I got in touch with Made With Love designs – a stationary, cards and gifts company who were looking for people to review their range of luxury Valentine’s Day cards. Now, although I’m not being a huge “Valentine’s Day do-er” myself – there’ll be no over the top gift giving or celebrations over here – I’m not opposed to giving cards, not just to romantic partners, as a way of saying, ‘Hey, I love ya!’ So I’m thrilled to be reviewing these gorgeous cards on my blog today.

Made With Love Designs 1

I left it up to the lovely people at Made With Love to design my cards with whatever designs they liked and I was so thrilled with what I received! I was sent probably the exact cards I would have chosen for myself and the delivery was super quick, too and the customer service was excellent. 10 outta 10 guys, good customer service really can go an awfully long way.

Made With Love Designs 2

These cards are absolutely beautifully made. The look and feel and materials are definitely, as advertised, luxury. There’s an ever so slight shimmer on them which makes them look elegant and sophisticated. I love the prints, too. They’re not over-the-top but not too plain – they look super cute and I particularly love the scrabble pieces one. They have a large range of cards on their site from simplistic to all the bells and whistles.

Made With Love Designs 3

Made With Love Designs 4

Made With Love Designs 5

As I said I’m not the biggest Valentine’s Day person – neither is my boyfriend – I thought that these cards would be really nice to frame and put on the wall or on a shelf. In fact, the design on all of their cards could easily be made into a photo or interior furnishing afterwards.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my whole experience with Made With Love Designs. I would highly recommend them for affordable but beautiful, personalised cards. You can fine them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

This is a sponsored post where I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own and are not biased in any way.


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