Today I’m fortunate enough to team up with ADEXE to share with you a beautiful watch from their new range, as part of their Your Time is Now campaign. Before I get into nattering away about the watch itself, I wanted to discuss the theme of time and owning the time you have. Because not only is that a powerful message to send out but also one that got me thinking quite a bit and ended up with me reflecting on my year so far and contemplating whether I’ve taken ownership of the time I’ve had, utilized it and declared that my time is now. I’m not one to compliment myself too often (I’m far too awkward for that) but I came to the conclusion that the answer, is yes. 

This year, I’ve worked harder than ever before. I know that for a fact. But not only the hard work, I really feel like (in the last few months especially) I’ve taken complete ownership of my brand, my business and my online presence. I’ve hit goals I never thought I would hit, I’ve worked with brands I never thought would give me the time of day, I’ve knocked my previous page views out of the park month after month. I finally feel like I’m growing into myself. I finally feel like a valid voice, with something to give and a way to give it. And I finally feel like I’m making that mark.

I feel like I’ve done that in different ways; working harder, working smarter, being more organised, being more open minded, hustling, getting involved and generally believing I can do it.

My time is now. And so is yours. Take that one step today that your future self will thank you for.

Now enough of my motivational speech, let me talk about ADEXE and their watches because that’s what were here for. I just hope that the Your Time is Now campaign and my experiences will allow you to think about your own year, your own time and your own achievements.

MAC – Grande Steel Blue

I might like dainty jewelry but when it comes to watches, I quite like bigger styles as well. I wouldn’t usually opt for a chunky bracelet or a chunky necklace but with watches, I’m much more open minded and enjoy a range of styles. I chose the MAC – Grande Steel Blue * watch from their new range however, they do offer the same watch but in a petite style, if you prefer smaller watches, which I think is a great idea.

Shipping was super quick and my watch arrived within a couple of days. The packaging is simple, yet effective and I just liked the plain white box with the simple ADEXE logo on it. The watch arrived in perfect condition so 10/10 for delivery.

Despite the description saying “Grande”, it was a little bigger than what I was expecting but that’s not a bad thing at all, all I’d suggest is if you are quite picky with sizes, have a measure before you order! But for me, that was totally fine. With an open band spring bar clasp rather than your standard strap, it took a little while to get my correct size but the watch does come with a handy little note card explaining exactly how to do it if you are struggling.

I really love the face on this watch, it’s nice and big so if your eyes are bad (like me) there’s no squinting to try and work out the time. I also like that they have “40”, “45”, “50” markers around the clock and a small space for the date at the bottom. Overall, the face is pretty simple, there’s no gadgetry or glorification but I love that.

I don’t want this to come out really pompous but I think this watch definitely looks its price. It retails at £109 which I think for a high quality watch is perfectly reasonable but when you look at this one, especially when it’s on, it definitely looks and feels it’s worth, which obviously is a positive. Put it this way, I really can’t see it breaking anytime soon.

I’m really happy with my choice and I think it looks as good on as it does in the box. With it being silver, it really will go with just about anything and everything you chose to pair it with and would make a great every day watch for work, for general errands and also a nice statement if you’re dressing up a bit. I love it when women were a really gorgeous dress with a statement watch, it looks so classy and cool (something I’m clearly not but whatevs!)

Are you familiar with ADEXE? What did you think of my choice? And tell me, how have you positively used your time this year?

* All products marked with a (*) were sent in exchange for a review


  1. that watch is beautiful! Im not much of a watch wearer as they always seem to make my wrist hurt, but this one is stunning

  2. Hey Jenny! We are so happy you like your watch, the design and the minimalism. It looks great and you and your photos are fantastic! Congratulations on all your accomplishment this year! You definitely took ownership of your life and time! To many future accomplishments! ADEXE team <3

  3. I love the little motivational speech at the beginning. I think it’s so important to make your time your own to challenge yourself (which is hard for my to say because i love my comfortable little bubble) i think it’s incredible how your year has been going, you are defenitely an inspiration to many other bloggers. myself included. The watch is absolutely beautiful, i love how simple the face is. it would pair perfectly with a super casual outfit or a more dressed up outfit which will allow you to really get your money’s worth out of it. great post jenny! xx

    mich //

  4. What a beautiful watch! It’s so sleek and stylish! I loved what you were talking about at the beginning. I definitely gave me a burst of inspiration/motivation.

  5. I’ve seen Adexe watches on IG a lot and thought how lovely they are. You picked a really fab design and I love watches with large faces like that! 🙂 x

  6. Ahh this was so motivating, you’re doing amazing things with your blog and I’m so proud of you! I’m a tiny little fish compared to you but you always inspire me to work harder and hopefully progress.
    The watch is absolutely stunning, I love how big the face is as it really makes a statement. I also really love the strap! It’s a bit more unusual, so pretty!
    Beth x

  7. What an inspiring post! The watch itself is beautiful – I also like big watches. But it’s great to hear you sound so positive – you’ve had an amazing year and it’s great to embrace that. Long may it last!

  8. completely agree with you, the face on this watch is gorgeous! I’m so happy for you with your blog, I adore reading it and I’m so happy it’s doing well xxxxx

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