10 days ago, it was my 24th birthday (I wrote a post here) and I’ve never done a birthday present haul before due to a fear of it appearing show-offy or something but I figured it’s my blog and I can post what the hell I like. Yes, it’s taken me 3 and a half years of blogging to actually realise that. As I said in my birthday post (which you should have read by now, if not I’m totes disappointed), I’m not a huge fan of my birthday and I didn’t ask for much. In fact, of all my presents I actually only asked for 2 of them, the rest were surprises which I am very thankful for.

Birthday Haul

I only received presents from my parents and my boyfriend – my best friend and I decided not to do presents this year in a bid to save money and save buying each other a load of crap we don’t really need. But the presents I got I absolutely adore and for once there’s not a single this I won’t use or won’t be thrown in a drawer never to be seen again, hurrah! So the two things I asked for was this super cute Disney quote print I found on eBay. I have a little “print corner” in my room which needed a new addition and this is just perfect. I also desperately needed some new underwear because literally all of mine have holes in and I’m disgusting please don’t leave so my mum got me some but I’ve only pictured the cutest pair below because Jungle Book (the undies are from Tesco and were only a couple of quid for all you Disney fans).

Disney Print

The Jungle Book underwear

Although I asked my mum not to get me anything else, I knew she would but the two surprise gifts she got me were amazing and very well needed too. A new bottle of Miss Dior perfume which I’ve had before and it smells beautiful and a set of Liz Earle skin care products which I can’t wait to try. I’ve been moaning about how bad my skin is for a while now and all the products I usually use are not working I tell you so I’m really excited to start a brand new skincare routine with these new things and see how they are and hopefully, see a huge improvement in my skin because of them. The hair-care set (on the right of the picture) was a free gift too!

Miss Dior

Liz Earle

Liz Earle 2

And finally, my boyfriend’s gift might not seem like anything to a lot of people but those who know me and those who know that I love Formula 1 (I recently wrote about my experience at Silverstone here), will know how much this means to me. This is a replica, half-scale helmet of my favourite driver and my first Formula 1 ‘memorabilia’ if you like. It’s a copy of the helmet he wore from 2015 and has all the lining inside and the straps and basically is the helmet, just smaller – obviously. It’s going to go in a case on my bookshelves and I absolutely love it. Just hope he wins this year now…

Nico Rosberg Helmet Replica

And of course there was cake, a birthday haul wouldn’t be complete without it! This cake was actually from the Tesco bakery and they’re on £5 and you can chose the colour, flavour and obviously what it says on the top. It is so delicious and really light so it doesn’t make you feel like too much of a whale afterwards and so cheap that you could totally just pop into Tesco and get one without it even being anybody’s birthday… Didn’t burn your toast this morning? Congratulations! Go buy yourself a cake.


I hope you enjoyed my little birthday haul! I’d love to know what your favourite ever birthday gift you’ve received is! Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hahahaha I read the wrong text to go with the helmet and thought the helmet was a cake!! It must be pretty big still if it is a half-size replica? x

  2. Lewis or nico? I’m hoping it was nico but my first reaction is oh no she likes Lewis! Haha. Either way the helmet is REALLY cool. I didn’t know the insides were like that too. (**Tries not to buy one!**)

    I guess I’d say something like my phone or iPod as I use them so much. Boring answer.

  3. Hey Jenny,

    Cool birthday haul. That choc cake looks so delicious. I laughed when I saw the Jungle Book undies 😀

    My favourite birthday gift? I’d have to say my kindle paperweight – it’s awesome that I can read at night without turning on the lights! 🙂

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