My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon was my first read of 017; and what a read it was! I recently reviewed it here, if you want to check out my review but I am also thrilled to bring you a little interview with Jane today on my blog! We’re talking inspiration, dream cast members and writing advice.

1. Hi Jane, welcome to Jenny in Neverland and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today. I’m loving My Sweet Revenge so far and I’m at a complete loss as to what direction it’s going!

Can you briefly describe the book in just 2 sentences?

When Paula discovers her husband is having an affair she knows that if she confronts him he’ll just swan off into the sunset with his mistress and live happily ever after. So she decides to make him fall back in love with her and then, when he’s dumped his mistress, when she knows it’ll hurt, she’ll kick him out for good.

2. And where did the inspiration for this novel come from? Any real-life scenarios? Were any of the characters or the characters traits based on you or anyone you know? (Obviously without naming names if so!)

I always start by thinking about a relationship I want to explore. I loved the idea of a woman finding strength through what starts out as just revenge. I never directly write about anyone I know but there are always elements of people I’ve met in my characters – it helps to have a voice in your head.

3. I absolutely adore the cover of the book – did you have any say in what you thought the cover should be like or did you put all your trust into the designers to come up with the perfect cover for you?

I always have a say but I realised early on that covers really weren’t one of my strong points. I’m very good at knowing what I don’t like but absolutely useless at coming up with anything better. Luckily my publishers have the most amazing art department

4. Can you describe your writing process? Do you plan, plan, plan or just put pen to paper and see where it takes you? Or both? And what’s your favourite place to write?

I always plan. I like to have a full synopsis before I start, so I know I have a story with enough twists and turns. I almost always veer off wildly once I start writing but it’s like a comfort blanket knowing I have something to refer back to if I need to. I have an office in the house but I’m usually sprawled on the sofa in the living room with the cat and my laptop.

5. Do you have any words of advice and/or inspiration for aspiring writers out there?

Write as often as you can. Don’t keep editing the same section over and over again because you’ll never finish a draft. There’s plenty of time to edit later on. Don’t be afraid to show your writing to people once you’re happy – what’s the worst that can happen?

6. It’s no secret that your partner, Ricky Gervais, is very funny (I’m a big fan!) and posts some hilarious captions on Instagram. Do you find him as funny as everyone else does?

Ha! Of course! Imagine how sad it would be if I didn’t. Him making jokes and me just sitting there stony faced.

7. If you could see My Sweet Revenge made into a film or TV show, who would be your dream cast?

That’s always a hard one. If we’re talking big budget Hollywood film then Melissa McCarthy would make a great Paula.

8. That’s amazing because Melissa McCarthy was exactly who I was picturing through the entire thing! And finally, what’s next for Jane Fallon? Do you have another book lined up that you can tell us anything about?

I’ve just started working on my next one but because it’ll probably change radically while I’m writing it I tend not to say too much at this stage. I’m enjoying though, which is hopefully a good sign.

You can purchase My Sweet Revenge from Amazon, here!

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