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Looking after your wellbeing this Christmas *

It’s been drilled into our heads ever since we were born that Christmas is the time to, ‘eat, drink and be merry!’ That it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ and ’tis the season to be jolly’. The constant reiteration of the same expectation… The Christmas is a time to be happy, have fun and that nothing can possibly be bad because HEY! IT’S CHRISTMAS! Tell you the truth, the older I’ve got, the more I’ve realised how dangerous these expectations are. We’re constantly bombarded with adverts and photos of the perfect Christmas, with a whole family surrounding a fire, tons of beautifully wrapped gifts under a 8ft tall perfectly decorated tree. Once again, another unrealistic expectation for the majority of people around the world.

Now this isn’t a hate post about Christmas. Since I started blogging, I’ve actually learnt to enjoy Christmas much more. There was a period throughout my teens when Christmas was awful for me. I’d lost my Nan, my Christmas “routine” had changed, I have no siblings that I could have had fun with and a family which wasn’t close. I was bombarded with photos of my friends on Facebook having family get togethers whilst I spent my day in my room – alone.

Thankfully Christmas has changed a bit for me since then. My boyfriend lives with us and we all eat dinner together, open our presents and usually play some games. Christmas is still a pretty quiet affair in our house but it’s better than it was. And that’s the main thing. Even talking about this gets me choked up, for a multitude of reasons and I know that I’m not the only person that finds Christmas a weird and sometimes difficult time. It’s so incredibly important to look after our mental well-being at this time of year – and help other people look after theirs too!

Unfollow anything that makes you feel down

Like I mentioned at the beginning, constantly seeing a stream of unrealistic Christmas expectations can often leave us feeling absolutely awful. So if you’re online and there’s a particular brand or person or celebrity figure who leaves you feeling deflated from their “perfect” world, unfollow them. Curate your feed to have a positive impact on you.

Take a break when you need one

Christmas is go-go-go for a lot of people, we feel like we have so many duties around this time of year from decorating, buying the perfect gifts, cooking the yummiest dinner, being the perfect host (if you’re hosting Christmas for a lot of people). Don’t forget to think about yourself every now and again and if you just can’t bare being in the kitchen anymore, ask someone else to hold the fort whilst you go and have half an hour.

Indulge but take care of yourself

I’d never, ever, ever encourage anyone to go on a diet or watch what they eat at Christmas (I’d never encourage anyone to go on a diet full stop). Eat those chocolates, have an extra Yorkshire pudding, drink that extra glass of wine for one night, whatever! But make sure you’re still taking care of your body, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, getting some exercise and fresh air and just generally not neglecting your physical health too.

Stay organised and on top of things

Staying organised is one of my specialties. I know it doesn’t come easily to everyone but I find that being organised really improves stress levels. To-do lists are your friend, pie charts, diagrams and even staying on top of your own personal thoughts and feelings by journaling each morning or night before bed is a great way to just keep everything in check.

Have a mindful Christmas with Funky Pigeon *

If you’re looking for gifts which encourage health and well-being for you or a loved one, then Funky Pigeon may be your answer. I kindly received this tote bag of some of their mindfulness and well-being products which would all certain encourage and support you during this incredibly stressful time of year. They have a huge selection of gifts (far bigger than I thought, tbh!) for all different types of people but the mindfulness and well-being products really stood out to me, for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Take a break with a cuppa and one of their sweet ‘choconchoc’ white Belgian chocolates. Get stuck in to Fearne Cotton’s, ‘Happy’ and amazing book (which I’ve actually not long read) which is all about finding the joy in every day and letting go of that idea of perfect – very apt for this post! They have a whole range of lovely, colorful notebooks which will always come in handy for those Christmas lists or even your Christmas thought journal and their Pukka organic products can help encourage a peaceful nights sleep over this stressful, busy period.

They have a whole gorgeous, colorful range which will help promote and prompt positivity and increased mental well-being. Not just during Christmas, any time of year! But these would certainly make lovely gifts for anyone you know who might be going through a tough time this Christmas, to let them know you’re thinking of them. I’ve said time and time again on this blog that I think personalised gifts are the way to go and Funky Pigeon also have a gorgeous range of personalised baubles, which would also make a lovely sentimental addition to your loved ones stocking.

What actions do you take to look after your well-being during the hectic Christmas period? Do you find your mental health suffers at all?

* This post is sponsored by Funky Pigeon


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  2. it really is so hard during the holidays to take time for yourself!

    1. It really is. We’re only 5 days into December and I’m shattered haha!

  3. sophieelisecoombs says:

    This is a lovely post and a great reminder that not everyone’s Christmases are perfect and we’re not alone in that. Thank you for spreading some positivity💓
    Soph xx

    1. Thanks so much 😌

  4. The most memorable and fun Christmasses are the ones that go wrong.

    1. I don’t think I’d agree with that, they can go wrong in really bad ways sometime. Memorable yes but sometimes not in the right way.

  5. This is so important and you have included some great tips here.

    1. Thank you 😌

  6. I love this post because not everyone has a good christmas, sometimes christmas is full of bad memories for people and mental health goes downwards. I know I get so stressed out around this time of the year with deadlines but also wanting to spend time with family and trying to balance the two. Relaxing and looking after yourself is a must. I agree about unfollowing people if their content gets you down, there is nothing wrong with that at all! I love personalised gifts too!! xx

    1. I’m sorry to hear it’s a stressful time for you but I think it’s super important not to force the “happiness” around Christmas upon people because like you said, you really don’t know what they’re going through!

  7. Last year I cried for most of Christmas. This year I hope will be different. I’ll be taking these tips on board to try to help myself as much as possible.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, I hope this helps.

  8. Curating my feed to what makes me happy was the best thing I ever did on Twitter – it made such a positive difference to my mental health. I also very liberally use the mute function haha.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in the festive rush and forget to take time for yourself. Also that tea/supplement look fab, I think I need to investigate them. I struggle to sleep in winter.
    Cora |

    1. Oh I’ve used the mute button SO much this year and it’s been absolutely delightful!

  9. There’s some really great and useful tips here, thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you 🙂

  10. I really love your tips babe, I’ve been feeling so low lately that this blog post has really helped me. I really need to pick up Fearn’s book! 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

    1. So glad it’s helped! Fearne’s book is fab x

  11. I love this post! So excited for Christmas

    1. Thank you

  12. I have fond memories of Christmas growing up. Everyone always came to us & we’d have the big family dinner & tea and on Boxing Day, it was the same. I enjoyed every minute of it. I can appreciate why Christmas is not an enjoyable time for a lot of people though. 🙂

    Sarah x

    1. That sounds lovely 😊

  13. I need to relax as been so ill with the flu xx

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that!

  14. Nicculent says:

    towards the end of the year, I need to really step back and chill out, get myself ready for the next year, and take care of myself.this post was a much needed reminder for that!

    1. I hope you manage to do that this year 🙂

  15. It’s so easy to let things get out of control during the holidays. This is a great reminder to keep us on the right track!

    1. It really is. Thank you!

  16. Danielle Haldane says:

    Christmas used to be a rough time for. Both my husband and I have not the best parents, and family get together always ended in tears. Since having our own children we have really swapped the way we do things. The holidays are now calm and really lovely. We spend time with his step mom, just us, her, and our girls. I love these products you mentioned! I’ll look into them! ❤️

    Merry Christmas, Jenny.

    1. Awh I’m so glad to hear you’ve got a nice, calm and supportive system now 🙂

  17. Coffee and Gratitude says:

    Christmas is such an opportune time of year! I love how you emphasize making it work to our benefit instead of letting it be a joyless season. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

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