AD | I’m a huge jewelry lover, having been buying cheap Claire’s earrings and your basic style of necklaces and bracelets from the Argos catalog since I was in my early teens. Luxury jewelry though? Well, I’ve never really had the luxury to be able to buy any. And the same goes for watches. I remember a few of my old teen watches – one had a pirate map on the face (true story, I loved pirates) and the other was a cute little watch with a brown faux leather strap and a map on the face. I loved that watch. But luxury? It was not.

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These days, it’s not quite the same as reserving your Argos order over the phone, heading down to the shop and taking a quick look before inevitably buying it. Don’t get me wrong, Argos in great and actually does sell some lovely jewelry but if you have the money and are looking for luxury watches like Cartier, then you might want to look elsewhere. Not that I can imagine Kim and Kanye sitting there on a Sunday afternoon flicking through the Argos book but hey ho…

We’re also in an age where everything is bought online. Clothes, food, electronics, holidays – you name it. We barely even have use for a travel agents any more. But where online is concerned, there’s always some risks (I did a pretty elaborate post about staying safe online a little while ago!) and in the jewelry and watch selling market, that’s no different.

I’m not talking about ordering yourself a pair of earrings from ASOS with your next order, I mean things like the luxury watch market. A huge industry full of passionate collectors who need to know their timepieces are authentic and absolutely not a knock off. Chronoexpert are one such company which are dedicated to selling gently used luxury watches and matching up buyers to sellers. With all watches going through a complex verification screening by a team of experts, so no counterfeit, copies or unoriginal items pass through their doors.

If you use the right trusted company, then there should be no risk in buying gently used luxury watches online. Each watch indicates what original papers and items (such as the boxes) come with it and there’s a huge range to choose from. A friend of mine works in the jewelry industry – specifically watches – and she absolutely loves luxury Omega watches and doesn’t have a bad word to say about them!

So like with buying most things online, you should always be vigilant:

  • Check the website you’re using is ‘secure’ (it’ll have a padlock next to the URL)
  • Read up on some reviews the website and company have
  • Ask around if anyone has used them before and have any good/bad stories
  • Follow your gut – if you have any bad vibes, simply don’t use them

Do you own a luxury watch? If not, which brand would you love to own one from?

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  1. Love the article. Actually, it is my mom’s Birthday next week and I was planning to get her a watch online.
    Tips suggested by you in the article will definitely help me purchase a good one

  2. I love watches! I never thought about buying a used watch online but if it still works and is in a good condition, I wouldn’t oppose it! It is important that the source can give you a guarantee that the watch will come in the expected condition. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  3. I love watches – I actually collect them. I always go to the websites or stores for brand new items. Is not that I’ve anything against used watches or companies that sell them – my first watch is a gift from my sister when I was in High School, I still have it and love it. But, I always prefer to buy new ones.

  4. Watches used to be my thing. I always had a number of them to choose from every day. Both real and replica, as long as it looked good. But then one day I stopped wearing them altogether…. my way of saying I am retired ! Have not worn one since that day. However I still look at them and admire what others wear.

  5. I love my watch – it was a graduation present from my parents. We’re lucky that we’ve got a fantastic local jewellers who we know pretty well so if anyone feels like splashing out, that’s where we go. These are such useful tips to be aware of when buying things online – and that it’s okay to go for expensive stuff even over the internet.

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