7 years ago when I joined Twitter at the same time that I created my blog, I had NO IDEA how bloggers gained a following – on either of them. Growing my blog following was an absolute anomaly and how bloggers had tens of thousands of Twitter followers was beyond me as well! But that was almost a decade ago and there’s LOTS more advice for you new bloggers these days on how to grow your Twitter followers!

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

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Having written a whole eBook on how to grow your blog following, building up a readership on both my blog and on Twitter is something I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to do. Twitter growth certainly fluctuates – as most people will concede to – but it’s definitely possible to build up a great Twitter following to support your blog and your blog growth! So learning how to promote your blog on social media is super important too.

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Building up a Twitter following can be a long game. Like I said, Twitter growth fluctuates due to a variety of different factors. It’s important to not compare yourself to others and focus on your own growth and realise that it’s not going to happen overnight, even if you incorporate ALL these tips in one day!

9 Tips To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Let’s get into some tips on how to grow your Twitter followers:

Reply to tweets: Be active and social. It’s a great way to make new friends and make people want to follow you, so they know you’re not just a robot who tweets blog links and that’s it.

Tweet photos: I think it’s proven that a photo will gain more interaction than a tweet – because it stands out and people like photos and something aesthetically pleasing! So search those GIFs and share your damn photos!

Include hash tags: Relevant hash tags, of course, don’t go hash tagging #foodbloggers if you’re talking about books. But this gets your tweets in the appropriate place on Twitter for people to search for and find.

Retweet other people: It’s a nice thing to do, especially if it’s a post you really enjoyed but it can also be a good way for others to see that you’re interested in that topic too.

Tag retweet accounts: They don’t always retweet – heck some of them get thousands of tweets every day but it’s always worth a try! Some I use are: @LovingBlog, @blogginggals, @BloggerBees and @TheGirlGangHQ.

Talk to people: Similar to point 1, interacting with people and fellow bloggers is such an important part of the whole blogging experience. I don’t think any (genuine) blogger wants to follow a mere robot who never chats with anyone and just posts link after link after link. Personality is key! Make yours shine!

Run giveaways: Giveaways are a great way how to grow your Twitter followers but only if they’re genuine giveaways and you’re not doing them ONLY for that reason! Working with brands and hosting a giveaway together is a great option for this.

Take part in comment swaps: I bloody love a comment swap and they’re pretty good for growing both your Twitter and your blog. Check out @teacupclub_ on Monday and Thursday at 5pm, that’s a good one to start with!

Schedule your tweets: Being active on social media is a must for how to grow your Twitter followers but I’m also aware of how much work it can be. This is where scheduling your tweets in advance can come in SO HANDY because consistency is key.

9 Tips To Grow Your Blog Followers

Any other tips you’d give on how to grow your blog followers for beginners? What are your best strategies for growing your Twitter following? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I must confess, I haven’t paid so much attention to my Twitter. Phew! There’s so much to do between writing the posts, interacting with others etc.. I’ve got to do better with my Twitter. Good Tips.

  2. great tips…..nice blog….
    Visit to my blog and give your valuable comments and likes, if and don’t forget to follow…

  3. since I’m late for the party (not really typical of me, but wjem ot comes to social media I’m lagging behind.) I very recently joined Twitter…so still a newbie. Thanks for the helpful tips! 🙂

  4. I should be more around on the twitter- and blogosphere, that’s for sure, but I agree with what’s said before: schedule tweets. I haven’t done it much yet but I do schedule tweets when I put a blog post online and to repeat it a few times during the first day and then once every day for the next few days to make sure it wasn’t only tweeted once and be done with.

    I’m not much of a fan of twitter chats either. Usually because they happen whilst I’m sleeping (curtesy for living on the other side of the world) OR they happen when it’s evening and since I only get online at 10pm-ish they’re usually wrapping up. *shrugs* But I do agree, the very few ones I did manage to join, I made new friends on twitter who I’m following and still interact with on a weekly (if not daily) basis 🙂

    1. Sharing your posts effectively is really important! Funny, I don’t actually schedule tweets (apart from for advertisers) because I just don’t like it and can’t find a website that works for me but what I do, do is draft the tweets on Twitter and just leave them in my drafts so when I want to reshare a post I don’t have to write it out, as it’s already pre-written! It’s a good alternative (: although obviously scheduling tweets take a lot more pressure off. It’s a shame you’re not able to take part in more Twitter chats xo

  5. Schedule tweets for when you are unable to post live and also schedule for when most people are likely to be online such as breakfast, lunch and evening.

  6. I still feel like I’m going slow on both twitter and the blog in regards to interactions, so this was a really great post to read. Thank you!

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