might be cosy in the venue but baby, it’s cold outside. So wrap up! Sensible shoes may always be an option as well, especially if the roads are icy.

Keep hand sanitizer in your bag: Winter brings with all sorts of colds and germs so it’s always helpful to carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer whenever you go to slather on after a trip to the loo. You can never use too much!

Book cabs in advance: Cab firms get super busy this time of year so if you’re going to an event, booking your cab a few days in advance will save you waiting about in the cold. And make sure it’s a reliable, certified cab firm too!

Check the weather: In the UK, it’s no secret that trains and buses can be affected by bad weather – including snow. So always check the weather before an event so you’re aware of any possible problems there may be!

Check the travel: And on that note, checking the travel status of buses and trains regularly is always a good idea so you know whether you need to make alternative plans. The TFL website is a great resource for those in London.

At work

And of course, work doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas but now is the time to focus on your end of year goals and get ready for a nice break over Christmas. Slater Gordon Lawyers have a super handy and helpful infographic highlighting ways you can stay safer this Winter when it comes to getting to and from work!

What do you do to ensure you’re safe during Winter? Any other tips to add here? Let me know & let’s discuss!

* This is a collaborative post with Slater and Gordon


  1. Where I am in the UK we had about an inch and a half settle! I loved watching it while I was curled up on the sofa with a hot tea. I love the cold so went out and had a snowball fight with my boyfriends little brothers, safe to say I was freezing afterwards x x

  2. Drink a lot! It`s so difficult to drink cold water in the winter time and if we don`t we can be really dehydrated. I always make a big pot of hot tea so it`s just easier to remember.

      1. I can`t drink cold water in the winter time. It feels like everything inside me freezes 😛

  3. I never liked winter until I came back to the UK. When I lived in Spain it wasn’t the same lol even though it did get cold, it was very hard to keep warm because the houses are not built for winter, only summer. So now I love getting my cosies on with a nice throw curled up on the sofa with candles lit. X

    1. Yeah I’ve heard that about countries like Spain! I bet that’s a right nuisance but it’s kinda the same as UK houses not really being built for the heat when we get a freak heatwave in the summer xxx

      1. Yeah I guess it is lol but we are less likely to get extreme heat, so it’s fine. Where as in Spain you went from 6 months of extreme heat to 6 months of (what felt like) extreme cold. I hated it!

  4. I hate to say it but I am one of those people who literally just stays indoors when the weather is a snow blizzard. Though when I do go out, I try to just stick to public transport and make sure I leave in advanced.

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