Is there ever enough support for other bloggers you love? No, I don’t think so. However I know for a fact that I could do better with telling the bloggers I love to read how much I like their content. Being told you’re someones favourite blogger is one of the nicest things to hear and makes all the hard work you put in totally worth it. A nice comment about your post, your blog, your photography – anything – can completely brighten your day so I firmly believe that we all could (including me!) do more of that! So to make up for my lack of it, I’m doing a little post to show you which bloggers I’ve been loving recently!

Lizzie is one of the sweetest people on Twitter and her blog is a perfect extension of her bright personality. Lizzie blogs a lot about Gyaru and Japanese fashion, which knowing nothing about it, is always fascinating to read. But Lizzie produces loads of other fabulous, personal posts as well which I always find I can resonate with. She’s also bloody stunning and her gorgeous outfit photos show that!

Lizzie’s Blog
Lizzie’s Twitter

Bexa and her utterly gorgeous blog has burst onto the scene recently and there’s no wondering why, really! I absolutely love Bexa’s content – she posts about a lot of stuff that I’d likely post about myself, so that might be why I adore her blog so much. I think we have a lot in common and can we go on a yoga retreat, please? Anyway, her photos are absolutely stunning, her blog is painfully pretty and she’s such a lovely person to go with it. Bexa, you must have a bad quality somewhere?

Bexa’s Blog
Bexa’s Twitter

I love how Eva always incorporates her love for fashion and her amazing photography skills into every single one of her posts, even if the post itself isn’t about fashion or beauty. Eva manages to combine her amazing writing skills, her fabulous content and her passions into her posts and I adore that about her gorgeously clean and smart looking blog! She has a wonderful sense of style, is utterly gorgeous and you should definitely be following!

Eva’s Blog
Eva’s Twitter

Abbey is quite literally, a blogging force to be reckoned with. There’s absolutely no wonder why her blog is so successful because she comes across as one of the most hard working bloggers I’ve seen. Her content is so varied and she caters for so many different audiences, is so lovely and supportive on social media and is just herself on so many levels – which is why I love Abbey’s blog so much!

Abbeys’ Blog
Abbey’s  Twitter

There we are! I hope you’ve found some wonderful new blogs to follow. If you have any bloggers you’re loving at the moment, please do leave them in the comments for me and anyone else to check out!


  1. I love this post, I think bloggers need to show more love to eachother too! I adore Hello Bexa too and I’m going to check out the others! I really enjoy finding new blogs x

    Em ~

  2. This is such a sweet post, I completely agree that we need more loving supporting people in the blogging community. I’m so glad we’ve met and are getting to know each other better. I can’t wait to check out these amazing blogs you are reccomending.

  3. You’re one of my favourite bloggers, alongside Abbey from Not only do I absolutely adore the content you both produce and your pure determination towards blogging, but also, how welcoming you are towards smaller bloggers. You and Abbey were some of the first ‘big bloggers’ I spoke to on Twitter when I knew that marketing your blog was a thing, and you made me feel so welcome, despite the fact that I was (and still am) a much smaller blogger than the both of you. You’re both such lovely girls and I’m so glad to share a community with both of you, and many other people who contribute positively to the internet.

    1. Awh this is one of the lovliest comments I’ve ever got and it WENT INTO MY SPAM! I’m so sorry for not replying sooner, I feel absolutely awful. But thank you so so much! xxx

  4. I love how you’re showing love and support for other fellow bloggers! I’ve read Abbey’s blog before and love how she is engaging with her readers. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Definitely will check out other bloggers you’ve featured!

  5. I love this post! I love sharing my favourite bloggers and I love reading other people’s posts about their favourite bloggers. I absolutely love Abbey, I read her posts on a regular basis. I have so many favourite bloggers – I love anything book/disney related in particular but I also love personal blogs.


  6. I have also been loving Abbey’s blog! I love reading her posts! I am also loving that you have basically let me find some new bloggers to follow! YAY!

    Ciara |

  7. I love these kind of supportive posts, it’s so great to find other fab blogs. I know and stalk Bexa and Abbey regularly but I clearly need to check out Lizzie and Eva too, thank you for the recommendations. And for the shoutout in the comments too! XXX

    Lisa |

  8. I’ve never heard of these bloggers before. Will need to check out their blogs

    Rebecca Elaine x

  9. You KNOW that this is my ultimate favourite type of post!! I love finding new bloggers and think it’s really important to find them once they’re recommended by bloggers I already love!!

  10. Jenny you are so sweet! 💖 Thank you SO much for the kind words and including me in this post 😍. What a fabulous list of bloggers to be part of. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog, thank you for always being so lovely and supportive! And yes please to the yoga retreat! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  11. Awww Jenny!! Thank you so much! I am practically tearing up at your sweet words! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my content, it makes all the hard work worthwhile! It’s absolutely fantastic that you have decided to write this post and share a bit of positivity in the blogging world, it’s definitely much needed! I’m a huge fan of Lizzie, Eva and Bexa’s blogs too, it’s a real pleasure to be included alongside them!

    Abbey ❤️❤️

    1. Awh that’s wonderful I’m so glad you enjoy the others as much as I do! You’re so welcome and absolutely we need to look outwards every once in a while and recognise who’s doing brilliantly instead of worrying about ourselves! xxx

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