AD | We all love to live in a clean and tidy household but the harsh reality is that there are quite a few places in our household that we knowingly miss upon in our bedroom cleaning sessions. But because of this habit of ours, these dirty and untouched spaces become a playground for diseases and dirt-particles. To get rid of this, vacuum cleaners work the best! Before buying one, you need to read more about pros and cons so that you can buy the right one for you!

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Although, it is a great possibility that procrastination might be the reason for this. Today, we will learn some really important tips and tricks that will help you to clean these parts of your bedroom without any hassle. So, let’s just jump right into it:

  1. Blinds: As we all know, windows are the ultimate source of dust and dirt but the only thing that stops it and more accurately covers itself in it is nothing but blinds. So, it is of the utmost importance to clean the blinds from time to time. Though, regular cleaning is not possible because of their weight. So, if you are thinking for the best way to clean the blinds thoroughly then vacuum cleaner will serve as your biggest ally. Regular use of vacuum cleaner with a cloth attachment on the hose will ensure the cleanliness of the blinds.
  2. Comforters and Pillows: Washing pillows and comforters require too much time and effort and the reason behind this is nothing but these two first. First is the fact that they get really heavy once they are wet and second is that they require a lot of time to dry off. Despite this, it is important to keep these two clean as they are essential for a perfect nap-time. So, if you are planning to clean these two, then once you are done washing them, throw a tennis ball in the dryer. It will suck a great amount of water in itself and you will get a dry pillow and comforter right away.
  3. Switchboards: One of the biggest underdogs that are forgotten while cleaning is the switchboard and panel. Some find it dangerous to wipe them with a wet cloth while some maintain their distance because of the fear of getting a shock. So, if you are planning to clean these, try to unhook the MCB of your electric circuit first. Once the power is off, use a mixture of soap and water to clean the dust which you can clean with a clean cloth.
  4. Walls: While paint is the ultimate way to clean the walls of your household, you can clean them with a regular routine of brooming and washing it with a wet cloth. Also, if you have a plastic paint then it is really easy to get your walls cleaned up like new. All you need is a mixture of soap and water.
  5. Ceiling fans: It takes the most time to clean ceiling fans as you need to unscrew the whole module to clean them up. But, there is this one unique way which will save you from all the trouble of unscrewing the module. Pillow cover works wonders at this task as you won’t have to use any ladder or screwdriver with them. Just throw them of the blades in a manner that inner part of the cover hands on the fan so that you can broom them without scattering dust here and there.
  6. Mattress: Regardless of the fact that mattresses are durable and do not require much maintenance, we should not forget the fact that they accumulate dirt and dust the most. So, to make sure that you and your family members get a good night nap, you should clean them regularly. Use Borax as it is the ultimate solution for both urine marks and pungent smell.
  7. Floorings: If you are working in a private sector and live alone then, it is very likely that you do not clean the flooring very often. This is because brooming isn’t enough to get the dirt and dust out of the picture. So, for quick and long-lasting results you can use castile soap once you are done sweeping.
  8. Under the Bed: Bed covers a major portion of our bedroom and one place that we do not clean is the area under the bed. So, for best results, you can use swiffers to clean this region. Microfiber cleaning mops are also very effective to reach these congested spaces.
  9. Stains on the Carpet: Carpet is the ultimate line of defense that saves our household from outdoor dust and shoe mud. So, if are stuck on cleaning a certain stain on the carpet then try a mixture of water and vinegar. It will get rid of the even hardest stains and pungent smells.
  10. Lampshades: Lampshades are highly neglected. So, to make sure that you maintain a clean environment around your bedside, regularly brush the lampshades with a duster. You can also use lint roller for great results. But, dusting is something that you should exercise regularly.
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