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A day out at Paradise Wildlife Park

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend and I visited Paradise Wildlife Park for the afternoon. Although somewhere I’ve been more times than I could count, I always enjoy going to Paradise because for me, it’s a form of nostalgia. It’s a place my parents used to take me when was I very little and although obviously it’s been updated a lot over the years, the majority of the format of the park is the same. It’s cute and quaint and a lovely day out – so although it wasn’t an extravagant birthday (just a zoo and a Dominos!) I really enjoyed it and wanted to share some photos and a little bit about the park with you today! 

Paradise Wildlife Park is in Hertfordshire, so only about a 40 minute drive from my house. As zoo’s go, it’s pretty small. It only takes a couple of hours maximum to get around (especially as an adult because there’s a lot of children’s play areas in the park) but there’s plenty to see and do and a big variety of animals, talks and feeds that you can watch too which go on throughout the entire day. If you’re planning on a full day there, it’s well worth checking the map for the feed times so you can plan when you need to be at each enclosure. I’ve watched a few of the feeds before and they’re very good – especially the Tigers.

Unfortunately when we arrived it was raining so a lot of the animals situated in the “Woodland Walk” area of the park were hiding from the rain. But then you enter the “main” area of the park where the enclosures are a lot more open and visible to the public. Thankfully at this point, it stopped raining too. We spent ages watched the cute little Meerkats and the small monkeys in the indoor “rainforest” enclosure. It was also nice to see they had some new areas, like a walk through to get closer the wallabies and the emu’s and an indoor area that housed a large anaconda and various other snakes and lizards.

The main attractions at Paradise Wildlife Park have to be the impressive selection of big cats. We were lucky enough to see the male Lion roar and my gosh, it is loud! And we also saw two Snow Leopards having a play, which was nice! They also have this lovely little cafe which directly overlooks the Tiger enclosure, so we stopped their for a drink and found a seat right at the front, where we could see the Tigers sleeping. Another new part of the park was the stunning statue of “The Clockwork Lion”, which symbolises the rapid decline in Lions in the wild, due to poaching and the fact that time is running out for them. It really packs a punch, as it’s made with all clock parts.

I know some people are opposed to zoo’s and wouldn’t visit one and I appreciate that and I appreciate everyone’s views. Personally, I love the zoo and would only ever visit a zoo I knew was up to standard. The staff at Paradise are so knowledgable (as demonstrated by the girl who did the Red Panda talk) so I trust Paradise Wildlife Park and always have a lovely day out there whenever I go.

Where are your favourite places to visit for the day? Are you a zoo fan or not? And what’s your favourite animal? Let’s chat!


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  2. That clockwork statue is such a good way to introduce a topic like that in a fun way. I have been to zoo’s and enjoyed it but I haven’t bee to one in a few years as I am unsure how I feel about them. I think ultimately some animals wouldn’t be around had there not been conservation and breeding in captivity in this way. On the other hand, zoo’s compete and some enclosure’s are not up to scratch. This looks like a great day out though and I think most UK zookeepers are honestly just trying to make the animals’ lives better.

    Jen xxx

    1. Yeah some zoos are definitely a bit hit or miss for sure xxx

  3. I absolutely love going to zoos and wildlife parks! This post is amazing with some truly stunning shots!!! I run a wildlife blog and if you’ve got some spare time I’d love to hear what you think!!

    1. I’ll have a look! xx

  4. I really enjoyed your blog today. I love going to the zoo, I always seem to end up at either Shepreth or Colchester, but your photographs have shown me that Paradise Wildlife Park is worth a visit – they have something that neither Shepreth or Colchester have – camels! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love Colchester zoo! I’ve been there hundreds of times, I’m sure they had camels but thinking about it now they don’t do they?

  5. themymanylovesblog says:

    gosh i haven’t been to a zoo in forever! how amazing is that lion statue! x

    1. It’s pretty impressive x

  6. I love tigers!! They’re so so beautiful. Paradise park looks amazing. Shame about the rain though xxxxxxxx

    1. Aren’t they (: xxx

  7. Jenny your photos are so beautiful, especially the portraits of the lion and the tiger (perhaps I’m biased as I love big cats) but also how cute is the otter?! I’m glad you had such a lovely day out. I haven’t gone to the zoo near me for ages because I just don’t think it’s good enough and it makes me sad for the animals, but there’s a safari park nearby which is a lot better. I went for my wedding anniversary (as all adults do haha) and it was so cool to get to see all the animals, like baby lion cubs and an elephant (my favourite animal!) Thanks so much for sharing your pics!
    Beth x

    1. That sounds like a perfect wedding anniversary day out to be honest! xxx

  8. The otter is so cute!
    When we were living in Houston We were a short walk from the zoo, and I really miss all the lovely afternoons we spent there.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. Awh it’d be a dream to live so close to a zoo x x

  9. carolineontheglobe says:

    Such a great place to visit and those meerkats are sooooo sweet. Lucky you! I always love being surrounded by animals as they are so adorable.

    1. Me too! I feel SO calm and grounded around animals xxx

  10. Ah I love a trip to the love. Blackpool is my local and they have a baby gorilla at the moment which is super cute! I love your photos in this post 🙂

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

    1. Awwww! I bet he’s so cute xxx

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