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When you have got to the point where your blog is more than just a blog, and actually a business, you need to start actually treating it like one. Too many bloggers fail on this front because, the moment that thy start to monetize their blog, they lose their way, or they become worried about being an entrepreneur, and all that that means is that they end up not doing what is best for their blog. Something you are going to have to try and master is how to appreciate what the actual value of your blog might be. This is something that can be very hard to get right, but as long as you look into it with honesty and conviction you should be able to get to a better understanding of it. Here are some of the assets which your blogging business has which you need to pay attention to.

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First of all, you should always remember that your blogging business extends beyond the web page itself. You also have the computer, the stationery that you use, even the desk your computer sits on, if relevant. All of these are examples of real physical assets which belong to your business, and as such can form a part of the value of your business. That is important to remember, because you never know when you might be in need of some extra cash for your blogging business, and that will mean that you have some idea about where you might want to look. These physical assets are always hugely important to pay attention to, so make sure you keep a log of them.

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Clearly, the most obvious kind of assets a blogging business has are its digital ones. But if you are unsure what this entails, itโ€™s actually quite simple. The website itself, for a start. The blog design and its branding is another, and a hugely important one. You own that branding, and you need to learn how you can manage it and make the most of it, for the sake of the future of your business and yourself. Take a look at for more of an in-depth discussion on how to do this.


Finally, you have the intellectual assets, which includes every single word you write on the blog and any images or designs you might have in your name. You need to remember that these are yours, automatically copyrighted by law, and that they form a part of your businessโ€™ revenue and overall value. Looked at in this way, you can see how it might be important to make sure that you are looking after these things, as they are all important as a part of knowing the value and therefore the potential scope of your blogging business. Whatโ€™s more, it gives you an idea of how to get the ball rolling if you need to add a little more value to the business as well. See more on intellectual assets at

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  2. I agree with you – a blog eventually turns into a business and it’s important that we stay focus. These are important assets to consider when we have a blog. In order to maintain one, we need tools to help us succeed. Love that you laid these items out so easily. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy โ™ฅ

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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