Valley Mill are a Welsh company that make slate home ware and personalised gifts as well as soy candles, food and drink and natural homemade soaps, which I’m reviewing today!

Valley Mill Homemade Soaps 1

When choosing the soaps I wanted, I wanted two that were going to smell vastly different. I chose a “Citronella and Lavender” smell and a “Tea Tree and Witch Hazel” because apparently those ingredients are good for your skin – so my mum says. And mother know best. Anyway, they arrived quickly and I loved the packaging – very eau natural and authentic.

The “Lavender and Citronella” soap smelt beautiful – so rich and fruity, it would actually make a great candle smell too! Although the “Tea Tree and Witch Hazel” soap didn’t smell quite as nice, I still liked it a lot. It almost smells as if it’s going to do your skin a world of good. If there was a smell for that, this soap is what it would smell like.

Valley Mill Homemade Soap 1

Valley Mill Homemade Soap 2

Everything about the appearance of the soaps look handmade and natural and I loved it – most soaps you buy from the shop are so perfect and pristine with rounded edges but these were hearty and heavy, almost like a exceptionally nice smelling brick. That’s a compliment, I promise.

My skin is funny when it comes to soap like this – the last time I washed with normal soap, well, let’s just say itchy. So I’m always a little cautious using new products which could potentially make my skin itch and irritate but the fact the ingredients are mostly natural put my mind at ease slightly.

Valley Mill Homemade Soap 3

I started using them on my hand, as usual, after going to the toilet and immediately felt how soft they made my skin feel. The water really releases the smells too so they’re fab to use efficiently and quickly after a pee. I extended the use to my arms and my legs and thankfully, all was good and there was no irritation at all so these get a big thumbs up from me.

Theses a whole bunch of scents and I’d love to try more in the future – as well as other products from Valley Mill.

This is a sponsored post whereas I received these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are completely unbiased.


  1. Oh I love trying homemade natural soap!! I always feels so much better using that instead of body wash. I love how large their soap is too as I find a lot of bar soaps tend to go down quickly!

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