I’m not known for being particularly knowledgeable about make-up or beauty products. I don’t know what I’m doing with half the things I own, I can’t contour and I still apply my foundation with my fingers. I’m also, notoriously awful at looking after my own skin, never having committed to a full skincare routine. Over the past few years, my skin has been worse than when I was 16 (probably because I keep applying my freaking foundation with my fingers but hey ho) but I’ve just not been in the position to splash out on new, fancy products which may or may not even work. My mum has seen how much my skin has been bothering me and she surprised me with some Liz Earle products for my birthday a few weeks ago and today I wanted to talk about these products and let you know how I’m getting on with my brand new skincare routine!


 The face products I received are all pictured below and they make up a very refreshing easy and satisfying new routine for the morning and in the evening before you go to bed. I’ve never used Liz Earle before but unsurprisingly, have heard many great things about it. It always seemed like one of those products that were completely out of my league – as stupid as that sounds – something only people who really knew what they were doing would use. The first product in the routine is the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – which is the base product used for removing make-up, dirt and all that other nasty stuff you don’t want on your skin. Included with this was the hot cloth which you run under warm/hot water and it gently exfoliates your skin. It says on the bottle that after using the hot cloth, you should splash your face with cool water and I absolutely love doing this as it feels so refreshing.



Next is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which is a toner type product you splash on a cotton pad or a cotton wool ball and wipe over your skin after you’ve patted it dry from the cleanser. Products like these have always been my favourite thing to use on my skin because they just feel clean, if that makes sense. So I think this is probably my favourite product out of these and the one I like using the most.


Then finally in my new skincare routine, is the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser which is a gorgeously light and airy moisturiser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or sticky at all. Moisturiser is always been another weakness of mine. In fact, before I received these, I can’t remember the last time I used it. But having it an essential part of your routine has really helped – especially keeping it together with my other products so I don’t forget to use it. Another product included in this set was the Gentle Face Exfoliator, which I’ve used once so far and would probably use around twice a week for a bit of added – cleanliness? (I’m really good with words for these sorta things)



There was also a free gift with this set which included the Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, which I’ve used once so far at the time of writing and really, really like. It made my hair super soft and somehow, it doesn’t seem to be getting greasier as quickly. Also, the Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash which is just beautiful and smells so, so delicious. Without a doubt, these are one of the best birthday presents I’ve probably ever got. I will get so much use out of them and they’ve encouraged me to look after myself a bit more. Take a bit of extra time on myself in the bathroom in the mornings and evenings and look after my skin. Because it deserves to be looked after. I don’t know how much these were and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t comment on the price anyway because they are 100% worth every penny (however many pennies that is).

Do you use Liz Earle? Have you used them before? What did you think? What’s your 1, go-to skincare product that you couldn’t live without?


  1. Lovely post, I’m completely and utterly sold on trying this as my skin care routine now too! I definitely need to spend more time on my skin and looking after myself so hopefully this is the start! xx

  2. My mum bought me some of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for my birthday back in January, and now it’s the only cleanser I use. It’s incredible. It’s really helped with my acne so it is totally worth every penny.

    Just a little tip, keep an eye on the Liz Earle website because sometime they have some insane deals. They were recently selling the 200ml tubes for half price! I’ve got enough to keep me going for 12 months!

  3. I love me a bit of Liz Earle, my skin always feels amazing after I’ve come crawling back to the hot cloth cleanser (sometimes I forget that I’m not smarter than proven skincare and try something else for a while…)

    And have you seen actual Liz Earle? If that doesn’t sell you her skincare, nothing will – her skin looks INCREDIBLE.
    M x

    1. I have seen her – and I agree! I struggle so much to find something that works for me. Usually I will start a product, it’ll work for a while then stop. It’s the same with make up – it’s really odd! But I’m really enjoying using this so far 🙂 xx

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