Earlier this year (on 1st May if we’re being picky) you may have read my post of 15 reasons why I hate summer. I endured more or less every one of these reasons for the following 4 months after that post was published and suffered through multiple days of over 30 degree heat here in the London tropics. It was, to put it lightly, soul destroying. I don’t think anyone truly understands how much I really do hate summer and although that post was a bit tongue-in-cheek and exaggerated for humour purposes, summer really doesn’t bode well for me because it sends my anxiety sky-rocketing. I love autumn and winter and here’s why (and don’t worry, there’s not a pumpkin spiced latte in sight)


  1. Caring about clothes again: Honestly, when it’s too hot to wear a bra who fucking cares? I also make a bit more of an effort with my appearance in the colder months because layers.
  2. Less anxiety: Although my anxiety is pretty persistent all year round, it’s definitely a lot less so when it gets cooler. Which brings me onto my next point…
  3. Going out more: I’m much more up for going out when it’s cooler – particularly to outside things. Walking around a zoo in 35 degree heat? No thank you.
  4. Hot water bottles: I love getting into bed with a hot water bottle! It’s so cosy and cute and ahhh I’ve missed that.
  5. Fireworks: I love firework season – it’s one of my favourites and every year I always try and go or see some sort of fireworks – even if it’s just a box from Tesco that we do in our garden.
  6. Tights, boots and socks: My favourite combo.
  7. Everyone being back at school: The roads are emptier, there’s generally less people around = bliss.
  8. Winter food: Stew and dumplings is my favourite cosy winter food and I just can’t eat that in summer when you’re already sweating buckets.
  9. More motivation: I definitely think I get more motivated around this time of the year.
  10. Snow: We don’t get much snow but I absolutely love it when we do. It’s so beautiful.
  11. Beautiful colours: More so in autumn than winter but the leaves and the sky are always that little bit more spectacular in autumn.
  12. Plans for the year ahead: Getting into winter is the time to start thinking about the following year and a time to leave the previous year behind us. Which is extra good if it’s not been a positive one.
  13. Knowing that we have roughly another 7 months of coldness: Here in the UK, we don’t get much heat. Thankfully. But in London when we get heat, we get it. But once that’s over, we’re pretty safe until roughly the following April – maybe give or take a couple of unseasonably warm days.

Are you a summer or a winter person? Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know!


  1. I am so much an autumn/winter fan. Really hate summer with it’s long, sweaty days. I prefer to be cosying up under blankets, with mugs of hot chocolate and Netflix! X

  2. I LOVE the fact that you added the school thing because there are fewer people around hahaha, this is so true! I’ll sometimes be in the car with my mum and we see kids with school bags on their bikes and, without fail, I always think, “Man, it’s a great day not to be in high school.” SO glad I’m done with that crap.

    But autumn, yes to all the things, basically. I feel a lot more comfortable in the cold! This is when I would visit zoos, exactly like you say. I love chunky clothes. I love hot cups of tea while it’s raining outside, with the fire on and a blanket and a cat. It’s just such a cosy season.

  3. Autumn is absolutely my favourite season. I love the colours of the trees, the misty/frosty mornings, the nights getting darker early and the wrapping up. I also don’t enjoy heat but that’s not usually a problem here in Scotland!

  4. I definitely prefer the colder months too. I covered this on my blog, but I think the colder months are bit better for women. Less cat calls and less pressure to dress a certain way xo

    1. I thrive in colder months! Summer is literally a nightmare 😓 I feel more comfortable in autumn, especially in the clothes I’m in. I don’t think I feel as self-conscious either (: xo

  5. Definitely a Fall person. I love being able to layer my clothes without being super hot and sweaty. I feel more put together when I have choices of what I put on my body rather than the coolest, least sweat inducing item of clothing.

    I am also allergic (polymorphic light eruption) to the sun (hives) so I stay indoors as much as possible in the Summer. I don’t like the Summer either.

    1. I have that allergy too but didn’t know what it was called! My skin drives me mad in summer and it’s so difficult to keep covered up as it affects my hands badly.

      1. There are actually 2 (or 3?) different kinds. One is hereditary and one isn’t. And there is another kind that is immediate (like vampire in sun hives and goes away in minutes.) A little googling and I’m sure you could find which you have. You can actually get your body used to it by slow exposure. Living in WA and being a dancer and night owl it isn’t worth it to me.

      1. I really hate the heat. Thankfully I live in WA so it doesn’t get extremely hot. I can go outside no problem. Its really 1 hour outside in Summer sun without sunscreen I start to break out in hives. Worst I’ve ever had the hives lasted a week. But I was in the sun 6(?) hours without sunscreen.

  6. I’m definitely an autumn person, which is funny as my birthday is June, so you’d expect me to prefer summer, but something about autumn makes me feel rested, calm and comfortable – perhaps its the knitter in me loving the excuse to buy more wool!

  7. I’m definitely a Winter person! I live in the middle of Canada, and I love snow, so it’s pretty much perfect for me. Christmas is my favourite time of year, and afterwards I love how crisp it is outside and how cozy it is inside! Autumn is beautiful, as well, but the smell of rotting leaves detracts a little 🙁

  8. My favourite season is Spring but I love autumn and winter because I can wear thick jumpers and other snuggly clothing, for the crisp winter mornings when the air is beautifully clean and fresh, for curling up with hot chocolate and reading. Like you I also love the autumn colours and winter food, soup is always so much nicer in winter.
    The one thing I hate is the darkness, where I am we get about 6 hours of daylight (sometimes less) and it can get a bit depressing, no wonder we have more celebrations (Halloween, Christmas, New Year) in the winter than in the summer, we need them!

    1. I’ve had loads of soup recently! Yesterday I had a stew with dumplings which is such a hearty cold time meal! The short days I don’t like so much but I love Christmas lights – they make everything look so magical (even though I hate Christmas I LOVE the lights)

    1. I’m inclined to agree. If I’m outside I honestly don’t care how cold it is as long as I’m wearing the appropriate stuff. But on average, not being bitterly cold but autumn temp is perfect :

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