Over the last 6 years or so, I’ve started spending most of my time at home. There’s a bunch of reasons for why this is which I’m not going to go into but going from a teenager who was basically never at home, to someone who spends most of their time there, it’s a pretty huge change. But sometimes you really can’t beat a day or an evening at home. Going to the cinema, to the zoo or out for a meal is all great fun but sometimes, a chill day and night at home without having to worry about going anywhere at all is absolutely ideal. Especially now the weather is getting colder and I’m sure chill homey days will become more common for a lot of people! Here are some of my absolute essentials for a perfect chill day at home!

Comfy clothes

It’s time to get your comfies on! There’s no-one to impress, no-where to go and nothing to dress up for so optimum comfort is a must when I’m staying at home. I’ll usually opt for leggings, which are my go-to in the Winter (literally you probably won’t see me in anything else but leggings from October until March!), cosy jumpers and fluffy socks are a must too. But underwear is also important because what’s underneath needs to be comfy too!

Recently I’ve been wearing the Magic Body Fashion Dream Bralette * under my comfy clothes which makes a really fabulous change to underwire bras. They’re so comfy, are seamless and have a pretty crossover strap at the back to add a fashionable touch. They also come in a bunch of colours from Black, Rose, Snow White, Raspberry and Blueberry! (Pictured in the grey one which unfortunately is no longer available).


I try and do Yoga every day anyway (although I’ve been so rottenly ill throughout the end of September and beginning of October that it appears all my strength has disappeared!) but on a day where I know I’m not going anywhere or have anything to do outside the house, I always make extra time in the morning for my Yoga practices and opting for a longer or more high intensity practice!

A takeaway

A chill day at home always comes with a takeaway, it’s the perfect thing to look forward to in the evening to reach ultimate chill factor! My takeaways of choice are usually a Chinese (deep fried shredded chilli chicken, chips, rice and spring rolls!) or a Pizza Hut (the Vegetable or Hawaiian and pineapple does belong on pizza!) My boyfriend and I used to be devoted Dominos fans but then we gave Pizza Hut a try on a whim one evening and was so impressed and we haven’t gone back since. Plus, it’s much more affordable!

A good TV series

I’m a huge lover of TV series and I’d much rather get stuck into a series than a movie. Unless I really enjoy a movie, I find them hard to commit to and I prefer how much more we get to know and love (or hate) characters in TV series. We’re currently watching season 2 of Ozark on Netflix at the moment, starring Jason Bateman and I’d highly recommend it for any Breaking Bad fans! Other binge-worthy favourites of mine which are currently on Netflix are Orphan Black, American Horror Story, Grace and Frankie, Stranger Things, Dark and How to Get Away With Murder. Or the other option would always be Disney movies!

A tidy room, blankets, fairy lights and a hot water bottle

I can’t stand having a messy “space” when I’m spending all my time in it. I’m a very tidy person so my room stays clean more or less all the time anyway but I always make sure it stays that way during the day. Blankets are crucial are cosying up on the sofa with a cuppa and a book and fairy lights always make everything look that little bit prettier. I also wouldn’t be without my hot water bottle, especially in the colder months because I rarely put the heating on so a hot water bottle keeps me nice and toasty!

How do you spend your ideal cosy and chill day at home?

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  1. Apart from the Yoga you pretty much described a chill day for me. There’s nothing like watching a good TV show or film, snuggled under cosy throws & blankets whilst enjoying a tasty takeaway. I’ve just finished watching American Gothic on Amazon Prime, which I highly recommend. I’m not watching The Following, as I missed it when it was airing. 🙂 x

  2. I am pretty much the same as you!! Although I do have a job, it is as a softball coach which means I wear sweats all day long. When I have a day off it is all about catching up on shows. I enjoy shows over movies as well. Ozarks is amazing, btw!! Maybe someday I will be motivated enough to start yoga at home as well!

  3. I just had the exact same chill day a couple of days ago, and this post is so relatable!takeaway, comfy clothes, and some Netflix.Love it!

  4. It’s nice to have a chill day at home from time to time. Big plus that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to stay in! YESSS on comfy clothes! I love loungewear and don’t need to dress to impress at home, hehe. Yum, Chinese takeouts are delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. This is such a wholesome post! I would love to know more about your yoga routines and how you go about keeping your space nice and tidy! I have such a hard time remembering to clean at the end of each day. And fairy lights are my favorite aesthetic!

  6. Honestly you’ve just described my perfect cosy night in (apart from the yoga)! I definitely have more comfy clothes than I do going out clothes, Saturday nights have quickly turned into takeaway night instead of a night out. Never thought of getting a bralette! Makes sense as they’d definitely be comfier than a normal bra, I need to invest in one! X

    Abbey | Diary of a Fibro Girl

  7. I always loved being at home and at my room. People don’t understand but I know how to have fun by myself. I can watch dramas, movies, playing guitar, drawing and even planning and writing in my diary and more. I feel lazy to go outside and I like to spend time alone without the presence of anyone. Finally, there is someone who’s like me. I like your post and your blog.

  8. I’m the exact same. I never used to home now I’m here erm…all the time. Snacks are essential for a home day. I don’t know why but I prefer to graze on nibbles all day rather than sit with a big meal. I much prefer series to movies too and I love some of the ones you suggested. Orphan Black is brilliant. But WHY are we still waiting for season 4 of How To Get Away With Murder in the UK?! x


  9. You can’t beat a good night in wearing comfy pjs, ordering a take away and binging on Netflix. Bliss. I need to do this more, I find myself wasting my evenings doing nothing really and that’s starting to annoy me. Leann x

  10. This post makes me feel so cosy and actually kind of glad the weather is getting colder and likely to rain haha! I chilling at home and actually not feeling guilty about it!

  11. Never been so excited for fall ever since I was born but this year just changed everything. This maybe because I’ve started blogging and have seen how October vibes or Autumn vibes are just my new forte. Love to just chill down in my room with warm thick and soft blanket around me plus candle light on the sight and watching rom com movies. I’m a sucker for rom com movies, plust disney movies as well. 😉

  12. Yes!! Technically my ‘chill’ days at home consist of running after a toddler in my PJs 😂 but if takeaway is on the list then I don’t mind running all day!

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  13. I definitely agree with the whole ‘Tidy Space’ situation. I can’t relax if everything’s messy and not in its place. I think it’s the whole ‘tidy space, tidy mind argument for me! I’m a nightmare now I’ve got my electric blanket. I never leave my bed!


  14. I’m such a hardcore introvert that if I’m not at the office, I’m at home just chilling in front of my computer. I’ll usually stay in pajamas (no bra) all day if I don’t have to leave the apartment…which means I’m not going to the front door for takeout either. I usually use the opportunity to cook or bake something tasty and work on one of my many novels.

    On The Cusp | https://on-th3-cusp.blogspot.com/

  15. I’ve always been a home girl (never had any interest in going out even as a teenager, I preferred to stay inside and read haha) and completely agree with these essentials! I love a good bralet, and might have to pick one of these up as my usual one has just died and I’ve been looking for a replacement! 🙂 I couldn’t cope without doing yoga these days; I’m not able to do much because of my muscle problems and asthma, but I always do my stretches when I first wake up and before going to bed. I can really tell if I have to skip it in the morning before uni – I ache for the rest of the day!xxx

    Jade | jademarie.co.uk

    1. That’s the beauty of yoga, there’s a practice for everyone! There’s some really lovely, slow, stretchy YWA practices on her channel! I used to be out partying and drinking ALL the time, it’s a world of difference to what I’m like now but that’s what anxiety did to me! Although I think it’s a case of just growing up as well 🙂 xxx

  16. Yes to everything in this post!! I pretty much live in comfy clothes at the moment, yay for cosy jumpers and fluffy socks. I also had to take some time off yoga, I was ill last week with a cold and just didn’t feel like it. I’m back into it again but it’s amazing how quickly we can lose strength and stretchyness. I’m the same about the heating, I never put it on as it gives me a headache and makes me sleepy. Instead I wear about 10 layers of clothing, ha ha. I think I need to invest in a hot water bottle! Fab post Jenny, loving the chilled out cosy vibes <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Wow are we the same person?! I was ill throughout the last half of September and did no Yoga and felt awful for it like I literally woke up feeling stiff every day! But I’m also back into it now thank god!

  17. This sounds so cosy, I’m the same with the tidy-ness, wherever I decide to chill either in my room or my living room I have to make sure it’s clean first and then I get into my joggers and I wrap myself in my comfy throw and at the moment me and my boyfriend can’t stop watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares!

    Chloe x

  18. I love fairy lights too and I so get needing to have a clean organized space to feel relaxed in. We have snow here already so many chilly days to come – new slippers for me!

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