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I like to think I’m quite money savvy. I’m good at saving, I’m sensible when buying things and rarely (actually, never) spend more than I absolutely need to. I am that annoying person that when asked, “what would you spend your money on if you on the lottery?” would say, “put it in savings“. And let’s not beat around the bush, we all hate those people don’t we? Back to the point, I am very much all for anything that will save me money – even if it’s pennies. It can be difficult to live a life you want to when there’s so many amazing things to buy, beautiful places to go and wonderful things to eat but at the same time, you want to and need to save money.


That’s why today I want to talk about Groupon Coupons. You’ve probably heard of Groupon before, heck you’ve probably used it before, right? I know I’ve definitely spend a good hour scrolling through all the restaurant and afternoon tea offers they have on there! Groupon Coupons helps you save not only with days out, events and experiences but with shops and purchases too. From T-Mobile to Barnes and Noble you can find offers and coupons for a whole range of different shops.

Hopping onto the website this morning, there are currently 71,453 coupons for over 10,000 different stores – definitely something for everyone – and the days top offers include coupons for Bath & body Works, Babies R Us, Staples, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas! I love the sheer amount of coupons for so many different stores and wouldn’t hesitate in making the most of them. You can browse by shops and location to fit in with what you want, too, which is great!

How do you save money?


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