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There’s got to be more to life… hasn’t there? 

Phew, this post has been a long time coming. Again, it’s another one of my word-vomit, spontaneous, horribly written posts which I’ll look back on and realise it doesn’t make much sense at all but it’s a topic which has been firmly on my mind for well, fucking months and one that I need to talk about. For no other reason than to just get what I’m feeling off my chest, in the hope that it might make me feel a bit better and maybe, just maybe, someone reading this will feel the same and offer some insight. 

To put things nice and easy and bluntly; I am bored. Bored with life. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I fucking hate saying and thinking that. It makes me feel ungrateful and selfish and I’m well aware that I am so fucking lucky to be on this Earth, to have a roof over my head, people that love me (although as limited as those are) and food to eat. I know, okay. And I know there are people that would give anything for that. But please, we’re not gonna do the whole, “someone has it worse!” charade because our own problems and feelings matter and they are valid. Your experience isn’t anyone else’s experience and your experience matters. Okay glad we’ve cleared that up.

A few months ago now, I felt the same as I do now and it was overwhelming. I felt overwhelmingly bored. I was sick of staring at the same walls, seeing the same people, doing the same thing and never doing anything different. I wondered whether it was the fact that I work from home that adds to this feeling but people who go out to work essentially do the same thing, see the same people and places. They just have a small commute in the middle. So in all honesty, I think I’d be feeling the same regardless of what I did for work. I love what I do and I’m so proud that I’ve built my own business up from scratch. It’s not that. It’s… something else.

Is it wanderlust I’m feeling? Do I need to up sticks and go somewhere? I’m not sure. I always thrive when I’m away on holiday, even short breaks. But I’ve never been one in desperate need of travel. I like the idea of settling down and being homely with kids and family dinners. My gosh I love that idea. But even then, people are still happy and not in desperate need of “something more”. Is it a change of… something? Routine? Again, I don’t know. I already don’t have your usual 9-5 routine as it is. I don’t know what it is. But all I know is that right now, something needs to change because I feel so overwhelmingly bored with life that I don’t know how much longer I can take before I rip my hair out in frustration. Maybe it’s not anything. Maybe it’s just me. 

I want to go places, do stuff. Interesting stuff. But then I find when I actually do it, it’s not that interesting at all and a bit of a disappointment. Am I setting my goals and expectations too high? Is life supposed to be just a bit dull and mundane? It’s got to the point where I don’t look forward to things anymore because I already know that if I do and build them up to something in my head, I’ll be let down by how normal and mundane it actually was. It’s a sad, sorry state of mind to be in. When you don’t want to look forward to things because you already know you’ll be let down. Fuck. 

This is a bit word-vomity I know. I don’t know what I’m getting at; whether I just wanna get it off my chest, finally say it out loud to myself and admit what I’m feeling, whether I’m hoping someone will come into the comments and grace me with complete enlightenment on how I’m feeling and how to come out the other side. I dunno. I’m sorry if this didn’t make sense. I’m sorry if I sound unreasonable. And I’m sorry I’m not grabbing my one and only life by the balls and ringing whatever I can out of it (bleugh that’s a fucking horrible sentence I’m so sorry!) because ultimately I know it won’t be worth it. 

Any advice for me? 


  1. […] have a blog or any hobbies really. I literally had nothing and I can’t even begin to describe the blackness I felt during that time. I would have anxiety attacks just because I knew I had nothing in my life. […]

  2. Hi, I completely understand where you’re coming from… I actually wrote a similar post a few months back! In the past few months I’ve slightly discovered a new lease of life, likely down to the fact I have completely changed my life around having moved away from home, started a new college course I actually enjoy and started a new job that’s different to anything I’ve done in the past! I know it’s not possible for everyone to have such a dramatic change in life but maybe you could try mixing things up a little… mix up your routine a little or find something that excites you again! Life easily falls into a continuous cycle so it’s good to break that cycle every now and again! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry to hear you went through the same but are staring to come out the other side! I’m trying and I haven’t had SUCH intrusive thoughts lately but they’re always there in the back of my mind. Holding on to the little things xxx

  3. Hey I know this post was a couple of weeks ago, how are you feeling now? It sounds like you are suffering from a bid of a quarter-life crisis or some mild depression, if it is honestly getting you down quite a lot though and you haven’t already you should see your GP. It’s not that they are going to give you a magical pill to make you better but they do have talking therapies and maybe you do need to just chew the fat with a total stranger who will repeat something back to you and you will be like “shit yeah I aught to do that”.

    But also travelling is actually really good for the soul, it is a recommended practise for when you are depressed sometimes. “needing to get away” is a real thing, maybe you just need a bit of an adventure? Sometimes when we go off and experiment with new things it can bring into clarity what no longer works in the norm. Take care of yourself

    Jen xxx

    1. I’m still feeling like it unfortunately. I’ve had a therapist before so my best bet would be to go back to her xxx

      1. Yeah it might help, sad to hear you are still feeling like that. Take care of yourself and book that holiday xxx

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