AD | Purchasing a new house is a dream of most people and when it comes to your dream house everyone wants to decorate it in their own way. However, after spending a lot of money on buying a house but you’re still not satisfied with the decor, you might not have enough money now to spend more. Now, what you will do? Will you stay in that outdated house which isn’t to your taste? Or you are planning to do some decorating at the lowest budget.

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The choice is completely yours; if you want to decorate your home at the lowest budget possible then you are the right place. This can happen to us when we spend all our money on transactions to buy a new house and don’t have money to buy new things. In this post, I will give you the top 7 and best tips to decorate your home at the lowest budget. So, let’s have a look!

Tips to decorate your home

1) Choose furniture wisely

Well, it is difficult to decorate your home in a budget but you can save money by choosing the furniture wisely. You can choose or purchase only the required furniture you need in your home such as sofa, bed, chairs, tables, etc. now, first of all, check the size of your house and then choose the furniture, if the drawing room is small then chairs are enough to decorate your drawing room. Also, check the bedroom size and then purchase a single or double bed accordingly. Through this tip, you can save money and decorate your home wisely.

2) Kitchen decoration and appliances

Kitchen decoration and appliances are completely dependent upon the necessity i.e., which appliance you need or which you do not need. After identifying the need then you can buy the required kitchen appliances and for the decoration, you need to do the same. First of all, check whether you need to change the look of your kitchen such as a cabinet, door handles, door knobs, etc. If it is required then change it otherwise do not spend money on this.

If you do not have enough money to decorate your home and you want to change the look of your kitchen cabinet then you change the door handles and door knobs of the cabins.

3) Select the crockery and utensils wisely

There is a lot of things you can do in the kitchen but you have to be very careful about your budget. So, if you are thinking about the kitchen and utensils then, first of all, check the size of your family and then only decide the number of utensils you require. Do not purchase excessive items that will have no need in future as this is a complete waste of money. So, select the crockery and utensils wisely.

4) Perfect bed liners and mattress

The bedroom is a very important part of the home, and you need to decorate it especially to your tastes but never decorate your bedroom with wrong bed linens and mattresses. If you have an old bed liners then that is perfectly fine then you obviously do not need to purchase the new one. Always try to use the things which you already have instead of purchasing the new ones in such a way you can save your money.

5) Choose limited lighting

Do you know that it is difficult to choose the type of lights you want in your house but you can do this with ease? First of all check the amount of natural light in your house, if your house does not require any lighting in the day and it has much natural light then you can reduce the number of artificial lighting in your house. You can use a chandelier which gives a huge amount of light instead of using multiple small lights. So, in this way you can make your home full of light with much less money.

6) Decorate with plants

This is one of the best ways to decorate your home at the lowest budget and it gives your home a natural look. If you have done everything to your home and are still not happy then it’s time to decorate your home with plants. You can buy some indoor plants for relatively cheap and put them in the corners of your rooms for a pop of colour and to give your home a more natural look.

7) Storage and decoration are both required

It is true that storage is very much important in your home however, if storage comes with decoration then that’s a double bonus. Yes, you can maintain the storage with decoration and for this, you have to choose those products which look impressive and those have the storage facility all in one.

If you want to spend a minimal amount to decorate your home then above mentioned 7 tips are a good place to start!

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  1. These are fantastic tips!! I think taking stock of your space and necessities is the best way to determine what your actual needs are, rather than going off of your wants xx

  2. Excellent tips. I especially love the fact that you included decorating with plants. They really do add something to a home and give it life as well. I agree that knowing the size of the rooms is so important. I know a few people that failed to check this ahead of time and ended up with furniture far too large for that space.

  3. Some great suggestions!
    I moved into a new house in 2016 and we’re very slowly making our way round room by room.
    When we first moved in we only bought essentials but made sure to get good quality and exactly what we wanted.
    Now we part way through decorating a house that we love with furniture and accessories we plan on keeping forever 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your tips! My biggest one is to live in the space first and understand what it needs!

    Rachel | The Modern Bohemian

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