Last month, Jenny in Neverland was shortlisted for Blog of the Year at the Love Stories awards. My best friend popped up on Facebook chat one morning and asked if I’d seen and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. An hour later, I was still convinced that there was some sort of mistake. And that’s not me being modest, heck if I wasn’t surprised, I wouldn’t have acted it but out of all the incredible book bloggers out there, why on Earth was I shortlisted?

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I wanted to write just a little blog post about it because unfortunately, I cant attend the ceremony party tomorrow but I wanted to express my gratitude for even being nominated for such an incredible award. Whether I win or not (which I’ll find out in approximately 15 hours, eek) is irrelevant at this point, even being shortlisted is probably my biggest blogging achievement to date.

I was surprised when I heard for a number of real, genuine reasons. Most of which, you can probably find on my “15 Reasons Why I’m a Rubbish Blogger and Don’t Actually Care” post I wrote not long back. Firstly, I wouldn’t call myself a book blogger anymore. I don’t know whether that matters but my “rivals” are all incredible, hard-working, 5 star book bloggers and even sitting next to them on that list intimidates me. I also took an unexpected blogging break for over 2 months where I didn’t blog, tweet and kind of dropped off the planet because I was too overwhelmed. Again, I don’t know if that matters.

What I’m trying to say is, despite all of that, despite my blog slowly and slowly venturing out of book blogging and more into lifestyle blogging, despite taking ridiculous unexpected breaks without letting anyone know, despite letting life get in my way more than it should have, being shortlisted made me realise, finally, that me and my blog and what I do matters. People notice. I don’t know what people – whoever suggested I should be shortlisted but whoever you are, you made me realise, to quote Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, that it was, “This one moment when you know youre not a sad story”

I never thought my blog and what I write would matter that much. I appreciate my followers so much and I’m still slightly overwhelmed by how many I have, the interaction on my blog posts and what blogging has brought me in the short space of time I’ve been doing it but I never in a million years thought I’d be nominated for a freaking award. I’m so honoured to be nominated alongside so many authors and bloggers, some of whom I admire so so deeply. You all deserve to the stars and back to be on that list and you’re all winners. Even me, I guess.

So, that’s that. Sorry for getting sappy. Very best of luck to everyone nominated tomorrow; whether you’re at the event or not. I really hope you all feel as proud as I do. Jenny xo


  1. Oh Jenny, this is marvellous! Despite everything, the little unexpected breaks and the change in focus/theme of your blog, I’ve always personally admired your blog. You have an incredible voice that is definitely your own which you can distinguish easily when reading your posts! Your posts are entertaining and I always take time to genuinely read elaborately through your posts when they pop up on my feed!
    Congratulations 💓💓💓💓

  2. Congratulations so much! And I don’t think you’ll ever not be a book blogger, no matter how ‘lifestyley'(I know, I know) your posts are, you always come back to books, and words. I always say this but you’re one of the first blogs I followed, one of the first blogs I adored, you helped me so much starting blogging,and I find you so inspirational and always, always, always look forward to your posts coming up in my inbox! Best of luck tomorrow and well done:)

    1. Thank you (: I suppose you’re right – books are the reason I’m blogging, the reason I started. I still love reading and books will always be my first love so I guess I am still a book blogger at heart. Thank you for such a lovely comment, it made me smile massively! Didn’t win unfortunately but thrilled to have been recognised and nominated (: xx

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