As well as it’s memorable characters, uplifting moments and incredible songs, Disney films are also often known for their extremely emotional scenes. It doesn’t matter that it’s an animation or that you’re 23 years-old – some Disney films will never fail to make you cry. Here’s 5 of my most heart-wrenching Disney moments, although it was extremely hard to narrow down!

My Top 5 Most Heart-Wrenching Disney Moments

  1. Saving Mr. Banks {Mary Poppins Premiere}: I don’t know about anyone else but I loved Saving Mr Banks so much. The cast was perfect and Emma Thompson was the most beautiful, humble, irritating but human version of P.L Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins. The ending scene at the premiere gave me goosebumps from beginning to end and made the hair on my arms stand right up. But the very end when P.L Travers begins to cry, whilst watching the film and having reminders of her own childhood and her own father – of which there are similarities between him and Mr Banks – was so raw and emotional.
  2. Toy Story 3 {Furnace}: Need I say more?
  3. Oliver and Company {Opening Sequence}: Arguably not the most popular Disney film but regardless, I really like it and always always cry at the opening song when cute little Oliver is in a box on the street with his brothers and sisters waiting to be adopted but he’s the only one that doesn’t. Then he’s left alone in the pouring rain to walk around New York City on his own and excuse me… *runs off to find the nearest kitten and sob into it*
  4. The Lion King {Mufusa’s Death}: Let me tell you a little story. I have seen The Lion King, arguably one of the best films ever made, twice. In my almost 24 years on this planet I have seen that film twice. Not because I don’t like it, oh no, I love it. Here’s why: The first time I saw it was at a friends house when she had family round, which included quite a few children. We were about 13 at the time and were in the living room watching The Lion King with all the younger children and when Mufusa dies, I cried uncontrollably for hours. Not just normal crying, oh no. Couldn’t breathe, snot down my face, I’m seeing stars and everyone is running away from me type crying. The same thing happened when I went to see the film again in the cinema when it came out in 3D.
  5. Up {Carl and Ellie}: This one needs no explaining really but what I will say is I thought about this film in sixth form once and burst into tears in the middle of art. This film shows us the true meaning of love, adventure and friendship and the opening sequence made me cry and cry and cry and cry…

Do any of these make your list? What Disney moments make you cry the most?


  1. Toy Story broke my heart when they were in the furnace but as a child I remember crying when I though Buzz and Woody were going to explode on the rocket in the first movie. I cried at the cinema when I went to see Saving Mr Banks and I was on a date with a guy I barely knew.. cringe! I made me look at Mary Poppins in a completely different light.

    ox Lucy //

  2. It has to be that heartbreaking scene in Dumbo when the little elephant visits his mother who’s imprisoned in the cage. The moment when their interlinked trunks gradually pull apart then wave at each other makes me bawl every time. It’s actually bringing tears to my eyes now just writing about it!!

  3. Excellent choices, but I agree most heartily with TS3…yeah when they are at the dump, about to perish, and the hold hands…I always get something in my eyes at that moment.

  4. Ah! I love “Saving Mr. Banks”! Such a fantastic movie indeed! And I agree that the scene you described was quite moving.

    All the scenes you described we’re true year jerkers indeed. For me, I can think of two scenes of that caliber from the film “Brother Bear.” I know that this film is another underrated film, but the scenes where Sitka sacrificed himself to save his brothers and where Kenai is seen telling Koda that it was he who killed his mother.

  5. The opening sequence of Oliver and Company is one of the saddest things ever. I may have watched that movie tons of times but I always cry. I also cry every time I see Mufasa’s dead and when we see Carl and Ellie in Up. So sad

    1. Every time I watch Oliver and Company now I MAY skip the beginning cos I just can’t hack it. I’ve never watched UP again because again, I just can’t do it. Same with The Lion King actually… Haha! xx

  6. More recently, I don’t know if everyone has seen ‘Home?’ There’s so many times in that! Plus Big Hero 6 where someone dies and another character loses it and tries to get the killer(I don’t do spoilers-it’s proving very hard at the moment though!!) Then in Inside out where the imaginary friend is disappearing (darn it , that was a Spoiler!). Actually, that’s my problem, any movie that has about people growing up gets me, so in Toy Story 3 when it’s the big goodbye to Woodie. Up KILLED me, just because my Dad had died recent enough to that coming out and he used to have a stairlift and look like the main character. So I went hysterical and as usual had to hide it from my little men!

    1. I really want to watch Home! Haven’t gotten around to it yet, though. Oh my god, “So long partner” is the SADDEST SENTENCE IN DISNEY HISTORY. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that about Up, I can’t even imagine how that made you feel 🙁 Damn it Disney! This is why they’re so sad, because they’re so real 🙁 xx

  7. YES I SECOND CLAIRE. Up was so emotional for me – and I liked it better than most Disney movies. I haven’t seen Oliver and Company, but ohmygod it looks so heartwrenchingly sad (basically an invitation for me to watch it? I don’t know why I torture myself, honestly XD) The furnace was so emotional I can’t. I loved this post, it brought back so many Disney memories <3

  8. That short silent sequence at the beginning of Up made me cry buckets and makes me well up thinking about it. The problem for me was, after it, the rest of the film wasn’t as good, because that short sequence was just about animation perfection.
    I would also say Dumbo. Although I have to stop thinking about that now before I get upset!
    I haven’t seen Inside Out yet, but apparently that’s quite emotionally traumatic.

    1. Yeah I tell you what, I don’t actually remember an awful lot of Up – other than the bit at the beginning. Maybe it’s just so damn sad it clouds your judgement! I wanna watch Inside Out, too! xx

  9. Saving Mr Banks was absolutely amazing and farrrr too underrated. I actually got annoyed in a store the other day when movies that have been out years were £15 and SMB was £3?! £3?!!!! It’s worth much more. I get annoyed by silly things haha.
    I agree with all of these moments and way more. I usually cry pretty much right through most Disney movies out of happiness, sadness, sentimental-ness and so on…

    Lovely post.


  10. Jenny, I am appalled!

    More than that – I’m shocked, stunned, and not a little amazed!

    You didn’t mention Bambi’s Mum getting shot!!!!!!!!!

    How COULD you. That scene traumatised millions of young kids of my generation (but not me, who looked up venison recipes)

    Have a brilliant trauma-free weekend


  11. I ALWAYS feel sad when Oliver doesn’t get adopted!! It’s also one of my fav Disney films. And when Dumbo gets to see his mum again and the song baby be mine plays… It’s worse for me now, now that I have my own baby! Xx

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