When you decide to surprise your other half with a weekend away, it is a really fun to thing to do and can also be a moving and worthwhile milestone in your relationship. However, it can also be stressful with all the planning and you should arrange it with a plan in mind. If you live with your other half, it can also be pretty difficult to plan it all without giving anything away.

Whether you are going for a few days to Paris, a weekend in Kentucky, or a short trip to London, all the finer details of travelling need to be arranged closely.

For example, if you were going to Kentucky, you could visit the Buffalo Trace Distillery, National Corvette Museum, Mammoth Cave National Park or the Muhammad Ali Center. All these places require planning to go there and it is essential you research them and find out what you can view, or do, in each attraction you decide to visit. You will need to find out aspects such as prices, opening times and how to get to them.


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If you are thinking of planning more than just a weekend getaway you will obviously need to ensure your other half can get the time off. You could contact their boss or employer.


You need to think about accommodation, food, transportation, activities, etc. If possible, pay from your own bank account or arrange to pay with cash so that your partner doesn’t see cash coming out of your joint account.


Find and make the suitable travel and/or accommodation reservations using your private email address and/or your own mobile phone or public phones. That way, there is no way for anyone to get in touch with your partner and risk ruining the surprise. Don’t forget to look into reservations for meals and/or activities.


It could be a good idea to pack in the morning after your partner has left for work. When you’re done packing, put it all either in the car or in a place where they aren’t likely to find it. Don’t worry if you forget to pack something. You can easily go and get things when you have arrived at your hotel. The chances are, though, that what you have forgotten are minuscule aspects of your trip and won’t matter once you get there.

Breaking the News

This can be the most gratifying part. All your planning and hard work has finally come to fruition. However, ensure you pick the right time, when your other half is least expecting it. If they have had a bad day at work, maybe you could tell them later in the evening.

If this sounds like a lot of hard work and you want to plan a weekend getaway with your other half, then instead of rushing everything you can take your time. Taking your time means you know, absolutely, you have made the right choices and that everything has been planned to precision. It can be as much fun planning a weekend away, as you have total control over what and where you are going, and what you do when you get there. You should also take the time to make sure the place you are going is somewhere where your other half will enjoy and/or has mentioned wanting to travel there before.

Remember, travelling is a great way to see the world and experience new and different aspects of life with the people you are closest to. It’s essential to allow yourself to enjoy the trip as much as your other half.


  1. I love planning weekends away but I don’t think I’ve ever surprised someone with one. It’s true that some activities will need prior planning like shows or certain museums. You can often save money booking in advance too. You’ve inspired to book another little weekend away very soon. Probably Weymouth.

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