AD | I don’t know about anyone else but I’m absolutely psyched that Autumn is just around the corner! I hate Summer and always feel my best during the colder months. I know that’s not the same for everyone, the transition into any season is important. But today we’ll be talking about looking after your well-being in the colder months.

Looking After Your Well-Being in the Colder Months

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As the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, there can definitely be a shift in emotions, mental health and even physical health for some people. The change in the seasons affects everyone so differently and whilst someone like me is praying for snow and minus temperatures, other people are really suffering.

And not to mention the pressure of back to school, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas AND New Year which are all incredibly close together and can cause a lot of mental, emotional and financial stress for people.

So as magical as the last third of the year can be for so many reasons (check out my Autumn and Christmas Pinterest boards for some magical inspiration!) it’s important to be looking after your well-being in the colder months too:

Identify any mental health issues that arise with the colder months

I’m talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which can be a very common problem. SAD is a depression which follows a seasonal pattern and for most people, symptoms are more prevalent in the Winter. Symptoms of SAD are similar to those of normal depression, such as low mood, lack of interest, lethargic and feelings of worthlessness.

SAD is often linked to lack of sunlight exposure during Autumn and Winter, which can affect the production of melatonin, seratonin and your body’s internal clock. Although some people might experience SAD due to their genes. Which brings me nicely onto the next point…

Get the right vitamins

Vitamins come from a variety of sources, including sunlight. So when the sunlight is limited due to both the weather AND the length of the days becoming shorter and shorter in the Autumn and Winter, it’s important to recognise that you might not be getting the vitamins you need naturally. Which could affect your general well-being.

You can get vitamin D from certain foods, such as oily fish, red meat and eggs. But if you’re vegetarian or vegan or have food intolerance, this isn’t always easy. So vitamin supplements could be a great alternative for you to ensure you’re looking after your well-being in the colder months and getting the nutrients your body needs.

Looking After Your Well-Being in the Colder Months

I was kindly gifted these Vitamin D supplements from Epsilon Life to feature in this post, which I think was just perfect given that we’ll be heading into Autumn soon and need to start thinking about these things. I already take a multivitamin every day. But I’m excited to start seeing the benefits of the Vitamin D supplements into my routine.

The Vitamin D3 5000 iu supplements retail at just £12.99. Which is incredible considering in each pot, you get a whole YEARS supply of supplements. They are small (super handy for anyone that struggles with swallowing tablets), 100% natural and GMP certified.

The guys at Epsilon Life know their stuff, with a whole page of information on Vitamin D facts and the benefits of getting enough Vitamin D in your diet. It’s never recommended to substitute vitamin D from the sun for sunbeds. I mean, I feel like that’s a very obvious thing to say? So supplements are always the safer option.

Keep the germs away

We all know that come Autumn and Winter, the colds, flu and various other viruses start spreading like wildfire. And sometimes, no matter how healthy we are, we’re not immune to a common cold! Getting prepared early is a good idea. Stocking up on hand sanitizers to use regularly (especially when out and about). And cold and flu tablets to have on hand for if/when it strikes!

And although none of us are immune to a cold or the flu, we can definitely try and stay as healthy as possible during the Autumn and Winter months. Again, I feel like it’s common sense. But when we’re surrounded by Halloween candy and Christmas pudding, it can be hard to reinforce! Although I’m absolutely NOT opposed to treating yourself either!

Staying fit and active (to the best of your ability) is important for looking after your well-being in the colder months. As much as you’d like to stay cosy in bed! Eating enough fruit and veggies, drinking enough water, not smoking and watching your alcohol intake. Which is another thing that often goes down the drain near Christmas!

Practice self care every day

This point isn’t seasonal. But still worth mentioning anyway. You can never have enough self care. And like I said at the beginning, cold months, Christmas and the stress of the holiday season can definitely take it’s toll. Not everyone enjoys it. And that’s okay too.

I wrote a post last year about looking after your well-being at Christmas, which has lots of handy ways you can make sure your self care comes first during what can sometimes be a stressful time. But if you do anything between now and December 31st, you should absolutely make self care a priority! Sign up for my newsletter to receive a FREE self care check list this month!

How do you like looking after your well-being in the colder months? Do you focus on any of these points or have anything else to add? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. I like the sound of these vitamins, I’m really impressed at the price! A whole year’s worth for £13 is amazing. I’m like you though, not a fan of summer. I’m so looking forward to cosy evenings and the leaves turning orange…!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. I’m planning to do what you say and prepare this year! I never really took vitamins since they were always ginormous so I will happily accept anything that is teeny!

    Also hoping to get a SAD lamp this year since my mental health does take really struggle!

  3. I need to get back into taking vitamins for the colder months, I always forget but I work in a school so you imagine all the germs and illnesses there! I need to be better protected this year. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year though!

    Lauren x

  4. I definitely spend more time on self-care in the colder months! Not sure why, maybe because when the weather is miserable I try to cheer myself up by doing what I love.

  5. Keeping the germs away is definitely a must. During the winter months my anxiety skyrockets, especially around Christmas. Anti-viral hand sanitiser and cold and flu tablets are in my bag at all times! I also take Echineaca at the first sign of a sniffle or a tickly throat which I find means any colds don’t stick around for as long! Xx

  6. I’m such an awkward one because I THRIVE mentally in the colder months and generally speaking hate everything about summer other than the ability to take a photo of my dinner before 2pm. But I’m always freezing even when it’s 30 degrees outside so I spend my winter trying not to lose my fingers in the cold 😂. It’s amazing that the vitamins come as a full year supply x


  7. Totally agree that I’m all for the colder months, but as I’ve gotten older I recognized that the shortened days def impact my mental health. I 100% agree that self-care is important (all year round), but especially during tricky times where you’re mood may be impacted.

  8. Brilliant post! I certainly struggle in the Winter, particularly after Christmas, but knowing that and having experienced it for a few years, allows me to put measures in place to help myself and to be as prepared as possible!

  9. Excellent post Jenny. I need to get my vitamins in this year. I was so sick last year because I was unwell, and since I’m still as unwell as last year I know what to expect.

  10. I love Autumn as the weather stabilizes and my pain lowers. It is winter when, yes, I’m isolated and pain is high so self-care is a must. And D is boosted higher than normal. I try to take walks to get out and about. Winter is a rough one. But I do not have SAD. Just winter is rough on pain

  11. Thank you for the early reminder to get my SAD routine in order!! Definitely need to get some more vitamins and add in self-care days now and then x

  12. I can’t believe autumn is right around the corner! It is so important that we get the right nutrients so we don’t get sick, especially with the weather changing. I found myself needing more vitamin D because I am typically indoors all the time. Self care is so important! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥

  13. I’m going to make sure I’m good with taking my vitamins this winter as I have an absolutely awful immune system, but I forget to take them so easily! I’m going to start setting an alarm on my phone to take them, I think x

  14. The cold/flu we all seem to get between the seasons is the absolute worst isn’t it? It’s the only thing I don’t like about autumn – overlooking the colder days as I am such a summer bunny! I do love getting all wrapped up and making myself cosy but I forever miss the feeling of warm air and sun on my bones in winter – and chilling in beer gardens, but I can swap that one for fireworks and bonfires! x

  15. I take a lot of supplements all year round but I was severely Vitamin D deficient due to being housebound. I have to take a pretty high Vitamin D supplement now which I get on prescription, as well as a calcium one for my bones, that is due to taking steroids. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  16. I fell that mentally, the colder months really take their toll on me – not this side of Christmas but certainly in January and February, I can find it hard to be the happy and positive person I usually am – I do take all manner of vitamins though!

  17. Fellow SAD sufferer here! Vitamins make a big difference with mine alongside medication – sadly the sun just isn’t strong enough here to feel any benefit from it in the winter, even if I spend all of my time outside. Vitamin D is the only vitamin I do take but it really does have many positive benefits (and even people without it should consider it anyway as I bet lots of us are deficient!)

  18. Thank you so much for sharing. As someone who has recently been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency, and finished my course of prescribed tablets, I’m now on the lookout for the best Vitamin D supplements. This definitely seems like a winner at the moment!

  19. I am also a lover of the colder months. I cannot wait for Autumn. I may have to check these out. I have crohns (diagnosed last year) and find that I pick up so many coughs and cold over autumn and winter. Hopefully something like this will help:)

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