I might not be the most fashionable person but like most people, I am a person that loves Autumn. The weather, the colours, the changing of the seasons and the new energies that a new season brings – ugh, I love it all! Although Winter will always have my heart as my favourite season, Autumn comes a close second and I’m particularly enjoying it this year after an incredibly long, hot and unbearable Summer that we had here in the UK. Out with the shorts and in with the leggings and jumpers, I’m back to where I’m feel most like me and I think that shows with how motivated and inspired I am in the Autumn compared to the past 4 months. I’m not about to start bombarding you with information about what to wear this fall (because quite frankly, it’s up to you babes) I’m going to share some of my closest essentials – and home essentials – for this time of the year!


Chenille jumper

Chenille is my go-to material for jumpers at the moment. I purchased my first one from Boohoo last year and although arguably it’s not the best quality and now has holes in, it is one of the comfiest jumpers I own. I also got a gorgeous mustard yellow Chenille jumper from my Mum last Christmas – the perfect addition to an Autumn wardrobe. The thing I love about Chenille is that it doesn’t make you too hot either.


I absolutely love the colour burgundy, it’s so gorgeous and soooooo Autumnal! If you’re heading out and wondering what to wear this Autumn, then if you’ve got anything burgundy then you’re probably making the right decision. From clothes to shoes, I think almost anything can look fashionable in this colour, including trainers like these ones from Gola shoes. I have a lovely pair of burgundy boots which I can’t wait to put through their paces this Autumn.

Chunky cardigan

There’s nothing snugglier and comfier than a chunky cardigan is there? I think I’ve had a chunky cardigan of some description in my closet essentials ever since I could dress myself and I still firmly believe we all need one! They go with everything, they come in a huge range of styles and colours and they keep you warm. What more could you need from an Autumn staple?

Candles (preferably Pumpkin scented, if you really want to go all out)

Yep, okay, this was was expected but candles are a must have in the Autumn and there’s nothing quite like lighting that first candle on a chilly Autumn night. This white pumpkin candle that I was sent by the lovely Lisa’s Notebook is the perfect Autumn staple, the scent embodies Autumn and it’s just stunning. Plus the jar is really aesthetically pleasing and great for blog photos!

Blankets & fairy-lights

For the optimum Autumnal cosiness, along with your scented candles, your house just isn’t complete without some super soft and snuggly blankets and some fairy-lights to really create the mood. Fairy-lights are great all the time, granted but they’re just that little bit more magical when it’s cold outside and you’re all warm indoors, under your blanket with the lights twinkling.

What are your Autumn must-haves, both in your wardrobe and in your home? Any staples you can’t live without? Let me know!

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  1. Those burgundy boots are fab! Gotta have lots of candles, though nothing Pumpkin as I can’t stand the smell lol I think I must be alone in not liking anything pumpkin scented or tasting. Also fairy lights and teddy throws! 🙂 x

  2. Big AMEN to pumpkin scented candles, the colour burgundy, & chunky knits!!!! Those boots are gorgeous, I hope I can find something similar myself! xx


  3. My autumn essential has to be a waterproof coat. Especially if I can layer it up with chunky jumpers when it turns colder. Makes waiting for buses much nicer

  4. Boots, cardigans, jumpers and fuzzy socks are my favourite fashion items this time of year. For my home a cosy blanket, bath robe and a hot chocolate are perfect.

  5. Ooooh big yes to the colour burgundy (recently realised I have a love for that colour) and candles 😍 these things honestly make autumn soooo good! Great post x

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